In Praise of Schmoopy Style

Some things that are impossible:

Eating just one spoonful of Hagen Das coffee-flavored ice cream
Turning off the TV in the middle of The Office
Finding an outfit that is simultaneously fashionable, flattering and comfortable

But wait, dear friends! Though I will never be capable of pushing the power button mid Jim/Dwight squabble, I think there might just be hope for numero three. Really! We can have have our cake and eat it, too! Or perhaps, more accurately, have our cake and still fit into our clubbing clothes.I completely support fashion´s current infatuation with ruching. And knit wear. And the balloon hem. Because all of these gorgeous tactics make for lovely clothes! And possibly more importantly, comfortable clothes. Because I am all over being fashionable. But I am also all over eating a one pound burrito for lunch. And I don´t think those two things have to be mutually exclusive!I´ve dubbed this ruched, ballooned, knit wear fashion Schmoopy Style. Because you might feel a little bit like you´re wearing your sweats, but you still look like a million bucks. The ground rules of Schmoopy Style are

  1. At least one piece of your outfit is non-binding, allowing for much cupcake eating, running through streets or rolling down hills.
  2. Said outfit could possibly be washed in the washing machine (!)
  3. There is little fear of panty lines or bra-band bulges

So! What does Schmoopy Style look like? Let´s see it in action!

Schmoopy work

Schmoopy WorkLook at that fantastically cosy sweater! Perfect for cuddling on the couch, watching 30 Rock. But if you pair it with a sexy pencil skirt and these leprocaun-worthy shoes you won´t be getting any stern talkings-to about dress code. So go ahead! Help yourself to that birthday cake someone left in the lunch room!

schmoopy clubbing
Schmoopy Clubbing
This dress is ridiculously forgiving. If you´ve got a great pair, you could maybe even go braless! And forget about that painful thong you usually have to pull out for club nights. You can go ahead and wear your comfy cotten day-of-the-week panties under this number. And when you´re dining out with your girls before you hit the clubs you needn´t limit yourself to tapas. Order the lasagna, dude.
Schmoopy Casual
Schmoopy Weekend
The last thing you want to worry about on a Saturday afternoon is if your muffin top is hanging out of the top of your skinny jeans, or if how you can manage to sit on the grass in your tiny skirt. These harem pants are great for tree climbing, frisbee playing and wrestling your lover to the ground and smothering them with kisses. Now you can´t do that your silk mini dress, can you?

Would you ever consider going the way of Schmoopy Style? Or are you already there?



Schmoopy – it’s almost onomatopoeic! I love the outfits you’ve created Miss Von! I’m a huge fan of the ruche – done right it hides a multitude of sins and looks amazing. You are always so on point!


I’ve got the Schmoop, but maybe not quite so much ‘style’…uh, also waaay less color. but this is totally adorable and you really do rock it. ps. i want those green shoes. and those black shoes, non-shiny.


Genius. I tend to schmoop a lot! Especially if I am just going out with my friends or having quiet nights in. I definitely always wear schmoopish clothes if I’m going out to dinner – no sense in wearing something that’s not comfortable for your stomach when you have a great meal planned!


Since waist definition is my trademark, I steer clear of the Schmoop … but I adore these looks on others!


You have fabulous Polyvore taste! 🙂 So funny about the muffin top in skinny jeans.. been there, lol. I have worn similar items of shmoopy clothing and love ’em!


I love all of these looks, especially the last one! I… I may need to adopt the schmoopy style.

The Naked Redhead

Yes! This is my favorite, ever! I rarely ever wear “work-wear” type clothes anymore, but comfy bag dresses with heels. I can get totally hammered the night before and come to work bloated, but still be comfortable and look like a million bucks. Love the term, too. 🙂


I’m totally down with Schmoopy style- and I’m all over that third set! That’s my style and now I’m finally seeing how the harem pant look can work for me. Better take advantage of it while it’s fashionably acceptable 🙂


I love it when the powers that be decide that comfortable is fashionable… Personally, I’m waiting for the pajama movement.


I can’t imagine the office/clubbing heels being comfortable for more than 30 seconds without the help of a pimp cane O_O

That being said, finding the shoe equivalent of trackpants, disguised as incredible heels, is not an easy task.


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