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What’d you get up to this week, guys? Kenny had to get his tonsils out (!!!) so it’s been Gatorade popsicles and broth all day, every day over here. Other than that, I’m following my own Hygge advice with lots of new soup recipes, switching to the super cozy Jazz radio station, and burning approximately one million candles.

Also! I’m working through my 2017 editorial calendar and I have plenty of space for True Story interviews.

If you’ve got a story to share (and I haven’t already covered it) I’d love to talk to you! If you have an idea for an interview, I’d love to talk to you! You can always reach me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

Stuff from my super lovely sponsors

Kat teaches super doable yoga. These yoga poses will help you wind down after work, practice, or a long day. And I love this no b.s. meditation for people who think they hate meditation!

Heidi writes with wisdom and wit about … writing. You’ll love her articles about what to do when you’re creatively stuck and creating rituals to support creativity. So good!

Christy wants to help us plan for an awesome 2017 in this free class! I really loved her piece of 5 lessons on resilience learned from her rescue cats.

Meghan’s art is beautiful and insanely affordable – it’d make a great holiday gift for anyone with excellent taste! I’ve got my eye on this print for the bedroom and this one for the kitchen. $17?!! How can you go wrong?


Blog vs. Podcast – Which one’s right for you?

Where do you stand on the blog vs podcast argument? Is blogging dead? How do you SEO or monetize a podcast? Kathleen made the switch + weighs in!

Have you ever thought of giving up your blog to try podcasting? Or creating a blog to complement your podcast? I’ve been intrigued by podcasting for years, but the learning curve! It seems really, really high!

My friend Kathleen blogged for years before launching her podcast Being Boss as a ‘fun side project’ – and now it’s her whole job! Today, she’s breaking down the blog vs podcast argument for us so we can figure out which one is right for us!

Mini Travel Guide: Belgium

Looking for a travel guide to Belgium? Look no further! Great Belgium travel tips on what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and how to navigate the culture!

Welp, I’m afraid you’re going to have to add Belgium to your list of ‘Places I Didn’t Know I Wanted To Go Until Now.’ An optical illusion church? A forest so covered in bluebells it’s called The Blue Forest? Two distinct kinds of waffles?!! INTO IT.


True Story: I’m a Homemaker + I Don’t Have Kids

Have you ever wanted to be a stay at home mom ... without the mom part? Want to be a good ol' fashioned homemaker? One woman shares her story on yesandyes.org
Have you ever fantasized about being a stay at home mom … without the mom part? After working as a teacher, Heidi had the chance to do just that! Here’s her story.


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, friends? We Thanksgiving-ed with my sister and her family and then pulled out our lone shoe box of holiday decorations and put them up. The weather is unnervingly warm and un-November-y, which is 15% awesome and 85% creepy. :/

Some awesome stuff from my lovely sponsors

Sarah is running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in her store with the code: wintersale. Ecourses to help you get unstuck! Art prints! Mugs!

Amy is constantly publishing helpful, wonderful things. I love her posts on flipping your internal script and 4 quick steps to get where you want to be by year’s end 

I’ve only got 2 left in me

Friends, it’s that time of year.

2016 is winding down and you’re probably thinking about how you can make 2017 better/easier/more successful for your business.

If you want to hit the ground running in 2017, may I be so bold as to suggest my Secret Weapon package?

I’m only doing 2 more this year and once they’re booked out, I won’t be working with clients till February (if then).

Secret Weapon is a complete review of your online presence: You blog, your permanent pages, your social media accounts.

How it works:

How it Works

Secret Weapon includes:

1. A fun info-gathering workbook so I can learn more about your goals, skills, and struggles.

2. Two days of my deep-dive research into your online presence. I read all your stuff from website to newsletter to social media, take notes, and look for where you can hit your goals.

3. An easy-to-understand, completely personal step-by-step plan will appear in your inbox. It will help you increase your sales, your conversion rate, and comments! (Hurray!)

4. One week of follow-up email support so you can ask questions and clarify anything that holds you back from taking action.

5. One month of ad space on my website, Yes & Yes, to showcase your new & improved online presence to my 12,000 daily readers.

Not included: party supplies for the celebration of your new subscribers, customers and hard working online presence that lets you really relax!


This is where I should point out that if you click that red button, you won’t go to a Paypal shopping cart, you’ll go to a blank email.

We should know a little bit about each other before we commit.

To be honest, I don’t take on everybody who wants to book a Secret Weapon package. Why?

1. Some people need more help than I can give them

Sometimes, the first order of business is “Dude, your whole site needs to be redesigned.” Sometimes it’s “Your service offerings don’t really make sense?”  Sometimes I can’t work with you because you haven’t, um, actually started working yet.

Secret Weapon is a full review of your online life. I look at your blog posts, your social media profiles, your About pages and Sales pages, even your email chains (if you have ’em).

I give you a long, exhaustive list of ways you can tweak and improve your stuff … but all the good suggestions in the world won’t help you if they’re housed on an ugly, unfriendly site. My business advice won’t help a business that’s not offering solid, effective products.

I’m not a professional designer and I can’t really help you decide what services and products to sell. If it becomes clear that’s what you need, I’ll lovingly refer you to people who can help you in those areas.

2. Secret Weapon comes with ad space and not every advertiser is the right fit for my readers

I really value my readers’ trust. I know what they like and I know what they’ll click on. Secret Weapon comes with one month of ad space (value: $90!) that we point at your newly improved and optimized site. If I don’t think my readers are going to buy what you’re selling, I’ll let you know.

You always have the option of booking a Secret Weapon without the ad space at a lower rate, but that’s not a fact I usually publicize. Until now apparently?

3. Sometimes, we’re just not right for each other

I’m Type A. I believe in kindly, clearly communicated boundaries. I’m not interested in working with businesses that promote unkind, close-minded ideals or use pejorative terms in their branding. I don’t want to help a company that uses sexist or homophobic imagery in their branding.

This means I’m not for everyone. That’s okay – if everyone likes what you’re doing, you’re probably doing it wrong 😉

Does Secret Weapon work?

“My mailing list is flourishing! After following some – not even all – the changes Sarah suggested, my sign-up rate tripled. Tripled!

I’m also seeing about twice as many inquiries from potential clients. I had my second-biggest traffic spike ever the day the sponsored post went live. That says a lot!”

– Nadine Fawell, MM…Yoga!


“Going in, I was having a “I totally need a VA if I’m going to keep pulling this off” moment and now I feel completely grounded and un-overwhelmed. I’ve now quadrupled my subscribers since I started implementing Secret Weapon. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

– Christy Tending, Christy Tending Healing Arts


If you think we’d be a good fit, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve only got 2 spots left and they go fast, so reach out soon if you’re interested!