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11 things that are great for your blog, brain, or business

Blogging tips, social media advice, and business tips - all in one place! Click through for a great roundup of resources!

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Maria says:
“I’m an expert marketer. I thought my online space was working pretty well for me, but wow – Sarah’s recommendations  helped me set-up a well-oiled machine to attract more traffic, revenue and fans. I love that she packages everything up in lists of Quick Fixes vs. Longer Term Efforts. She makes it super easy to knock out her suggestions and I’ve already made more progress in the last three weeks than I did in two years of trying to figure this out in my own head. If you want to stop the overwhelm and angst of growing your audience, just do everything Sarah says. Seriously!”

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Are You Required To Find + Follow Your Calling?

Do you have to find your calling? Do you 'have to' follow your bliss? I don't think so. Click through to find out why.

I was pawing through my suitcase, grumpily looking for a Clif bar, when I heard my phone bleat. I’d been traveling for 15 hours, my computer wouldn’t connect to the hotel’s wifi, and I was pretty sure that was a text from my Lyft driver, asking where I was.

I flicked open my email in a huff and saw this message from one of my students:

“Sarah, I’m only on module one of your course and I’m floored. This is so helpful and so many people need this. It’s clear you’ve found your calling.”

Isn’t that lovely? I’m not telling you this because I want you to sign up for Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is (though it’d certainly be cool if you did). I’m telling you because that student email was the first time anyone has ever told me that I “found my calling.”

And though I was very flattered by my student’s kind words, it reminded me of one of my more, uh, controversial opinions.

I don’t think you have to make your calling your full-time job.

Should you spend eight hours a day doing something you hate? No. But is it fair to expect your job to check every box on your Personal Fulfillment List? Also no. Don't put all your happiness eggs in the 'career' basket. It's not fair to you OR your career. Click To Tweet

It is so, SO great if you can find a way to make your passion part of your job! I know people who thank heavens every day that they get paid to pursue their passion. I also know people who thank heavens that they have enough energy and money to pursue their passions outside of office hours.

If you’ve spent anytime on the internet or if you’ve ever read a self-help book, you’ve probably been lead to believe that you’re not living your Best Life unless your career and passions are one and the same. We’ve been taught if we do work we love, we’ll never work a day in our life. We should follow our bliss, etc etc etc.

So when we’re doing work we merely ‘like’ or work that ‘just’ pays the bills and provides security, it’s easy to feel like we’re doing something ‘wrong.’ Surely a well-lived life would include pursuing our calling eight hours a day, five days a week, right?

If that’s the tape that’s running through your head and you’re looking for permission to push pause, this is it. In case you need these reminders:

You don’t have to monetize your passion or do it professionally

You don’t have to build an ecourse around your passion. You don’t have to get so good you can teach other people. You don’t have to quit your day job and do it full-time. You don’t have to become a sought after expert. You don’t have to make it into a ‘side hustle’ with a website and a newsletter and social media accounts.

You can follow your calling just for fun

You can just play in a rec league. You can take beautiful photos, print them out, hang them in your living room … and that’s it. You can take voice lessons and never perform. You can write a novel and never show it to anyone. You can create culinary masterpieces for your 8 year old niece who 100% doesn’t appreciate them.

You can follow your passions badly

Just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t actually mean we’re, uh, good at it. But that shouldn’t stop us from doing it.

You can follow your passion without ever putting it on social media

Hello, this reminder is for me. Self, did you know you can follow a passion without telling the entire internet about it? Whaaaat?

Did you know you can make a poached egg without putting it on Instagram? It’s similarly possible to throw elaborate parties or redecorate the living room or perfect a new cocktail without putting it on Facebook. Following your calling quietly + privately is as legitimate as following it loudly + publicly. Click To Tweet

You deserve to find and follow your calling and your passions. You’re not required to make them your career.

P.S. This is what you’re really seeing when you see ‘success’ 

9 Morning Habits That Are Great For Business

Looking for morning habits that are good for business? Can the right morning routine set up your whole day for success? Absolutely! Click through for 9 morning rituals for entrepreneurs or 9-to-5ers!
Picture this.

It’s any given Tuesday and you stretch yourself awake, nestled between clean, high thread-count sheets. You pad downstairs and tuck into a delicious, nourishing breakfast. You meditate. You journal. You put on a lovely, well-planned outfit, before opening your laptop to begin a day of creative, fulfilling, productive work.

Is that what your mornings look like? Weird, me neither!

But I sure wish they did and this year I’m doing my damnedest to get closer to a morning like that.

Why? Because I’ve discovered that the first 10 minutes of any portion of my day – my morning, after lunch, after I close my laptop – set the tone for everything else. When you start the day right, the rest of it is more likely to fall into place. Click To Tweet

You want better business mornings, too? Here’s what I’m doing.

9 morning habits that are great for business

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all 9! 😉


11 things that are good for your blog, brain, or business

Helpful blogging links! Articles filled with business advice, social media tips, and ideas for improving productivity. Click through to read them!
It’s a fresh new year! The perfect time to set business goals we actually want to achieve and (nicely) set boundaries with your clients!

This week, I’m prepping for the second enrollment of my money + happiness course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is (NBD one student said “I’ve taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of them helped me the way this did. This course has more than paid for itself, taking it should be a no-brainer!”) and getting ready for a quick trip home to see my BFF. 

But enough about me, my best friend, and money/happiness! Here are the best, most helpful articles on the topics of blogging, social media, productivity, and self-employment!


8 Secret Qualities Of A Good Client

When you're a good client, your contractors are happier and your business does better. Not sure how to be a good client? Click through for 8 tips!

Have you ever found yourself halfway through an email to your graphic designer/web developer/virtual assistant and thought “Wow. I am The Actual Worst.”

No? Just me?

You’ve never found yourself doing the exact things you find annoying? If you’ve never found yourself in that situation, you are charmer, a scholar, and I tip my hat to you.

If you have found yourself in that position, you’ll appreciate this guest post from Tess. Tess helps bosses build better virtual teams to reach their revenue goals and play guilt free. Grab her suuuper helpful guide on where to find VAs to shorten your to-do list!


9 Changes I Made When I Finally “Got Serious” About My Blog

Are you looking for blogging tips? Are you ready to take your blog seriously and use it to make money and land clients? It only took me 9 years (!!) and 2,000+ posts to figure this stuff. Click through and start doing these things now!

Let’s begin by acknowledging that is it COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that I’ve been blogging for almost nine years and it’s only now that I’ve, uh, started taking it seriously.

If you’ve been reading Yes & Yes for a while, you might have noticed a few changes over the last year. Longer, meatier posts. Free workbooks. More Facebook, less Twitter.

None of that was an accident! It was all super strategic because I’m taking this ish seriously now.

9 changes I made when I got serious about my blog