Notes To My Younger Self

By now, you’ve probably heard me mention The Post College Survival Kit about a million times. But you guys? It’s a great, insanely helpful course and I so wish I could travel back in time and give it to my 20-year-old self.Frankly, there are a looooooot of things I’d like to tell my younger self, chief among them “Don’t give yourself dreadlocks with glue” and “Yes, even $500 matters. Try harder to get scholarships.”

Lots of my clever, talented internet friends kindly offered to share their wish-I’d-known words of wisdom on their own blogs, so each Friday this August I’ll be highlighting the best bits and pointing you in their direction. I suspect we’ll all emerge a bit better prepared for life, regardless of our current ages.

Kate // Great Escapist

Learn to ask for what you want, period. Whether it’s a higher salary or more foreplay or just a burger that’s cooked more to your liking, master the art of self-advocacy and become the kind of person who can eloquently articulate your wants and needs. The worst they can say is no – but they’ll respect you for asking.
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Carly Jacobs // Smaggle

If a guy likes you, he’ll call. You met this great guy on Saturday night. There were diamond sparkle unicorns in your eyes and when he pressed his erection against your thigh you knew it was true love. You went home with him, you boinked all night and then three days later he hasn’t called. You subsequently spend the next three weeks with your face wrapped around a bottle of Smirnoff and have sex with lots of ugly guys to ‘punish’ him. Read the whole post here.

Katie Lee // The Small Change Project

Start now. No matter how small the step is start today. THIS is your WHOLE life and each experience in it is a building block. It’s valuable experience that adds to the whole of who you are. Don’t fret about being unemployed, get experience anyway you can. Don’t worry about your knowledge or education, start teaching yourself. And now that you’ve started give it all that you’ve got. Deliver your best to those small steps. They add up to greatness. Read the whole post here

Melyssa // The Nectar Collective
People can suck. You don’t have to. Perhaps the most surprising discovery I made after college was that not everyone was going to be my BFF. In college, I had a big group of friends; it was easy to find people I clicked with. After graduation, things started to feel more complicated: I felt a little lost in the friendship department. At a particular low, just a few months after graduation, I reached out to a friend for advice. One thing he said to me, (in all caps, because he’s an all caps kind of guy), was to “BE THE POSITIVE.”
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Elise Blaha // EnJOY it
Pursue passion projects. Now is the time, my friend. All those things that you love to do? Keep doing them. Daily. Never stop. We’ve clearly established that you have the time. So no excuses. Do them. Do them for the very sake of doing them. You’ll get better without thinking about it. You’ll work without knowing that you’re working. eep writing and making. Keep observing and reading. You’re learning. You’re building a path for future Elise and you don’t even understand that yet. I am so grateful for you.
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Michelle // Rosy Blu
Your chances of getting everything you want are slim to none if you don’t A) figure out what you want and B) SPEAK UP. Asking for the thing you want, the thing that would make your dreams come true, the thing that someone else has the power to give you, can be very scary—but if you keep the desire to yourself, you sure won’t be getting it unless the other person is a mind reader. (Mind readers are hard to come by, in my experience.)
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P.S. If you’d like a taste of The Post College Survival Kit for $0, you can download a 27-page sample here!



As a recent graduate, these words of wisdom are amazing. Of course I'd be interested in reading the Post College Survival Guide but I'm fairly broke. I will most definitely check out the sample. Thanks for offering the option!


I appreciate the advice to just ask for what you want. I've spent years backing into what I want and hoping that someone will "allow" me to have what I want. I'm an older reader, but I get insights from you and your audience. Life = growing. Thanks for the helpful tips and suggestions.


Oh, this is awesome! I love that you got these tips from a bunch of different bloggers as their advice is all so unique.

Chrystina Noel

Loved this series. It's got me thinking about what I would tell my younger self. Hopefully I'll find some time to brainstorm an actual post soon.


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