30 New Things: Read Harry Potter

Guys, it’s over. I am 100%, well and truly gone on this book. Want to hang out this weekend? Well, too bad because I’m very busy lounging around in my underwear, eating popsicles and engaging in compulsive page-turning.Now, as we’ve established, I can be something of a book snob. It took some heavy duty convincing to get me to try Twilight and I don’t think I will ever crack that pages of The Da Vinci Code, but this book? I think it just might live up to the hype. There. I said it.Usually my book choices run towards slightly heartbreaking lady literature, Tim Winton, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Ondaatji and the like. And while all of the above are fantastic, there is little magic or joy to be had in stories of familial tragedy or burnt spies. Enter Harry Potter! So lovely! So fun! So.damn.engaging. It seems ridiculous to call a book about wizards ‘magical’ and ‘enchanting,’ but it truly, truly is. It makes you feel about reading the way you did when you were nine and you finally got your very own library card. The delicously weird names! The every flavor beans! The people who won’t stay in their pictures! It’s just all too clever for words.

I have not even finished the first book yet, but am completely committed to reading every last one of these books, to be followed by watching ever last one of these movies. Possibly to be followed by purchasing a striped scarf.

Have you read Harry Potter? Are you a Potter zealot?



Yes and YES!!! I'm so glad you love it! I am losing-my-mind excited about the upcoming movie–it's the only thing getting me through the fact that there won't be any more books.

SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THEM, and then you will probably start them over again. I did.


Ah Harry Potter!!1 I am a full-blown fangirl of that series; it's wonderfulness. I must admit, I too first tried to avoid HP, thinking it was a mere children's story, but I am so glad I took a chance on it. The first and the sixth books are my favourites 🙂

I still am never going to read that trash Twilight, though!


Jaka Merriman

Bwahaha! Join our ranks! :3

I had the same experience (waaaay back before the fourth book came out) with people pressuring me to read it. Even though I'm definitely into sci-fi/fantasy AND teen literature, I resisted. Glad I gave in, though! I hope you find as much (excuse the pun) magic and wonder in this series as I, and so many others, have. Rowling really does do an amazing job of creating a so-real-you-believe it world and filling it with amazing characters.

Happy reading and definitely keep us posted on your thoughts! :3


Yup, the Harry Potters are great! Wait till you get to the last book, its so good. I do feel about 10 reading the series and love it.


I'm going to contradict the last comment, and say, be warned, the last book sucks. 😛


Harry Potter is amazing! I read the entire series last year over the course of 2 weeks, they are written so well that it is pretty much impossible to walk away from. The thing I think is most impressive is that this series actually grew with its intended target age group. Every book gets darker and a bit more mature. My 8 year old daughter is still working on book 1 and I cant wait for her to become completely obsessed with reading them all!


I've had some really intelligent people whom I respect greatly recommend Harry Potter to me, and I still haven't read any of the books. I'm definitely a contrarian anyway, but there have been just too many morons recommend HP as well. Nobody intelligent has recommended Twilight to me yet.

Yes, I'm an intellectual elitist. But I just can't take suggestions from people who don't know any better.

And, it appears, if enough people who don't know better suggest something to me, I won't even take the same suggestions from people who DO know better.

Please let us know how you like the series – one more person who knows better might be enough to turn the tide and get me to read them too.


I read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book. I even bought it before the big craze!
I started the second book, realized it was the same story with a slightly different problem and stopped reading. I have never managed to start readign them again.


Seriously, it's like a freakin' cult. I mean, I'm a pretty normal person. I've never read Lord of the Rings, hated Twilight, don't like fantasy anything really.

But Harry Potter… I've gone to every midnight movie premier and, honest to God, dressed up as various characters to get the last 3 books at midnight.

Welcome to the awesomeness!


Heya, this is my first comment! Love, love, love Harry Potter! I read the first book on a flight overseas when I was 18 and the time literally flew (lame joke) by. Seriously though, I find the books to be wonderful when you feel like getting excited about what you are reading. I'm a bit of a fantasy geek, so the series appealed to me from the beginning…I loved the Lloyd Alexander Prydain books as a child and I was totally into dragons, spells, and quests.


aw yay! i'm so glad you love them! I read them for the first time this year and am a huge fan. Just make sure you don't accidently watch the trailer for the #6 movie that's coming out!! oh and don't be too disappointed by the lameness of the first two movies – they do get better!


Welcome to the HP-loving side!
I confess: I am a Harry Potter fan/zealot. Ever heard of wizard rock/wrock or Harry and the Potters? Conferences such as the recent LeakyCon or Azkatraz this summer? Oh yes, they exist and I love them. The fandom just keeps on growing because we can't seem to let go.

But as much as I love/obsess about HP, I always scoff at Twilight lovers. I try not to degrade anyone, but it seems like there is so much MORE to be said about HP. Meh, it all depends on the person. 🙂
Enjoy the rest of the series! Savor every word.


Yes-i agree with all the advice in this thread: savor every bit, DO NOT WATCH OR LISTEN TO ANYONE TALK ABOUT BOOK SIX (or the end of book five), and if you find book two dragging, don't give up! Chamber of Secrets is the weakest book, but after that is THE BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES (cue naysayers now).

Nikkee B

For the longest time, I was *so* adamant I would not get sucked into the hype……until I submitted and read the first book. After that you really have no say in the sucking-in.

I'm taking one to re-read on the plane tomorrow 😀


So glad you're getting into the series. I discovered Harry Potter while rummaging through my brother's backpack, when I was 18 years old. He had the first book in there, but only bought it because it was on sale at Amazon.com. Fast forward 10 years later and I am still obsessed. I was able to read the first four books one after the other since those were all out by the time I got into the series. But it was truly an agonizing wait between the next three books. As the series came closer to an end, the madness over speculation as to what was going to happen was insane. So very rewarding though. I cried and cried throughout all the books, and have developed a weird attachment to them since they took p so much of my twenties.

Anyways, the fun of waiting between books was all these cryptic interviews that JK Rowling gave in response to fan questions about the fate of certain characters and how the story will unfold, and inevitably end. She is quite a fascinating figure. I would check out the leaky cauldron website because they have archived every single interview she has ever given. And they are very good at warning you about potential spoilers.

You know, I'm a bit jealous knowing that you get to start from the beginning!!! Cheers!


I actually gave a small lecture on Harry Potter for a Religious Studies conference. In the end it started a conversation about slash. It was kinda weird; this room full of academics and I talking about Harry Potter porn.

Anyway, I'm a fan, but not that kind of fan, if you know what I mean 😉


I got sucked into the series around the time book 3 came out. I'm very excited for the next two movies.

Marie Lemondrop

I too am jealous of your discovering Harry for the first time. I absolutely LOVE the series and have read each book so many times I am embarrassed to tell you. Keep reading. They are such wonderful stories, with people you really grow to love. I cried more over some of those books than real events in my life- I just got that attached (I am a committed reader of books- too much so sometimes.) The movies are good, but cannot duplicate the books' amazing sense of seeing things through Harry's point of view.


Huh?! What?! Sorry, it's hard for me to fathom you've never read Harry Potter… o.O
Almost 21 and I'm pretty sure I'll be a Harry Potter nerd until the day I day. They're the only books I've ever re-read!


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