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How did May treat you and your business, friends? I’m allllllmost done with a cool new course (I’ll be beta testing it with my list – you can join here!) and I’ve been on heaps of podcasts. Telling people what you want FTW!

Blogging and business links for you!

This week I went on my monthly writing retreat (here’s how to do your own). Did you know work retreats are tax deductible? And did you know that Airbnb is now set up for business trips? Like they let you send the receipts to your accounting department and everything? If you’ve never used Airbnb for business before they’ll give you $50 off your first booking – even if you’ve used it for fun before! If you’ve never used Airbnb before, here’s a coupon code for $40 off!

I always appreciate honesty about the ins and outs, ups and downs of running a business. I loved Mara’s Instagram post and Susan’s essay.
There’s the part where you drag 3 suitcases filled with workbooks and party favors for your clients up 5 flights of stairs.
There’s the part where you sit all day in your sweaty workout clothes banging out blog posts, podcast scripts, webinar notes, and emails to your clients.
There’s the part where you’re doing a video shoot and the microphones malfunction and the lighting is all wrong and after 8 hours of filming, you realize you probably have to do it all over again.

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Kyla is one smaaaaaart cookie! 5 metrics to watch for a successful sales campaign.

I reserve Instagram as mostly my ‘just for fun, I don’t want to be strategic’ platform (you can follow me here if you want to see photos of our dog.) But if you take Instagram seriously, you’ll want to read Sarah’s roundup of 30 Ideas For What To Post On Instagram

I have to say, I’m co-signed on this. The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex: Don’t fall into the trap of being an expert before you’re ready
Those that are giving advice for the sake of giving advice, without any regard as to how it is actually implemented, if it can even be implemented at all. “It’s not important to [the bullshitter] what the world really is like,” he says in a short video documentary about the phenomenon (below). “What is important is how he’d like to represent himself.”

How to add fascinating, engaging personality to your blog (without sharing income reports or photos of your kids)

So sweet and clever! 10 acts of kindness to boost your blog and build your network

I’ve been re-jiggering and re-publishing old blog posts on Medium to find new readers and grow my list – The Minimalists even shared one of my posts with their 87,000 Twitter followers! Needless to say a) it’s working b) you might want to try it. Read this first: 35 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Medium Blog

This is how you reply to troll-y comments with grace and composure. Daaaaaang!

After pretty much every one of my professional peers told me my prices were embarrassingly low, I raised them. I should have read this last year.

Alex draws an (awesome) parallel between croissant dough and products/services/things that aren’t working for you anymore.
Finally, after several years of this madness, Brandon had an epiphany. He said to me, “What if I just take the croissant sandwich off the menu? What if I just… don’t make it anymore?”


He continued, “I could replace it with something else. Like biscuits ‘n gravy. That’s way easier to make. In fact, I could delegate the entire project to one of my employees.”

Did you read/write/discover anything particularly amazing this month? Leave links in the comments so we can read them, too!

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How To Make Any Unpleasant Situation Suck Less

How do you make unpleasant situations suck less? Is it just about having a positive attitude? Can you lifehack your way out of it? Click through and find out!

It’s only 6 am and I already hate everything.

I’ve been awake for three hours and I’ve already tangled with my Lyft driver and spent $9 ill-advised dollars on airport donuts. I’ve battled for the armrest and been called ‘honey’ by the guy sitting next to me. I’ve questioned the wisdom of wearing skinny jeans on a six-hour flight. I’ve moved ‘air travel’ into the Unpleasant Situation column in my mental spreadsheet.

Do you have an Unpleasant Situation column in your mental spreadsheet? Or a Things I Dread box? Maybe you have an Experiences I Hate But Can’t Avoid list.

Dude, me too. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if we could make unpleasant situations – any unpleasant situation – suck less?

We can!

The good news: we can use the same six steps to make any shitty situation less awful. Long flights, the busy season at work, houseguests you didn’t invite and don’t enjoy – the same six steps apply to all of the above.

The bad news: even if we execute each of these steps perfectly, I’m not sure we can turn an Unpleasant Situation into a Perfectly Enjoyable Situation. Going to your partner’s family reunion in the middle of nowhere is never going to be the same as heading to Italy for two weeks. Painting the exterior of your house at the height of summer is never going to feel like a day at the spa.

But! With some forethought and a slightly better mindset we can make unpleasant situations suck less.

6 ways to make unpleasant situations suck less


True Story: I’m A Prop Stylist

How do you become a prop stylist? What does an average day look like? Click through for great advice on styling photos and tips to improve your Instagram flatlays!

Do you ever encounter people with jobs that make you angry that life is too short to have 75 different careers? That’s how I felt when I saw Janelle’s website BECAUSE I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WANTED TO BE A PROP STYLIST UNTIL NOW! Today, she’s telling us how she became a prop stylist, where she finds her best props, and how we can all set up better Instagram vignettes. 


Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys? I lunched with out-of-town friends, brunched with in-town friends, crossed ‘Go bird watching‘ off my New Things List and advised some very lovely people about increasing their newsletter open rates. As you read this, Kenny and I are in the midst of a long weekend in Decorah, Iowa which is adooooorable.

Links for you!

This week I was on the Jumpstart Your Joy podcast talking about doing things that come naturally, how I’ve grown my blog, and heaps of other things!

I’ve heard these are life phone-saving.

Welp, this is painfully accurate.

Adding this to my bucket list: Africa’s Most Luxurious Train.

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Fascinating! Have you heard of ‘temptation bundling‘? It’s a clever term for “combining a highly enjoyable, low beneficial activity with a less enjoyable, but highly beneficial activity.” Like watching your favorite tv show ONLY at the gym.

Ohhhhh! Such a good kitchen remodel!

If you’re planning a roadtrip this summer (my favorite form of travel) this checklist will make things sooooo much easier! 15,000+ miles of knowledge in there!

And this will help if you’re planning a solo roadtrip.

Random product recommendation: I loooove Darn Tough Socks. They’re made in the US and last month I had a chance to take them up on that lifetime guarantee. I mailed off my socks with a hole and a week later, they mailed me a brand new pair, no questions asked. #customerforlyfe

I’m at least partially co-signed on this: It’s Insane That Anyone Goes Camping.
Camping gear — how much does that cost? A lot, it seems like. A tent. Sleeping bag. Whatever else you need, flashlights, etc. Batteries. Something to keep the food in so a BEAR doesn’t get it. A bear! Spending money to sleep outside where you have to protect your food from a bear. You know you already pay for an apartment?

Interesting and important: My Father Spent 30 Years In Prison. Now He’s Out.
I’d seen my dad approximately four times over 30 years, but I only remembered two of them: a visit when I was 12 years old, and one when I was 25. When I thought of visiting my father, I pictured the beige rooms, the beige uniforms, and how everything seemed to be nailed down. I always brought bags of change to use at the vending machines. I knew he had a sweet tooth, and I wanted to buy him something sweet. He always got reprimanded by guards for holding my hands too long.

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THIS IS SO GOOD AND SO IMPORTANT. Advice to a woman whose friend hits women.
A) You don’t have to be “fair” when you choose your friends. Your opinion, your preferences, your subjective wants and needs are enough to say “I’d like to be friends with that person” or “I’m not interested in being friends with that person.”

B) Your opinion and your decisions about who to associate with don’t have the same burden of proof as a court of law. If people try to argue with you or challenge you to prove it (and nothing brings out the armchair experts on “fairness” and “burden of proof” and “we don’t know all the facts” apologists like a man accused of abusing a woman, so, be ready), remember this: You don’t have to prove your case, you only have to make your choice and stand by it. “I’m not a prosecutor and I don’t have to be. It’s come up enough that I believe it’s true, and I can decide not to be friends with someone anymore.”

If Seinfeld were set in the Midwest. (I think this is a bit idealized. There’d probably be a lot more passive aggressive comments about something being “interesting.”)

So sweet! Ways you can compliment little girls in your life that don’t include “you look so pretty!”

Hope you had a great week, guys!

5 Sneaky Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable + Awesome

Want to make your blog posts more readable? Reduce your bounce rate and increase engagement? Making your blog posts easier to read is surprisingly easy - click through and start now!

I had really great intentions when I clicked on the quippy, clever link to that blog post. I meant to pore over it like a Steinbeck novel, rolling each adjective around on my tongue/mind. I was planning to nod along, take notes, learn something. Maybe click that ‘share’ button at the bottom.

But then it was boring and poorly formatted so I didn’t. 

Buuuuuuuurn! The harsh truth is people who read things on the internet (like you and me) have short attention spans and wondering eyes. We like our writing in bite-size pieces with bullet points and reaction gifs, plz.

The good news is, it’s not hard to make your blog posts more readable! In fact, it might even make your writing process easier!

5 ways to make your blog posts more readable (more…)

‘Better’ Probably Takes Less Time Than You Think

Want to stop rushing around everywhere? Want more time to 'do better'? Welp, better might actually take less time than you think. Click through to find out how to rescue wasted time and find more time to do life better!

It’s Monday morning and I’m grumping and tugging the dog down the street, speed walking through the neighborhood. I smear on my makeup with my fingers, slick on some mascara and call it good enough. I eat my breakfast standing over the sink.

Crumbs of granola rain down onto a pile of dirty dishes as I eat and check email simultaneously. I’m out the door at 8:00 am and I arrive at my meeting 15 minutes early, frazzled and unpleasant.


The dog and I meander around the block. I let her smell trees while I make small talk with my neighbors and pinch the mint growing on the boulevard. I paint on my eyebrows and eyeliner – two things that make me a) feel beautiful b) look less like a beige thumb.

I arrange my yogurt, granola, and fruit into a pleasing, pretty mound and tuck into it at the table. I duck out the door at 8:06 and arrive at my meeting looking and feeling damn near flawless.

Did you catch that, friends?

The difference between these two mornings? Six minutes. SIX MINUTES.