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On Accomplishment + Pliés + Doing Hard Things

This post is brought to you by better posture, childhood fantasies, and Fit Ballet

When you think about exercise, what words spring to mind?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably mouthing the words obligation, hassle, and annoying.

What if, instead of viewing workouts as a necessary evil, we viewed them through the lens of that Anne Lamott quote: “It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight training for life.”

Or in the words of Fit Ballet‘s found Julie Schechter:
No one seems to care if you can do a pull-up, but everyone notices if you lose five pounds. Is it any wonder that women center their attention on minimizing their physical footprint? But this constant focus on a “skinny” body obscures what the focus should be: accomplishment.


Julie knows a thing or two about doing hard things and accomplishment. She was a lifelong dancer, went to Harvard Law, and was working at a corporate law firm, when she decided she wanted to contribute more to the world. She gave up law and started Fit Ballet.

What is Fit Ballet exactly? It combines the strength and elongation of ballet with high energy circuit training. For those of us who can’t make it to their live classes in New York, there’s an ebook filled with three months (!!) of workouts and videos. There are cute tank tops. There’s a Youtube channel filled with short, free, fun videos that will teach you basic moves and make your butt burn like whooooooa.

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How To Really, Actually Check Items Off Your Bucket List

This post is brought to you by a fulfilling life, the letter B, and Passion Blueprint

Did you start the year with a looooong list of goals and aspirations? A shiny bucketlist of ways you’re going to grab life by the horns this year?

Yeah, me too. So how are we going to, ya know, actually go about doing that?

Welp, we might start by getting help from someone who knows a thing or two about checking items off their bucket list. Enter: Derrick Kwa.

Here’s a short sampling of some of the bucketlist items Derrick’s already checked off:

  • Working with Seth Godin
  • Traveling through 10 countries in two years
  • Contributing to a book
  • Starting a marketing agency in Singapore and landing clients like QuickBooks Asia
  • Playing in professional poker tournaments against some of his favorite celebrity players

And I think he’s, like, 24?

January 21-22nd Derrick is hosting Bucketlist Bootcamp, a live online bootcamp with interactive workshops to help you actually make ish happen this year.

And here’s the best part: IT’S $25 FOR 8 HOURS OF CLASSES.

That’s the price of a mediocre meal at TGIFriday’s. <- won’t improve your life.

Derrick and his co-hosts will cover topics like overcoming fear, dealing with pressure, and why passion isn’t necessarily about enjoyment.

Take a peek at Derrick’s stuff and see if it’s right for you. At that price point, what do you have to lose?!

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Whaaaaat? Travel can be simple?!

This post is brought to you by cleverly-packed suitcases, those tiny bags of pretzels, the letter T, and Travel Made Simple.

Travel made simple! Travel doesn't have to be complicated. Promise. >> yesandyes.orgtravel-made-simple

Did you know ‘travel more’ is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions? Who among us wouldn’t like a little adventure and exploration in their life? Travel expands our horizons, teaches us new skills, strengthens relationships, and gives us opportunities to eat cacio e peppe in the shadow of The Duomo.

But we all know that, right? We know travel is awesome and life-expanding but it is also OH GOD SUCH A HASSLE.

Friends, please meet Ali. She’s gonna teach us how to make travel simple.


She’s going to teach us how to bring a carry-on onto any flight (did you know carry-on sizes vary from airline to airline and country to country?!) She’s going to help us figure out if our layover is long enough. She’s going to help us plan a fun, easy week in Italy.

And she has a jillion great resources on her Pinterest boards! Go have a peek, fellow travelers. Travel is about feel soooo much more doable!

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How do the Cool Girls do it?

This post is brought to you by great jeans, the coolest woman in your neighborhood, the letter A, and Amy Edwards


Do you know any Cool Girls? And by ‘Cool Girls’ I mean ‘Smart, interesting, funny women who are always doing fascinating things and somehow seem pulled together and on top of it in a frighteningly effortless way’?

You probably know a few Cool Girls. We all do! And most of us (read: me) want to drown them in “OH GOD HOW DO YOU DO IT” questions, but that would be awkward so we don’t. Instead, we admire them from a far and devotedly hope that someday we can get our hair to look like that.

But we’re in luck, friends. One of my all-time favorite Cool Girls (my words, not hers) happens to have a blog and Instagram in which she’s pretty open about, well, everything.

Amy talks about rebooting your life and how she came to be full-time musician in her late 30s. She writes prayers for non-believers, shares her favorite beauty products, and style lessons learned from Chrissie Hynde. Honestly, Amy is our personal pass into the Cool Girl club. Now we can figure out their secrets go check her out!

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The Lazy Woman’s Guide To Looking Like You Made An Effort

This post is brought to you by lazier mornings, longer sleep-ins, the letter H, and Happiness Boutique.

earrings happiness boutique

Friends, let me be totally honest with you. I am two things:
1. Lazy
2. Vain

I want to put as little effort as possible into looking as cute as possible. My life is pretty much a never-ending search for clothing and accessories that look stylish but don’t pinch. Let’s be real, hidden elastic waistbands are probably in my future.

There are several tricks in my Lazy Lady toolbox (skater dresses, Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans, dying my eyebrows) but the best, easiest trick?

Wear big earrings with a dress.

happiness boutique earrings

happiness boutique earrings 2

Cheap sundress from Target + colorful earrings? Well, aren’t you festive and totally ready for rooftop drinks?!

Four-year-old slightly faded dress you bought from at a Walmart in Louisiana while you were on a roadtrip? Add earrings and everyone thinks you made an effort with your appearance! JOKE’S ON THEM.

Happiness Boutique has piles of fun, affordable statement earrings (I like these)  and plenty of smaller, more subtle earrings, too (these are super cute!) Take a peek at their sweet stuff if you, too, are a lazy and vain lady! (Or even if you’re not!).

Yes & Yes readers get 10% off with the code ‘yesandyes’ – so go have a poke around!

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Turn doubt into confidence + The art of becoming + Think big, live small

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Stop looking for your purpose // Turn doubt into confidence //
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The right questions: How to find facts in our insane political season // Think big live small //
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