Saturday, May 19, 2012

Want To Write a Mini Travel Guide for Yes and Yes?

In typical Type-A, try-hard fashion I'm already assembling the Yes and Yes editorial calendar for ... August.  And I'm in the market for a few more Mini Travel Guide guest posters!

I'm particularly interested in:
* Finland
* Russia
* Mongolia
* Latvia
* Croatia
* Ghana
* Kenya
* Monaco
* Dubai
* Singapore
* Tonga

Or really, anywhere outside of Western Europe!  I'm particularly interested in guest posters who are natives of these countries or have spent at least six months there. 

So if you'd like to share your love for Romania/Chad/Nicaragua with the world and introduce yourself to Yes and Yes 10,000+ readers, drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org!   Here's a list of all the previous Mini Travel Guides so you can see which countries have already been covered.

photo for sale here.


  1. Come on over to the Philippines!

  2. Since when is Finland outside of Western Europe...?

  3. I'd do one for Vancouver if that's at all an interest.

  4. Hi Lorra!

    I like to have MTG that are national or regional, rather than city-specific. Would you like to do one for Western Canada?


  5. I lived in Singapore for about five years. I can do a mini guide

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  8. Hi Sarah! I am sort of echoing Lorra's post from above, only I live in Eastern Canada and would love to do a MTG for this region! I have lived in Nova Scotia my whole life and enjoy exploring as much as I can so I feel I would have the knowledge to contribute. Not sure if that is something you would be open to, but let me know! Feel free to email me if you want to discuss :)

    PS: I'm a new blog reader and I love your posts - very fun and creative. Cheers!