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Every choice is a chance

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. But our tiny, daily actions add up to real change.

It’s a wet, overcast Tuesday and I’m treating myself one of my favorite activities:
Poking Around Antique Stores, Picking Things Up And Putting Them Down Again.

I page through the old Life magazines, fiddle with Fiestaware, imagine a life that necessitates a 12-piece set of Wedgwood china.

I turn a corner and see a sign that shoots an arrow through the dust-filled air of that overfilled antique store right into my heart (if I’m going to go ahead and be melodramatic about it.)


Yes & Yes is taking a holiday break!


‘Tis the season to get off the internet and into our lives. Fa la la la la, laaaa lah la la!

(Or at least, that’s what I’m going to use this season for.) 

I’m taking the next three weeks off of Yes & Yes to hygge, work through my New Things list, wind down 2016 and plot 2017.  Also: eat my weight in sugar cookie dough and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas 75 times.

I’ll be re-running some of my best and most favorite blog posts through December 31st, so if you stop by, you’ll probably still find new-to-you stuff! And I’ll still be on Facebook and Instagram if you’re interested in watching me attempt to make lefse from scratch.

See you in 2017, friends! Hope the rest of this year treats you and yours well.

11 End Of Year Traditions That Will Make 2017 Amazing

Looks for an end of year tradition that ISN'T writing a resolution or singing Auld Lang Syne? These 11 end of year rituals will make your home cleaner, your heart free-er, and even benefit your bank account. Click through and choose a few that work for you!

What end of year traditions do you take part in? Deleting texts from your ex? Smooching a good-looking stranger on New Year’s Eve? Going to bed early so you can start the new year bright eyed and bushy tailed?

I love any excuse for a fresh start and/or making a list. Birthdays work. The mid-year point works. New jobs, new homes, new relationships work. I’ve only got two tried-and-true end of year traditions so I asked you guys on Facebook to share yours and you gave me tons of great ideas!

If you, too, love traditions, rituals, or just starting fresh, here are 11 end of year traditions to try this year.


11 Ways to Practice Gratitude Without A Gratitude Journal

Are you looking for a way to practice gratitude without the journals and mantras? Click through for 11 ideas for creating a gratitude practice that works with your busy life!

When someone tells you that you need to find more ways to practice gratitude are you like “UH OKAY HIPPIE”?

Do you nod politely and mentally add gratitude to your list of Things I Know I Should Be Doing But Realistically Have No Time For? Right between ‘mediation’ and ‘drink more water’?

By now you’ve probably heard all the reasons we should add more gratitude to our lives. It’s scientifically proven that gratitude improves psychological and physical health, strengthens relationships, and it even helps you sleep better!

And maybe you know that already but you can’t quite make the gratitude journal thing happen. That’s okay! There are so many other ways to work it into your life!

11 ways to practice gratitude without a gratitude journal


On Changes + Really, Actually Trying + Gratitude


2008 me, a few months after starting Yes & Yes. Yes, that’s cop in riot gear. We were trying to sneak into the Republican Convention hence my ‘disguise.’ (??)

I never thought I’d be writing this blog post.

When I started Yes & Yes, I was 28 and living in a ‘garden apartment’ (read: basement apartment with pipes hanging from the ceiling). I’d just moved back to America after five years of living abroad and, to be honest, I was completely miserable.

The job I took in St. Paul? $16,000 pay cut from my last job. My commute? Tripled. My health insurance was somehow both expensive and inadequate and my vacation time was nearly non-existent.

One time, my coworkers and I found cockroach eggs laid in the inner workings of our water cooler. Another time, someone walked off the street into our offices and stole my coworker’s purse out of her desk. In a moment of adrenaline and bad decision-making I chased him (???) and spent the rest of the morning describing the entire thing to police.

Clearly, what I needed was a blog.


Why You Need To Try New Things + How To Create A ‘New Things’ Practice

Why should you try new things? Oh no reason. They just slow time (!!!), deepen your experiences, strengthen your friendships, and expand your comfort zone. Click through for tips on developing your own New Things practice! >> yesandyes.orgPre-P.S. We cover topics like this in my upcoming ecourse Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is. Pre-sale starts October 10th. Sign up below and you’ll be the first to know and get in at a lower price!

I was readjusting my pasties when my phone buzzed. It was my first ever burlesque show and I was hovering backstage, pulling on my gloves, gossiping with my classmates, and devotedly hoping that my husband was the only person I knew in the audience.

I looked down at that tiny glowing screen, expecting to see a note of encouragement from Kenny when I saw an unidentified number and the words “I think I’m sitting behind your husband? I’m at a burlesque show?”

This is what comes from trying new things, friends: