wanderlust workbook

Long-term travel and moving abroad is a pretty common dream, but gosh it's overwhelming! Where to even begin?
There are so many logistical (and psychological!) hurdles! Let's get over them.

We'll talk about the nitty gritty of traveling for months at a time, quitting your job to move to a foreign country, and making your travel dreams happen.
We'll cover:
* Where you should go
* What you should do when you get there
* How to get a leave of absence from your job
* Failing that, how to increase the possibility of getting a job when you return
* How to save money for your trip
* What to do with all your stuff
* How to deal with nervous parents or negative nay-sayers
* How to deal with financial issues while you're traveling
* How to deal with medical issues while you're traveling
* Getting visas
* How travel through non-English speaking countries
* Having an awesome time while you're traveling
* Dealing with 'real life' once you get back

There are heaps of charts and tables that you can fill in that will help you get organized and make concrete steps towards you travel goals! And a one year time line of what you need to be doing to get prepared!

For $15 dollars you get:
* 12,000+ words
* 60 minute podcast
* 14 worksheets
* 1-year plan to make your trip happen

Here's a little sneak peak of the podcast:

Blush-inducing praise

"Listening to the podcast AGAIN - so much useful information!" - Kat H

"Miss V, I purchased the ebook. I'm now 6 minutes into listening to it on itunes, and I already feel the impending life-changingness that I'll be experiencing in the next 54 minutes. Gratification ensues " - Colleen

"The book is great and I can't wait to get home to listen to the podcast."
- Paola

"Sarah Von Bargen, I got a chance to peruse your ebook and I am so impressed/inspired/in love with you - suffice to say that YOU ARE AMAZING.
" - Winona, Daddy Likey

 Are you ready for your next big adventure?  Let's get going.

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