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How are you doing, friends? How are you feeling about this whole man-who-talks-about-grabbing-pussies-who-lost-the-popular-vote-by-3-million-and-mocks-a-disabled-reporter-as-president thing?

I spent yesterday at the Minnesota women’s march. I’ve followed my own advice and set up on-going donations to organizations that support causes that are important to me. I use Countable to let me legislators know how I feel. Here’s what we do next.

If you’re not sure where to start, I love Rachel’s sage advice: “You don’t need to do everything. You just need to do something.”


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Wise words from Meg on femininity: “We can cuss like sailors and hug like angels.” And a great reminder for our current political times.

Sara is one of those rare humans who’s managed to combine art + spirituality + business. Simple tips to grow your email list + making a crystal creativity grid. <- did not know that was a thing till now!

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On Accomplishment + Pliés + Doing Hard Things

This post is brought to you by better posture, childhood fantasies, and Fit Ballet

When you think about exercise, what words spring to mind?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably mouthing the words obligation, hassle, and annoying.

What if, instead of viewing workouts as a necessary evil, we viewed them through the lens of that Anne Lamott quote: “It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight training for life.”

Or in the words of Fit Ballet‘s found Julie Schechter:
No one seems to care if you can do a pull-up, but everyone notices if you lose five pounds. Is it any wonder that women center their attention on minimizing their physical footprint? But this constant focus on a “skinny” body obscures what the focus should be: accomplishment.


Julie knows a thing or two about doing hard things and accomplishment. She was a lifelong dancer, went to Harvard Law, and was working at a corporate law firm, when she decided she wanted to contribute more to the world. She gave up law and started Fit Ballet.

What is Fit Ballet exactly? It combines the strength and elongation of ballet with high energy circuit training. For those of us who can’t make it to their live classes in New York, there’s an ebook filled with three months (!!) of workouts and videos. There are cute tank tops. There’s a Youtube channel filled with short, free, fun videos that will teach you basic moves and make your butt burn like whooooooa.

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Why You Need To Diversify Your Happiness + How To Do It

If you're looking for happiness tips that go beyond gratitude journalling, this will help! You can add more happiness to your life, when there are more sources of happiness. Click through to cheer up and get happ(ier)


When it comes to happiness, I’m afraid I share a few traits with lab rats.

Yes, I too have nearly invisible eyelashes. I too have nearly hairless extremities. But what I’m talking about here is my personal propensity to find the button that brings me what I want. And then I push it over and over till I’m a quivering pile of mush.

See, many years ago, I discovered two things that always brought me happiness:
1. improving the aesthetics of my living space
2. travel

So anytime I felt stuck or lost or blue, the solution was easy: fuss with my living room or take myself on a trip. Daytrip to a new city = 1 week of improved mood! Rearranged office and one new throw pillow = I am a new human who loves everything and everyone!

And while it’s great to know myself and know what makes me happy, It seems reductive and short-sighted to winnow my joy down to, uh, TWO SOURCES. Click To Tweet
What happens when my house is ‘done’ and every corner has been perfected? What happens if I develop a health issue that prevents me from flying? Or something happens that requires me to stay close to home?


How To Add More Money + More Happiness To Your Life In 5 Days

This isn't about budgeting tips. It's not about investing or snowballing debt. This is a totally different approach to money + happiness. Click through and find out how you can have more of both!

Are you rolling your eyes at me right now?

Are you groaning “NOT POSSIBLE, VON BARGEN” while closing your laptop?

Don’t think the Money And Happiness Puzzle can be solved in five days?

Friend, you’re right about that last one.


True Story: I’m an activist

What does it mean to be an activist? How can we take action when we're all busy and tired? What can we do about Trump? Click through for practical, non-depressing insights from a long-time activist!

What does it mean to be an activist? When are you ‘allowed’ to call yourself that? When you’ve marched in X number of protests? Donated X amount of time and money to X causes? Today my friend Rachel shares her story and – what a relief! – being an activist and taking part in our communities and political process is a lot easier and less intimidating than you’d think!


Web Time Wasters

It’s been A Week, hasn’t it? I’ve been so distraught by our government, Kenny’s been forcing me to think of one positive geopolitical thing every day.

So far my answers have been “Cory Booker,” “Al Franken,” and “The fact that Obama was a two-term president.” “…(silent screaming followed by whispered expletives) …”

So now I’m self-medicating by visiting my parents and seeing my BFF of 20+ years.  She’s home for a week and it’s a pretty rare that we’re both in Aitkin at the same time. We’re celebrating by doing all our favorite things: eating at the diner, sitting in her mom’s hot tub, shopping at the local thrift store.

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