Adventures in Lady Travel

So you’ve decided. You’re going to travel the world.

But none of your friends have the time (or money or inclination) to join you.
Fear not! It’s totally, totally doable to traverse the globe on your own.

I know how – I’ve done it five times.


For $15 you get 12,000 words, 9 worksheets, a 60-minute podcast.

We talk about all the ways to enjoy solo travel and how to have (really and truly) the time of your life.

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Friends + lovers

  • finding and choosing a travel buddy
  • travel romances
  • dealing with friendship and privacy burnout
  • what to say if you have to break up with a travel buddy

Safety + health

  • what to wear so you’ll be comfortable, fashionable and un-groped
  • dealing with street harassment + staying safe
  • countries that are especially lady-travel friendly
  • handling your period + keeping healthy
  • how to talk to worried friends or family

Fashion + style

  • the three pairs of shoes you need
  • the perfect, tiny, travel makeup kit
  • perfecting the art of travel hair
  • looking good in travel photos
  • creative ways to chronicle your trip
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Blush-inducing Praise

  • Even though I’ve traveled on my own before, you give advice that I (shamefully) never considered: The cellphone trick while in a taxi? Genius! I appreciate how complete you’ve made the guide.The section on helping family and friends deal with the trip was really helpful; as too, was the section on looking good in travel photos! Your guide is the first I’ve read that actually touches on menstruating while travelling, with more advice than “bring extra tampons in case they’re hard to come by.” Bravo. – Janine, Growing in Grace

  • We traveled abroad this summer (my first trip EVER) and I wish I would have read this first. Seriously. Adventures in Lady Travel is a valuable resource for single gals and for anyone who decides to embark on an adventure but is unsure of what to do after the tickets are purchased. Sarah pretty much covers it all. With style and wit, she breaks down the often intimidating world of travel into manageable and entertaining bite-sized sections. – Amanda, Salvaged Strawberry

  • This is full of good info that people are scared to ask, or won’t think of. I love the section on friendship burnout.  I think that is an aspect of travel that a lot of people don’t talk about! I really like the section on how to pick a travel buddy. People might think of things like money, but priorities and level of comfort in lodgings are vital. An awesome resource! – Julia H, The Epic Adventurer

  • It’s SO informative for first time travelers and you covered WAY MORE than I would have even ever THOUGHT to cover. Well done! – Lauren, Living Life Barefoot 

  • This ebook reads like a best friend telling you all about her recent travels. It perfectly balances simplicity and detail to give you such a vivid picture of what you can expect. Any worries I still had were put to rest. I am a woman who travels – a lot – and I found great value in Smart + Sassy + Solo.  – Katie, The Small Change Project

  • This is great! It’s got about as much info in it as you can get without going into country specifics. You don’t sugar coat the realities of travel but everything still feels very achievable. – Kim, Cupcakes and Mace

  • I’m happy to have discovered Smart + Sassy + Solo early on in my solo female travel adventures. Every page is jammed with common sense advice and practical tips. Listening to the podcast, Sarah offers a reassuring voice to assuage your fears and push you in the safe but adventurous direction. – Sarah, The Laughing Medusa



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