3 totally old-school tools that keep my business afloat

This post is brought to you by good manners, putting pen to paper, the letter M, and Minted.com.

When people ask which apps/plugins/platforms I use to manage my business, I tell them. Tailwind for Pinterest, Gramblr for Instagram, the Hemingway app writing, Trello for project management.

Much less frequently, people ask me about the old school, physical products I use. Honestly, putting pen to paper does just as much (or more!) for me as any of those fancy apps.

Let’s talk about why the Minted planner is great:

  • It’s date-free, so you can start it anytime you want
  • Spiral binding so it lays flat
  • Month layouts
  • Week layouts
  • ‘Notes’ section at the end of each month
  • You can get them monogrammed like a Fancy Southern Lady
  • They cost $23 which is a fraction of what other planners cost

I will also add: Minted planners are much slimmer than most other planners. Which I happen to like! But if you’re used to three pound, 12″ x 12″ planners, these might be a bit slight for your taste.

The other hold-in-your-hand tools I use? Real, actual thank-you cards for my clients and perfectly sized notebooks. Minted’s thank-you cards are lush and thick and personalize-able. They look waaaaay more posh and polished than a blank set of cards from Target.

Their notebooks are small-ish and slim-ish so they won’t weigh down your bag. You can put your name on the outside cover, a photo on the inside cover, and even choose what type of paper you want – blank, grid, or lined!

And don’t forget that office supplies you buy for your business are tax deductible. Just sayin.’

Go take a peek! I think you’ll love their products. 

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9 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Brain, and Business

Helpful blogging links! Dealing with negative client feedback + an entrepreneur tax guide + body language + being clear about what you do

How was this month for your business, friends? I spent a big part of March editing a book, roadtripping, and enjoying the luxury of working on my business, not just in it. I hope you have at least an hour set aside, because I rounded up some suuuuper helpful things for you this month!

9 things that are good for your blog, brain, and business


15 Lifehacks That Are Making My Life Easier + More Awesome

Are you looking for lifehacks? Do you want to be more productive? Click through for 14 little tweaks and products that are making my life easier and more awesome.

I’d like to preface this post by saying I’m not quite sure how I feel about the term ‘lifehack.’

In my somewhat curmudgeonly opinion, wearing a hair tie on your wrist so it’s easily accessible is not a ‘lifehack.’ Understanding how to use Google Calendar is not a ‘lifehack.’ Knowing how to cope when people disappoint you isn’t – say it with me now! – a ‘lifehack.’

Also? We can’t lifehack our way to happiness. Making a big pot of soup so you can bring lunch to work every day will help you save money. Organizing your closet might make your morning easier. These are not the same as, say, going to therapy or working through deep seated, lifelong issues.

With all that said, sometimes tiny, logistical changes CAN make daily life easier, less stressful, and more pleasant. Sometimes oddly obvious tweaks to our day-to-day habits can add up to big changes.

What follows is a random assortment of little ‘lifehacks’ that make my life easier and more awesome. Many of these may strike you as wildly obvious. If so, you are smarter than me! Awesome! Here is a blog post about animals in buckets for you. 

15 lifehacks that are making my life easier + more awesome


True Story: I’m in an open marriage

Could you ever be in an open marriage? Would you want a marriage that wasn't monogamous? Click through for one woman's story about how opening her marriage improved every thing.
How would you feel if your spouse told you they wanted to date other people … while still being married to you? Would you ever want a boyfriend and a husband? Today, Cristin is sharing the story of her open marriage and the benefits she and her husband have found from being monogam-ish.

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I popped into the Healers podcast (episode forthcoming!), hosted my mom for a night on her way down to Florida, and as you read this I’m in Kansas City on a week-long road trip to visit a friend and cross a few things off my New Things List.

On my way back to Minnesota, I’m spending the night in Maharishi Vedic City, IOWA (!!!) a planned community based on “a system of building called Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design architecture. This ancient Indian system of architecture and city planning is said to promote happiness, peace and prosperity for its occupants.” You can follow along on Instagram to see how that goes 😉

Awesome things from a few of my sponsors

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