Notes To My Younger Self

Want to know what my clever, impressive friends wish they would have figured out in their early twenties? In promotion of The Post College Survival Kit, I asked ’em!

Dana // Wonderforest

You’ll have to do everything on your own. You won’t realize exactly what this means at first, but eventually, over time, you’ll get the hang of it. That first week on your own will be eye-opening. You’ll realize you’ve just packed up your entire life and moved away from your family. There won’t be any going back now because the deal is done. Read the whole post here.

Kim // Kim Lawler Creative

Staying home with your cat is, and always will be, okay. I think I hit 18 and turned into a grandma. Given the choice between staying in and going to a club? I’ve already got my slippers on and a book picked out. Younger self – this is fine, you’ll find others just like you in a few years time, kick back with that puzzle and get an early night. Read the whole post here.

Sarah // Laughing Medusa

You have the power to change your thoughts, and your life. In fact, by changing your thoughts, you change your life. So stop telling yourself that you can’t have the life you want or that “that’s just the way things are.” Those are thoughts, not facts, and you always have the power to choose a different one. Read the whole post here. 

Kathleen + Tara // Braid Creative

Don’t be freaked out that everyone knows something you don’t. If you were a wonderful writer in honors English, you probably should still write in your job (even if it’s not in the job title). Your talents don’t disappear, they just get shy for a while. That’s natural, but don’t let ability-bashfulness keep you from putting your best stuff out there. Read the rest of the post here.

Sarah // Xosarah

Hang onto your girlfriends. You had some really good girlfriends in your early twenties. Six of them to be exact and all six of them have since faded into your past. There are a couple of those friendships you probably should have been more stubborn about holding on to, but closing in on 31 you’ll find yourself with an entirely new group of lady friends through aerial and blogging. Try to take a little better care of your friendships. Read the whole post here.


Halley // Evolve + Succeed

Money is just money. It does not reflect failure or worthiness. Do not shrink from it. Open your bills when they arrive. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to money. Knowledge is a positive bank account. Takeaway: open your bills when they arrive and if you’re in debt, figure a smart way out. You can do it. Read the whole post here.

Danielle // Dr. Danielle Dowling

A man is not a financial plan. If you’re looking for a sustainable sense of security and wholeness it cannot be found in an outside resource. A relationship will not rid you of feelings of loneliness, fear or insecurity. Those are inherent to the human condition. There is no man, no job, no home or amount of wealth that can ever generate an ongoing, uninterrupted sense of fulfillment. Read the whole post here

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I'm 27 and I am going to read all of these posts thoroughly! I still feel like I am learning about myself and how to be in my 20s, gracefully and successfully. Thank you ladies for the positive reminders!


I'm 22. It's a nice reminder that all the people I look up to and hope to emulate (lots of the people you interviewed) were just as confused as I am a lot of the time. It's good to see that it takes time to get to where you guys are.


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