August Network of Nice Hookups! New friends + genealogical help + free proofreading!

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It’s that time of month again! Time to make up for double parking, eating your roommate’s leftover pizza, and not returning those emails.
Here’s the deal:
1) Read through the hook up requests. You see someone you can help? Email them.
2) Read through the hook up offers. You see someone who can help you? Email them.
3) Write kind, thoughtful thank-you email to anyone who was lovely enough to share their time and expertise with you because you’re A Nice Person not an Ill-mannered A-hole.I need a hook up!

I need feedback on my graduate school writing sample
I’m applying to a couple of graduate screenwriting programs for the fall of 2015, and I’d love to get some feedback on my in-progress writing sample! Thanks!
amandajeanack  (at)
I need advice on opening a paper goods Etsy store
Generally, I don’t know the best ways to print, price or package my goods. I’d love advice, resources or general information from anyone who has owned or worked with a stationery store, online or brick and mortar. Thank you!
allie (at)
I need to know about budgeting
As a poor college student, I find myself living a life that is scraping by, working 2 jobs, and living pay check to pay check. I really want to finish college debt free and scraping by isn’t what I want to do the rest of my life. So if anyone can help give me advice about how to successfully budget and save money, it would be much appreciated!
laurenannhendrickson (at)
I’d love to learn about becoming a virtual assistant
I would love more information on becoming a virtual assistant for a blogger including where to find bloggers looking for vas, projects they might need help with, and anything that could help!
Cindy (at) raspberriesandrunningshoes (at) gmail DOT com
I’d love to hear from women who have created their own product in the holistic health arena 
Did you create ajuice brands, clean beauty products, gadgets – anything that helps people live a healthy life more easily? I’m teetering on the edge of creating my own product and need a little push, so I’ve created a blog where I’m going to document profiles of awesome ladies who have done the same!
lindsayjkconn@gmail (dot) com
I’d love to meet people in Buffalo, New York!
I am a final year undergraduate student from Singapore and who is excitedly looking forward to spending the coming Fall semester in Buffalo. I’m looking to connect with somebody whom I can talk to and ask questions over email about Buffalo and the surrounding areas before I get there, and eventually get to meet up with! I love food, crafts, hand lettering, design, photography, learning new skills, exploring new areas and am interested in an exchange of cultures. Even if you aren’t from Buffalo, I would also love to make some new pen pals! 🙂
unicko_19@hotmail (dot) com
I need genealogical help! 
I’ve been working on researching my ancestors for the past year with the limited resources I have and I was hoping there was someone out there who could help me research with better tools? There are some mysteries surrounding deaths and origins in my family that I want to straighten out but I’ve hit a wall!
m.l.maya09@gmail (dot) com
I am looking for heavily tattooed executives and higher-ups
I work with an up and coming tattoo shop in the Minneapolis area. As part of our shop blog I am looking for individuals to feature who are heavily tattooed and employed holding higher positions in their company without dress code discrimination.
cara@jackalopetattoo (dot) com
I need to know about producing a large scale fashion show
I am a production manager and stage manager with a theatre and events background, and I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has experience in production aspects of large scale fashion shows, in Australia or overseas- It’s something I’m very interested in, but am unsure of where to begin.
whitneyeglington@gmail (dot) com
I’d love to meet people in Nashville
I am a 28 year old female moving to Nashville from San Diego come early September and I want to meet people in an around Nashville and Franklin. I am interested in photography meet ups, book clubs, lifestyle blogging, line dancing (want to learn) and road trips and I would love to meet some people that have similar interests/love their city and want to show it off to a newcomer.
butwewillstay@gmail (dot) com
I need a color correctionist
For the past year, I’ve been working on a short film that is a true labor of love. It’s nearly finished, but I lost my resource for color correction. I need a color correctionist who can help me to color correct a 7-minute short film and possibly teach me the basics of color correction–whichever you prefer! The footage is beautiful–4D–and if you’re willing to teach me some color correction, I have access to Premiere Pro and could take the reins. I hope to distribute this short film on the festival circuit, so a color correctionist would be fully credited!
gwendolyn.lawson@gmail (dot) com
I can give you a hook up!
I can talk to you about start ups
I’ve gotten a lot of experience with startups, and everything involved with it. So I would be happy to answer questions or share experiences about starting and running a company, except the legal stuff since I only know the Norwegian system. There’s a lot of information about the easy stuff, but often the hard things + the details on how to actually do things are missing. I’d be happy to help anyone out!
linda.l.johannessen@gmail (dot) com
I can tell you about becoming an Architect
When I began Architecture school in 2001, I never thought I wouldn’t be able to (legally) call myself an Architect until 13 years later. My experience is quite commonplace. A five-year undergraduate degree, a two-year graduate program, three years of experience, and seven licensing exams later, here I am: Architect with a capital A. The process of licensure is invaluable, but the response “Well, I’m almost an Architect” when asked what you do for a living will wear on you, so I’d be happy to shed some light on the process.
kirsten.dahlquist@gmail (dot) com
I can tell you about switching from disposable sanitary products to a reusable menstrual cup
I made the switch about six years ago after being frustrated by the ongoing cost of tampons and pads. I was your least-likely-candidate, as I used to *hate* my period and was not at all in touch with my body. Using a menstrual cup has really changed my whole attitude about my period, saved me a ton of money, AND I’ve generated a lot less waste. If you’re curious about using a cup, or on the fence about the whole idea, send me your questions and concerns, and I’ll give you some honest answers from my own experience.
I can proofread your writing!
Whether it’s a novel, an essay, a blog post, a thesis, or something else altogether – if it has words I’ll be your eagle-eyed word nerd!I’m keen to build up my experience before launching a paid service and would appreciate the opportunity to read for you. Detail is my strong suit – spelling, punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure. I’ll also happily give you my overall impressions of the piece but I’m not so strong on detailed big-picture analysis.
Do you have a non-Googleable, non-promotional request or offer for the Network of Nice? Send me 100 words at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.
photo by Kana TANUMA // cc


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