Hello, friend! Thanks so much for your interest in supporting this little corner of the internet. Let's make some beautiful music together! Or we can help you drum up some business! Or both. Yes and Yes's readers are interesting, educated, incredibly attractive people. And if you'd like to talk to them, we can help.

Who advertises here?  Life coaches. Etsy shops. Indie fashion labels. Travel websites.  Artists.  Designers of all types.  Who reads Yes and Yes?  Smart, funny, awesome women.  Mostly 18-35 English speakers - though there are plenty of teenagers and above-35s who stop by as well.  If you're a Big Deal Brand and you're interested in working together, check out my past partnerships with Blowfish Shoes, Shutterfly, Uncommon Goods, and 15each.co among others.

Sidebar ad space is available in one, two and three month packages with pricing discounts at two and three months. All 220 x 100 sponsors will be included in the mid-month sponsor introduction post.


$80 and $200 sponsors also have the option of offering discount codes to Yes and Yes newsletter subscribers (4,300+ people!) at no additional charge.

Some facts about Yes and Yes?
Daily unique visitors: 3,200 - 3,500 a day
Page views: 240,000+ per month
Twitter followers: 7,300+
Facebook fans: 4,620+
Blogspot followers: 3,290+
Google Page Rank: 4
RSS feed subscribers (between Feedburner, Bloglovin', Feedly)12,000+
Newsletter subscribers: 4,300+

Some of the nice things that previous sponsors have said about Yes and Yes?

I've sponsored with Sarah a few times, and each experience has been amazing! The day my sponsored post went up I got five times my usual traffic! Not only is she a breeze to work with and prompt with communication, but she is also genuine and really does want to support other bloggers. So many times, advertising on another blog is a one-way street, but when I sponsor Sarah I feel like we're supporting each other. It's wonderful to have someone like her in the blogosphere! - Stephanie, The Loudmouth Lifestyle

Sponsoring Yes & Yes is the single best thing I've done to grow my blog's readership and community.Sarah is a joy to work with and has shared thoughtful ideas to make the sponsorship a real partnership. My data-loving jaw dropped when I looked at site statistics for readers from Yes & Yes: the average (lovely) visitor from Y&Y stayed on my site for 3:22 minutes compared to an average 1:22, the bounce rate was 44% compared to the average 78%, and Y&Y was my second largest traffic source for the month. The community Sarah cultivates on Y&Y is a supportive, engaged group who have kept reading and commenting since I first sponsored Y&Y in March. Thank you, Sarah! - Alicia Johnston, Jaybird

Sponsoring Yes and Yes was the first time I'd invested advertising dollars into my business and I could not be more pleased! The whole process was simple, organized and, best of all, drove huge spikes of traffic to my site, especially on the days Sarah's sponsor post went live. - Alana Morgan, Paper Planes

Advertising with you has made a huge difference! My unique visitors increased by five time and my pageviews almost tripled. Totally worth the money! The post where you highlighted my site brought in the most visitors I've ever had in a day. You are awesome. Your site is awesome. And your viewers are awesome. - Jessica, Catobear
Whoa! My Yes and Yes experience definitely paid off BIG time for me. My traffic steadily tripled and my newsletter list leaped by 100 during my sponsor introduction post. Above all, I am so happy to be connected with more beautiful like-minded people that have found me through Yes and Yes! I am in awe with how effortlessly easy and seamless Sarah makes the whole process to be. Really enjoyed the whole experience, thank you! - Jia Ni Teo, JiaNiTeo.com

Sponsoring Yes and Yes was the best $200 I've spent on business marketing. In one day, my total number of website hits went up 1200%! We are only three weeks into this year and already, I'm already over a quarter of the TOTAL hits to my website last year. Being featured on Yes and Yes has a TON to do with that. Thank you for the exposure! And as an added bonus, the sales I made on the day of the RSS post more than paid for my cost of sponsorship. I added ten new people to my email list, approx 20 new Facebook likes, and a approx ten new Twitter followers. - Melissa Camilleri, Compliment Jewelry + Stationery

I am just head over heels for getting connected with the whip-smart and gorgeously gutsy women in Sarah Von Bargen's readership. Over the last 30 days, advertising on Yes and Yes has hooked me up with over 700 hits, countless subscribers, and 3 lovely sign-ups for my newest offering - that last bit earning me over $900 in revenue. However, stats aside, the honest reason that I truly keep coming back is that I love the way Sarah constructs her advertising experience, as a natural extension of her site and out of genuine excitement to connect her readers with awesome services. - Mara Glatzel, Medicinal Marzipan

