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14 Links That Are Good For Your Blog, Business, and Brain

Super helpful blogging links! How to deal with trolls + Trello tools + a great Pinterest app + 5 ways your business can make the world a better place. Click through to read 'em!

How’s April treating your business, friends? Last week, I did my monthly DIY writing retreat and this time, I took myself to a super rural Airbnb THAT DIDN’T HAVE WIFI. It was amazing and that’s what I’m going to do from now on!

If you’re a writer-turned-internet-person, a reminder: It’s okay to write what people want to read.
Writing with readers in mind does not make you (or me or any writer) a sellout. It makes you a professional.

When you find ‘success’ in self-employment it can be easy to wonder if you’re a one-trick pony. I so appreciated Sara’s post about this.

How to effectively scale your business without losing your mind.

An insaaaanely helpful spreadsheet to help find a design job in New York – but you could use it as inspiration for finding ANY job in ANY industry!

True Story: my parents frequently describe my job as “an internet business.” Here’s how to survive when no one ‘gets’ what you do.

Not enough people say this! There is no magic formula that guarantees results.

Another thing we don’t say enough: You’re going to be judged.
What feels “inspiring” to one person might feel like “vanity” to another. What feels “comforting” to one person might feel “inappropriate” to another. And on and on and on and on it goes.

I can’t control how people react to my work. All I can do is ask myself, “What is the message I want to share in this moment?” and “How can I share that message as clearly as possible?”

That’s all I can do. That’s all anybody can do.

Related: How to deal when people unsubscribe/unfollow/troll your blog.

I sweaaaaar by Trello for managing projects with my VA. And now there’s Butler for Trello?

I love this! 5 ways your business can make the world a better place.

XOSarah’s Pinterest course + Tailwind helped me increase my Pinterest traffic from 7% to 54%. Crazy, right?

If you’ve read/written/found anything that’s really helped your business lately, leave links in the comments!

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6 Ways To Work Less + Accomplish More With Your Blog

These blogging productivity tips will give you more time and help you work less and accomplish more. Promise! Click through to find out how!

It’s 2013. I’m wearing some ‘dressy shorts, ‘ a pile of rings, and drinking this new thing called Kombucha. (I’m not really sure how to pronounce it and it sort of tastes like vinegar soda? But the internet tells me it’s healthy?)

Get Lucky is playing in the background and I’m writing my seventh blog post for that week. Yes. Every single day I have an idea, flesh it out into 500+ words and share it with anyone who will listen.

It will not surprise you, dear reader, to know this is also around the time I started to develop ulnar tunnel syndrome. And my personal life fell apart. And also I wasn’t sleeping well.


Since then, I’ve dramatically changed how I write, when I write, and how much I write. And you know what’s happened to my traffic, engagement, and list? Nothing! If anything, they’ve grown and improved! If this sounds appealing to you, here’s how you, too, can work less and accomplish more with your blog.

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6 Ways To Work Less + Accomplish More With Your Blog


8 Ways To Meet Deadlines Without Hating Your Life

You probably already know how to meet deadlines, you've read all those productivity tips, but do you know how to meet deadlines WITHOUT HATING YOUR LIFE? Click through find how out!

Is it even possible to meet deadlines without losing sleep, living in your sweats, and only eating pizza rolls?

Uh, allegedly, it’s possible. I mean, that hasn’t really been MY experience but apparently other people have taken on huge projects and not devolved into weepy, sleep-deprived messes? Weird!

Since this is not my area of expertise, I brought in my girl Katie. She’s an author and daily life designer who can teach you how to get control of your time while still getting everything done. She’s currently leading a free training on how to break free from the cycle of busyness. If that interests you check out her Myths of Busy video series!


8 (Relatively) Easy Facebook Tips That Will Help Your Business

Looking for easy Facebook tips? You're in the right place! These effective Facebook tips are beginner-friendly, not overwhelming, and doable even if you're not super tech savvy! Click through and improve your Facebook page!

Are ‘easy Facebook tips’ even A Thing? Like do they exist? Whenever I try to learn something new on Mr. Zuckerberg’s platform, the tutorials are 57 steps long and require surrendering the naming rights of my first born.

At least that’s how it feeeeeels.

I don’t think of myself as a Facebook expert – not by a long shot. But when I do my free site reviews I see a lot of smart, awesome bloggers and business people leaving money on the proverbial Facebook table.

What I mean with that convoluted metaphor is: there are lots of very easy, not-too-techy, non-intimidating ways you can improve your Facebook page!

8 (Relatively) Easy Facebook Tips That Will Help Your Business


9 Things That Are Good For Your Blog, Brain, and Business

Helpful blogging links! Dealing with negative client feedback + an entrepreneur tax guide + body language + being clear about what you do

How was this month for your business, friends? I spent a big part of March editing a book, roadtripping, and enjoying the luxury of working on my business, not just in it. I hope you have at least an hour set aside, because I rounded up some suuuuper helpful things for you this month!

9 things that are good for your blog, brain, and business


5 Unexpected Ways You’re Wasting Money On Your Business

Are you wasting money on your business? Or trying to make a budget for your business? You might be spending money you don't need to spend. Click through to tighten up your business budger

We’re wrapping up the go-through-your-bank-statement-with-a-highlighter exercise with my money and happiness group when I notice one of my students shifting uncomfortably in her chair. She’s doing that fidgety, lip-biting thing many of us do when we’ve just received unpleasant news. I tiptoe over and do ask how she’s doing.

“Welp, I just realized I’ve been spending almost two grand a month on my business that I don’t need to be spending. So!” she plays it off with a laugh and a shrug and tucks the offending bank statement under her other worksheets so I can’t see it.

I want to hold her bank statement aloft and yell dramatically about how I’ve seen this many, many times before! And knowing is the first step to changing things! And if she can figure how why she’s making all these regrettable business purchases she can build new habits!

But that’s sort of weird? And probably not what she wants in her most vulnerable moment? So instead I give her the ol’ sympathetic arm pat and move on to the next student.

Maybe you’re not wasting $2,000 a month on ‘totally justifiable’ business expenses. Maybe you’re ‘only’ wasting $500 or $300 or $75. No matter the number, wouldn’t you rather be spending your money on things that improve your business or make you happy?

Yes? Yes.

5 unexpected ways you’re wasting money on your business