Grumpy Cat Loves Coffee Cake. Also: January Ad Space

She likes coffee cake and she’s afraid of jumping, you guys!


Well, now that we’ve heard Tardar Sauce’s inner monologue, let’s talk about ad space.  I’ve got some!  You might want it!

Side bar ad space is in one, two
and three month packages with pricing discounts at two and three
months. All 220 x 100 sponsors will be included in the mid-month sponsor introduction post
and three month sponsors have the option of a giveaway (of an item/service valued at a minimum of $100) if they’re interested.


Want a blog post devoted to just your products or services?  I take a few hand picked RSS-feed sponsors each month.

Each weekly RSS sponsor gets:
* One post devoted to just them
* A funny, smart 100-word post that I write all about your awesome
* Three images
* 5 links (three that you choose, two that I choose)
* Amped up SEO since these posts stay up permanently and drive traffic to your site, foreverandeveramen.

Check out previous weekly RSS sponsors here!

Some facts about Yes and Yes?
Daily unique visitors: 3,200 – 3,500 a day
Page views: 190,000+ per month
Twitter followers: 3,770+
Facebook fans: 2,430+
Blogspot followers: 2,990+
Google Page Rank: 4
Google reader subscribers: 6,250+

Some of the nice things that previous sponsors have said about Yes and Yes?

I am just head over heels for getting connected with the whip-smart and
gorgeously gutsy women in Sarah Von Bargen’s readership. Over the last
30 days, advertising on Yes and Yes has hooked me up with over 700 hits,
countless subscribers, and 3 lovely sign-ups for my newest offering –
that last bit earning me over $900 in revenue.
However, stats aside, the
honest reason that I truly keep coming back is that I love the way
Sarah constructs her advertising experience, as a natural extension of
her site and out of genuine excitement to connect her readers with
awesome services. – Mara Glatzel, Medicinal Marzipan

While advertising with Yes and Yes for two months, I watched my page views grow from 50 per day to over 1200! Holy moly! It was such an awesome way to watch my traffic, sales, and followers increase (and stick around!). And I gained over 25 newsletter readers in one day! Seriously,
it was the best investment I’ve made in my business so far. If you’re
looking to build your audience with the loveliest 20-30 somethings, Yes
and Yes readers are perfect. Definitely recommend grabbing your spot
now. I can’t wait to do it again.
Ashley, Your Super Awesome Life


Advertising with Yes and Yes has been the most beneficial blog of the
several blogs I purchased advertising through.
 In less than 2 months,
I’ve received over 700 visitors from advertising and feel it has
really been a wonderful investment to get my blog off to a great start. – Amanda, Grow Soul Beautiful

Drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) irg and I’ll get you set up!

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