While advertising with Yes and Yes for two months, I watched my page views grow from 50 per day to over 1200! Holy moly! It was such an awesome way to watch my traffic, sales, and followers increase (and stick around!). And I gained over 25 newsletter readers in one day! Seriously, it was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far. If you’re looking to build your audience with the loveliest 20-30 somethings, Yes and Yes readers are perfect. Definitely recommend grabbing your spot now. I can’t wait to do it again. - Ashley, Your Super Awesome Life

Advertising with Yes and Yes has been the most beneficial blog of the several blogs I purchased advertising through.  In less than 2 months, I've received over 700 visitors from advertising and feel it has really been a wonderful investment to get my blog off to a great start. - Amanda, Grow Soul Beautiful
Advertising on Yes and Yes has steadily increased the traffic to our blog - Love and Adventure. Not only that, but Sarah is totally a master of social media. After she linked to us, our traffic for that day spiked and we had five times as many visitors as usual! We’re barely 3 weeks into our 3 month advertising package and we couldn’t be happier - Kindra and Ryan.

Sponsoring Yes and Yes has been one of my most effective ways to advertise my coaching business. Each time I've advertised on Yes and Yes I have seen a spike in traffic and an increase in newsletter subscriptions. I can also attribute at least 4 new clients to my sponsorship of Yes and Yes. If you have a business or blog whose target audience is savvy 20- and 30-somethings then Yes and Yes is the perfect way to advertise to them. - Nailah Blades, Polka Dot Coaching

Advertising on Yes and Yes was such an awesome investment!  As a blogging n00b, it's been great to see several huge spikes in traffic, growth in my readership, and a bunch of new subscribers and Twitter followers.   Not to mention, Sarah is totally rad to work with.  I highly recommend grabbing a spot on her site! - Emily, Awesomania

Do. it. now. Advertising on Yes and Yes was fantastic. I did a happy dance when my blog's daily page views quadrupled! Her readers are smart, funny and inspiring - everything you want from future friends. I will definitely advertise with Yes and Yes again. - Halley, A Life of Something New

I am so grateful that, this past summer, I invested in four months of sponsorship at Yes and Yes. As a writer, my website is heavy on content rather than product. In the past it was tough finding a solid readership. Then I found Yes and Yes. Not only has Sarah (and her web wizardry) helped up my game as a blogger, but my audience has grown fivefold. My site hits spiked from around 50 hits per day to over 300. My twitter following is now 7 times what it was before. Sarah fosters such productivity and fun! - Julia, Feed Me Daily

In the past month, our pageviews have tripled, our pages per visit are about 3x what they were, and people average over 7 minutes per visit on our site, which is an eternity in internet time! That was so worth every last penny I spent on it, I can’t even say! - Patty White, Surrender To Chance

Sponsoring Yes and Yes is a smart way to take part in the Yes and Yes awesome! During my three month sponsorship, I had more than 1,000 referrals to my site, and overall visits doubled from the previous months. The best part was working with Sarah to come up with a sponsor give-away. It was great to experience her readers engaging with my artwork, and the give-away we devised is something I offer in my shop today. I was happy to support Sarah’s great work, and get to rub elbows with someone so inspiring. Advertising on Yes and Yes is a great idea! - Julie Kesti, Juliekesti.com

Sponsoring Yes and Yes has been an absolute pleasure and is something I plan to continue as my blog grows. As a very new blogger, exposure to Sarah’s amazing readers has helped me begin networking with other writers like myself. Depending on the day, I get anywhere from 10 and 200 hits from Yes and Yes, and her diverse and intelligent audience has only benefited my own page and the traffic I receive. Additionally, Sarah’s professionalism and prompt communication has been a great example to me as I start corresponding with my own new Internet friends! - Emily Wallace, Celebrating The Day

I picked up a three-month advertising package with Sarah, and holy kashmolies was it worth it. I've seen a consistent uptick in new commenters - at least 10 a month - and every time she publishes that fine roundup of sponsors, my traffic quadruples for the day! The folks who come to my site from the Yes and Yes tribe are insightful and generous with their sharing, too, which is just an added bonus. Talk about your good investments, right? - Ellie Di, Elliedi.com

Each time I sponsor Yes and Yes, I get double for my money. Not only does my traffic increase, Sarah encourages me to be a better blogger through her consistent, awesome content and marketing. In three months of advertising, I've had 900 hits to my blog and an exciting influx of traffic to my shop. I've had my best advertising experience through Yes and Yes and it's why I continue to come back! -  Cassie, A Serenade for Solitude

Isn't that lovely? Email me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org to organize a sponsorship.