I Made Something New! (Other people liked it. You might, too?)

In the event that you haven’t noticed my shameless self-promotion yet, I wanted to take a moment to say
a) You should hire Kim Lawler to design your site. She is patient, talented, and wonderful.
b) She redesigned my portfolio site and it is (if I do say so myself) gorgeous.
c) I created a new offering for micro-business and bloggers. A lot of people have already tried it and liked it, so I thought you might like to know about it.

Here’s one testimonial:

“I’ve only had time to implement half of the suggestions Sarah gave me. But with just two months and seven changes, I’ve seen a marked increase in comments (three times as many as this time last year), 140+ new Twitter followers, 460+ new Pinterest followers, and readers are spending 52% more time on my site. My Domain Authority increased from 23 to 27, which from an SEO perspective, is amazing! Her suggestions with a good mix of quick fixes and more long-term enhancements that I know will lead to big things. Sarah gives you a phenomenal amount of insight and traffic for your marketing dollar.” Erika Sevigny, All Things E

If you’re curious, pop over to my small business blog to find out more!


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