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11 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Business, and Brain

Blogging resources to help you create better sponsored content, be a better podcast guest, and stop self-sabotaging your sales! Click through to read 'em!

Friends! I just spent the last two weeks on a “blogging vacation” which was really more of a “concerted effort to learn new professional skills and platforms and watch one hundred million tutorial videos.” So. Here’s hoping all that hard work paid off – we’ll see soon!

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9 Articles That Are Good For Your Blog, Brand, and Business

Blogging links! A new way to write copy, why you need to track your time, how to build a coaching business, and much more. Click through to read 'em all!

How has this month treated your business, friends? I wrapped up the launch of my latest ecourse Make It Stick Habit School and it was both my easiest launch and my most successful. Wonderful! I did a bunch of things differently this time around. I’ll tell you about them in future blog posts!

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How to take a summer vacation from your blog without losing all your traffic

Want to take a blogging break? Put your blog on vacation? You can do it - without losing all your traffic! Click through to find out how!
It’s one of the robin’s egg blue summer days. I’m kicked back on a swan-shaped floaty, taking sips from a water bottle that does not, in fact, contain water. I turn my face to the sky and thank the internet gods for blessing me with a job that allows me to take Beach Days.

Juuuuuuust kidding! I’m actually typing this in dirty jean shorts while I drink room temperature coffee and turn up the air conditioning by two notches.

When you own a business, it expands to fill the space you give it. It can creep into your evenings and weekends. It can creep into Date Night. It can creep into perfect July afternoons that would be better spent someplace sandy.

If you, too, are suffering from Too Much Blog Not Enough Beach, never fear! I have a solution for us! Let’s put our blogs on vacation!

How to take a vacation from your blog without losing all your traffic


4 Ways Sell With More Soul + Less Sleaze

Looking for sales tips and marketing advice? Want to sell more without being gross? Click through for 4 tips that will help you do just that!

Is it possible to NOT hate selling? To NOT feel pushy/awkward/sleazy when you’re trying to convince your people to buy stuff? Is it possible to sell with, well, soul?

My friend Maria thinks so. In fact, she literally wrote a free book about it. Read on for her tips on how to make selling suck less.


9 Articles That Are Good For Your Business, Blog, And Brain

Helpful blogging links about pricing, six-figure launches, and growing your blog. Click through to read 'em!

Friends! How has this month treated your business? I’m launching a new course in on July 10th and I’m scuttling around behind the scenes as usual.

My new course is about lasting habit change and my beta testers have seen amazing results!

  • one has worked out every day since he took the course
  • one referred to is as ‘the missing link’
  • one said “Where has this information been my entire life?!!”

I’m so excited about it! If you want to be the first to know when it come out, sign up here.

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So helpful! How to maintain your sanity and be productive when you work from home, alone. I do pretty much all of these!

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If you’re drowning in to-do’s, how do you figure out what to outsource?

THIS IS FASCINATING. I got my start as a ghostwriter and I wrote for a loooooot of people who’d prefer you didn’t know they used a ghostwriter.
Her favorite clients were the ones who gave her a personal window into their lives, like the A-list siblings who’d invite her to their Beverly Hills mansions for dinner and have her play with their kids. When one of the siblings changed her diet, Xue spent a day at the house brainstorming recipe ideas and taking photos for a cooking post.

Such an important reminder: the difference between inspiration and imitation.

A great essay about writing, pricing, valuing ourselves, and dealing with trolls.
This was not an anonymous troll calling me an ugly idiot who will never marry, it was a man who works in mainstream media asserting that he could assess the potential value of my knowledge in a professional area that he doesn’t work in. When presented with third-party evidence that he was incorrect, he redoubled his efforts with sweeping claims about the futility of teaching writing at all.

Real talk: why so many blogs fail before they even get going.

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Can you have a six-figure launch if you’re selling a product that costs $197? Denise did! And she graciously outlines everything they did here.

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Whip Up a Service-Based Business in a Weekend (in 4 steps!)

Looking for service based business ideas? Start here! You don't need fancy branding or an expensive website. This basic, incredibly helpful small business advice is great from bloggers and entrepreneurs!

What’s a service-based business? And how do you come up with ideas for one?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! A service-based business is a business where you work directly with clients (usually one-on-one) exchanging your talent/expertise/time for their $$$. If you’re a coach, a consultant, a designer or a photographer, you have a service-based business!

No matter your skill set, it’s hiiiiighly likely you could use those skills to create a service-based business. Today my friend Courtney (of The Rule Breaker’s Club fame) is helping you figure out how what type of business you could launch. Pop over and learn more about package up and sell your talents in a signature service!