Friday, May 18, 2012

Real Life Style Icon: Catherine of 'Not Dressed As Lamb'

This is one of many Real Life Style Icon interviews in which we ferret through the closets, minds, lives of super stylish bloggers. And then we trick them into being our friends. In other news, I want to dress like Catherine once I stop living out of a suitcase. Or learn how to walk in heels.

Catherine Summers
Age: 39¾ - my blog was started on my 39th birthday as a one year countdown to my fortieth birthday.
Location: Devon, England (I’m originally from London though).
Online haunts: blog // pinterest // asos fashion finder

Three reasons that you're awesome:
If it’s not too big-headed to say…!

1. My lovely followers make me feel awesome. I love the fact that I’m inspiring them in the same way I’m inspired by all the amazingly stylish bloggers out there, who are ultimately the people responsible for improving my style no end. I love to get to know other bloggers and build friendships.

2. I would describe my style as eclectic, but erring towards Preppy with an Edge. Hopefully I'll always be wearing something a little surprising!

3. The most awesome comment I’ve had on my blog recently was a Sex and the City reference: she said my style looked like Charlotte had raided Carrie’s wardrobe - she summed up my ideal style perfectly! Any comparison with SATC is so flattering.

What are you wearing right now, as you type this?
A lot of bright colours and pattern: floral jeans layered with an embroidered navy dress, bright pink t-shirt and a pistachio green cardigan.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?
I had a mini splurge in the clothing section at my local supermarket: two sweaters – one with peach and salmon stripes, one ombre blue - and a printed scarf-style top in mint and peach. All super cheap but very on-trend.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
I’m desperately trying to get hold of another pair of mint chinos I’d already bought about a month ago which were the perfect fit and colour. The first time I wore them, I dropped a bottle of orange nail polish which smashed and emptied the contents all up one leg. I was so upset I cried, as they were totally ruined! I’m having problems getting another pair in my size :(

Tell us about a favorite childhood memory about your clothes.
When I was 10, my then 19 year-old sister bought one of those piecrust collar Princess Diana blouses and I thought it was beautiful. Following this sudden desire for something fashionable, I had a fit at my poor mother because I thought I wasn't allowed to wear trendy clothes. This wasn't true of course – I just hadn't shown any interest in fashion (as opposed to dressing up) before. My dear sister went out and bought me an almost identical blouse… and it absolutely made my year. And cemented my love of fashion ;)

What is your best thrifting score?
I got three vintage dresses from one eBay seller recently – two 60s/70s maxis and a 80s fruit patterned day dress. I’m a demon on eBay – good luck anyone who chooses to bid against me! I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up to wear them.

Could you tell us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
1. Don’t be afraid to experiment: mix every colour and pattern under the sun (and break all the rules in the process).

2. Think of hair, make up and nails as accessories. I’ll always consider what hairstyle suits an outfit, and I try to co-ordinate my manicures with what I’m wearing.

3. Finally, to know for sure whether an outfit is working, always take a quick photo and study the photo, not your reflection in the mirror… you can’t be objective in the mirror for some reason. Before doing this, on several occasions I’d walked around all day wearing a particular outfit that I’ve then photographed for the blog, and only realized then that they looked dreadful. A quick photo first thing in the morning would have avoided that!

Thanks so much for sharing, Catherine! 


  1. I love that comment about Charlotte raiding Carrie's wardrobe. That is definitely the style that's channelled to a tee. Love this!

  2. Her wardrobe is so bright and colorful! So much fun to look at.

    Kayla ☆

  3. LOVE all the colour you're wearing, Catherine! You're making me want to pair mustard and bright pink together now. And also making me want to go shopping...

  4. Thanks so much for the feature, Sarah - I'm so flattered that you asked me! Now I'm back from holiday I will put a link on my blog to the interview... thanks again :)))

    Catherine x

  5. I love Catherine's style! And that comparison to Charlotte raiding Carrie's closet is spot-on.

  6. I haven't made the leap to ebay clothes shopping. Do you end up doing a lot of altering?

    Great interview!

  7. what a great interview. I loved reading it and I can't agree more that your style is like Charlotte raided Carrie's closet. Such a great analogy!

  8. What a great interview!
    I love Catherine's style & she's a lovely person to boot.
    I had no idea she was 39, I thought she was in her 20's!

  9. Catherine is immaculately expert in pattern and color remixing. She is truly a style icon !


  10. Beautiful! LOVE all the colour you're wearing:)

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