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You can’t stop me from caring, Mr. Trump.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? You don't have to live in burlap and only eat quinoa. Click through for doable steps!
Welp, it happened. Donald Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, the agreement that 195 countries signed to slow climate change. NORTH KOREA SIGNED IT FOR PETE’S SAKE.

But here’s the ‘good’ news: Donald Trump cannot prevent any of us from caring about climate change. Click To Tweet He cannot prevent any of us from spending our money, time, or energy to reduce our own carbon footprints.

This country (and planet) is made up of individuals. Many of our individual choices got us here and our individual choices can make a difference now, too.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from recycling or composting.

We’re signed up for Hennepin County’s organics recycling program and we loooove it. In case you were wondering, it’s not gross and nothing smells. If your city doesn’t offer composting, this countertop compost bin is cute, costs $22 and has 5,000+ five star reviews.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from reusing things and using fewer disposable items.

We have these coffee travel mugs and love them.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from driving hybrid cars, taking public transport, or riding our bikes.

NiceRide, Minneapolis’s bike sharing program costs $75 a year.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from eating less meat.

Afro-Vegan and The Chubby Vegetarian are great places to start!

Donald Trump can’t stop us from buying carbon offsets.

You can buy them through places like CarbonfundCool Effect or TerraPass.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from buying more things secondhand.

If you’re not up for pawing through piles at thrift store, start at Buffalo Exchange or thredUP.

Donald Trump can’t stop us from using LED lightbulbs, adjusting our thermostats, or signing up for wind or solar power.

We use SunShare and love it! And it’s cheaper!

Donald Trump can’t stop us from buying local produce.

The Hmong Farmers’ Market in St. Paul is wonderful! Or join a CSA! We’re signed up for Abraham’s Table and I’m nerdily excited about our first box.

Donald Trump can’t stop us voting with our dollars and supporting companies who favor ethical, environmentally-friendly policies.

Here’s a list of the world’s most sustainable companies, as of 2017. Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Adidas, Colgate/Palmolive, and General Mills made the cut.

When it comes right down to it, Donald Trump can’t stop us. Period.

How To Make Any Unpleasant Situation Suck Less

How do you make unpleasant situations suck less? Is it just about having a positive attitude? Can you lifehack your way out of it? Click through and find out!

It’s only 6 am and I already hate everything.

I’ve been awake for three hours and I’ve already tangled with my Lyft driver and spent $9 ill-advised dollars on airport donuts. I’ve battled for the armrest and been called ‘honey’ by the guy sitting next to me. I’ve questioned the wisdom of wearing skinny jeans on a six-hour flight. I’ve moved ‘air travel’ into the Unpleasant Situation column in my mental spreadsheet.

Do you have an Unpleasant Situation column in your mental spreadsheet? Or a Things I Dread box? Maybe you have an Experiences I Hate But Can’t Avoid list.

Dude, me too. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if we could make unpleasant situations – any unpleasant situation – suck less?

We can!

The good news: we can use the same six steps to make any shitty situation less awful. Long flights, the busy season at work, houseguests you didn’t invite and don’t enjoy – the same six steps apply to all of the above.

The bad news: even if we execute each of these steps perfectly, I’m not sure we can turn an Unpleasant Situation into a Perfectly Enjoyable Situation. Going to your partner’s family reunion in the middle of nowhere is never going to be the same as heading to Italy for two weeks. Painting the exterior of your house at the height of summer is never going to feel like a day at the spa.

But! With some forethought and a slightly better mindset we can make unpleasant situations suck less.

6 ways to make unpleasant situations suck less


‘Better’ Probably Takes Less Time Than You Think

Want to stop rushing around everywhere? Want more time to 'do better'? Welp, better might actually take less time than you think. Click through to find out how to rescue wasted time and find more time to do life better!

It’s Monday morning and I’m grumping and tugging the dog down the street, speed walking through the neighborhood. I smear on my makeup with my fingers, slick on some mascara and call it good enough. I eat my breakfast standing over the sink.

Crumbs of granola rain down onto a pile of dirty dishes as I eat and check email simultaneously. I’m out the door at 8:00 am and I arrive at my meeting 15 minutes early, frazzled and unpleasant.


The dog and I meander around the block. I let her smell trees while I make small talk with my neighbors and pinch the mint growing on the boulevard. I paint on my eyebrows and eyeliner – two things that make me a) feel beautiful b) look less like a beige thumb.

I arrange my yogurt, granola, and fruit into a pleasing, pretty mound and tuck into it at the table. I duck out the door at 8:06 and arrive at my meeting looking and feeling damn near flawless.

Did you catch that, friends?

The difference between these two mornings? Six minutes. SIX MINUTES.


Stop Making It So Hard (It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated To Be Effective)

Do you wish you ran a minimalist business? Looking for minimalism tips for your business? It starts with simply acknowledging that complicated isn't intrinsically better, more effective, or more legitimate than simple. Click through to read more.

I can already tell I’ve disappointed the woman interviewing me. There’s a dissatisfied pause from her end of Skype. She sort of sighs and says “So that’s it? You use post its?”

I recognize this response because I hear it 2-3 times a week.

“So you just use the timer on your phone?”
“You just use a normal notebook?”
“You just make a double batch and then freeze the extra?”


How To Make It Easier To Be Awesome

Do you want to have more self-control? Make better decisions? Sometimes it just comes down to making 'good' things easier to do and 'bad' things harder to do. Click through to learn how you can start doing this today

Please raise your hand if your daily routine looks anything like mine:


Drink virtuous breakfast smoothie. Resist the urge to eat an entire package of fake bacon. Write an ambitious but doable to-do list. Dutifully wash my breakfast dishes. Make my bed. Resist the urge to crawl back into bed.


Make a sooooomewhat virtuous lunch while listening to podcasts. Check Instagram but for, like, a reasonable amount of time. Keep plugging away at big project. Resist urge to fall down a Facebook hole. Take the dog for a walk. Resist the desire to stop at the bakery and buy/eat 15 donut holes.


Eat a virtuous salad. Hate the stupid salad and then make a giant bowl of pasta. Open laptop to just “research something super quick” and fall down a social media hole for two hours. Stand in the kitchen, mindlessly eating peanut butter from the jar while looking at the yard and thinking about how fat the squirrels are. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time but stay up talking till 11:30.

Yes? Yes.

But did you know there’s a reason why we do this? Why our self-control slowly crumbles as the day passes?


15 Lifehacks That Are Making My Life Easier + More Awesome

Are you looking for lifehacks? Do you want to be more productive? Click through for 14 little tweaks and products that are making my life easier and more awesome.

I’d like to preface this post by saying I’m not quite sure how I feel about the term ‘lifehack.’

In my somewhat curmudgeonly opinion, wearing a hair tie on your wrist so it’s easily accessible is not a ‘lifehack.’ Understanding how to use Google Calendar is not a ‘lifehack.’ Knowing how to cope when people disappoint you isn’t – say it with me now! – a ‘lifehack.’

Also? We can’t lifehack our way to happiness. Making a big pot of soup so you can bring lunch to work every day will help you save money. Organizing your closet might make your morning easier. These are not the same as, say, going to therapy or working through deep seated, lifelong issues.

With all that said, sometimes tiny, logistical changes CAN make daily life easier, less stressful, and more pleasant. Sometimes oddly obvious tweaks to our day-to-day habits can add up to big changes.

What follows is a random assortment of little ‘lifehacks’ that make my life easier and more awesome. Many of these may strike you as wildly obvious. If so, you are smarter than me! Awesome! Here is a blog post about animals in buckets for you. 

15 lifehacks that are making my life easier + more awesome