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What’d you get up to this week, guys? A friend hosted a wine-tasting party on Friday (so fun!) and yesterday I fiiiiinally took a self-defense class – something I’ve been meaning to do forever!

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Sometimes paring down your life and living more simply doesn’t feel that simple. The Simple Year course looks really interesting!

Sarah has loads of great DIYs: DIY natural deodorant, DIY honeyed mead, even DIY laundry detergent!

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9 Changes I Made When I Finally “Got Serious” About My Blog

Are you looking for blogging tips? Are you ready to take your blog seriously and use it to make money and land clients? It only took me 9 years (!!) and 2,000+ posts to figure this stuff. Click through and start doing these things now!

Let’s begin by acknowledging that is it COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that I’ve been blogging for almost nine years and it’s only now that I’ve, uh, started taking it seriously.

If you’ve been reading Yes & Yes for a while, you might have noticed a few changes over the last year. Longer, meatier posts. Free workbooks. More Facebook, less Twitter.

None of that was an accident! It was all super strategic because I’m taking this ish seriously now.

9 changes I made when I got serious about my blog


11 End Of Year Traditions That Will Make 2017 Amazing

Looks for an end of year tradition that ISN'T writing a resolution or singing Auld Lang Syne? These 11 end of year rituals will make your home cleaner, your heart free-er, and even benefit your bank account. Click through and choose a few that work for you!

What end of year traditions do you take part in? Deleting texts from your ex? Smooching a good-looking stranger on New Year’s Eve? Going to bed early so you can start the new year bright eyed and bushy tailed?

I love any excuse for a fresh start and/or making a list. Birthdays work. The mid-year point works. New jobs, new homes, new relationships work. I’ve only got two tried-and-true end of year traditions so I asked you guys on Facebook to share yours and you gave me tons of great ideas!

If you, too, love traditions, rituals, or just starting fresh, here are 11 end of year traditions to try this year.


The Cheapskate Guide To: Los Angeles

Want to see Los Angeles on the cheap? Click through for a local's recommendations on $35 beach camping, $2 tacos, and $8 double feature movies – yesandyes.org
Is it snowing/sleeting/freezing where you are? Are you reading this while wearing 17 sweaters? Me, too. This is our friendly reminder that LAX is the second biggest airport in the U.S., with jillions of cheap flights in and out every day. Today, LA local Mandy Sutton is telling us about beach camping for $35 a night, $2 tacos, and $8 double features at iconic movie theaters!


True Story: I’m 36 + I Live With My Sisters

What would it be like to live with your sister? As adults? Better than roommates? Worse? Click through for one woman's story of living with BOTH of her adult sisters for 9+ years

What would it be like to live with your adult sister? Would it be one big sleepover with shared clothes and constant double dates? Or never-ending squabbles and a total lack of boundaries?

Your answer, I imagine, depends on your relationship with your sister. Today, my high school friend Amy tells us about how she’s lived with her sisters for 9 and 15 years, respectively.


Web Time Wasters

What’d you get up to this week, guys? Kenny had to get his tonsils out (!!!) so it’s been Gatorade popsicles and broth all day, every day over here. Other than that, I’m following my own Hygge advice with lots of new soup recipes, switching to the super cozy Jazz radio station, and burning approximately one million candles.

Also! I’m working through my 2017 editorial calendar and I have plenty of space for True Story interviews.

If you’ve got a story to share (and I haven’t already covered it) I’d love to talk to you! If you have an idea for an interview, I’d love to talk to you! You can always reach me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

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Kat teaches super doable yoga. These yoga poses will help you wind down after work, practice, or a long day. And I love this no b.s. meditation for people who think they hate meditation!

Heidi writes with wisdom and wit about … writing. You’ll love her articles about what to do when you’re creatively stuck and creating rituals to support creativity. So good!

Christy wants to help us plan for an awesome 2017 in this free class! I really loved her piece of 5 lessons on resilience learned from her rescue cats.

Meghan’s art is beautiful and insanely affordable – it’d make a great holiday gift for anyone with excellent taste! I’ve got my eye on this print for the bedroom and this one for the kitchen. $17?!! How can you go wrong?