A Day In The Life of Yes and Yes

Dear Sarah Von,
I’m really interested in how your day-to-day blogging life goes. How much time do you spend researching? How much time writing? How far in advance do you write your posts? Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you make sure your following remains strong? I imagine it’s a lot of work even though I don’t know what the position of professional blogger entails.

Oh, friend.  You flatter me.  I’m always absolutely riveted by other bloggers’ ‘peek behind the curtain’ posts but for some reason I’ve never thought of doing one myself.  Because, you guys?  This business is probably disappointingly normal and boring.  But!  You asked for it – so here goes!  This is the real, actual run down of what I did on Tuesday, April 24th. 

6:00 am: Get up sans alarm because I’m a dorky morning person.  Drink tea out of a unicorn mug and eat breakfast.  Go through my Google Reader and star posts I want to include in the next Web Time Wasters, delete spammy emails, update the Yes and Yes Facebook and Twitter accounts, respond to Twitter and Facebook comments.

7:00: Make bed (yes, really.  It makes me feel like a grown up!), get dressed in ‘real clothes’ and put on makeup.  Again, this makes me feel like A Grown Up Who’s Going To Work.

7:20: Make a list and start Doing All The Things.  Put together this weekend’s Yes and Yes newsletter.  Write About page and Investment page for a local filmmaker.  Write sales page for a photographer based in Portland.  Write landing page for media guru based in Hawaii.  Try to think of a word like ‘spark’ or ‘ignite’ (but better) for relationship therapist client.

Usually, I set a timer for 30 minutes, work, and then take five minute breaks and do super fun things like: blow dry my hair or do the dishes.  See!  I told you this post would be riveting!

12:40: Eat lunch of fake chicken patty with honey mustard and
spinach salad with goat cheese in front of computer.  Belatedly realize
that it’s gorgeous outside and I should do something about it.

1:00: Walk to nearby Tiny Library to contribute a collection of essays I bought at Goodwill for $.50.  Walk to the bank to get cash and a roll of quarters for laundry-doing as I’m down to bikini bottoms for underwear.

2:00: Get an email from a corporate sponsor who wants to buy a three-month ad package and do a giveaway  Put together the giveaway post and the sponsor’s spot in the mid-month sponsor  post.

Write up a bunch of assignments for my intern who helps with one of the corporate blogs I manage.  We discuss super sexy things like embedding links, resizing photos, full justifying text and @mentioning guest posters on Twitter.

3:00: Format Mini Travel Guide: Iceland.  So much photo fussing! Go through first round edits with a new client.  Laugh with another client over tales of conference calls gone terribly wrong.

4:00: Very, very begrudgingly open the daily training email about the adventure 5k I’m doing.  Do the suggested workout.  Feel alternatingly hot, tired, and awesome.

5:00: Put on my Fancy Lady Disguise (re: eyeliner and non-ponytail hair) and spend 40 minutes in traffic to meet my Gentleman Caller at Spoonriver for pre-play nibbles.  Wine and veggie burgers and soba noodles, ahoy!

7:30: Time Stands Still!  Sort of relate to the lead character who has returned from abroad and feels weird about life in America.  Except said lead character is pretty unlikeable.  Despite being named Sarah.

8:00: Sneak into the Guthrie’s VIP lounge (we’re not VIPs!) and drink free wine.

10:00: Drive home, check email, make a conscious effort not to work more.

10:30: Go to sleep in my slightly creaky bed that I bought off Craigslist.

There you have it, friends.  The deeply normal day in the life of a professional blogger.  Hope you didn’t fall asleep!



I actually really enjoyed that, Sarah, thank you! As a person just beginning to make the first baby steps away from her day job and transitioning to a self-employed actor/director/teaching artist career, this sort of thing really does interest me 😉 And as a side note, when I was in grad school a fake chicken patty with honey mustard and a salad with goat cheese was what I ate for lunch almost every day, no joke 🙂 It was my go-to midday meal 🙂

Ashley Thompson

I really enjoyed reading this as well! Thanks for sharing. Entertaining, inspirational, and down-to-earth. Something I can relate to. Although add in a busy-body 8-month-old baby and the first part of my day is significantly different (i.e. chaotic).


I really enjoyed reading that too! I always wondered what life was like for a professional blogger….I'm so jealous! Have a good day Sarah!


Isn't it "peek" not "peak" in the beginning? That sounds like a pretty great day though!


This was super cute/funny, and appealed to my secret creeper nature (ok not so secret anymore), that loves to see how other people go about their days. I admire your commitment to putting on grown-up clothes + make-up to structure your day.


When's the Iceland guide coming?! I seriously just searched your sight hoping for one…!

Love the peek into your life — and that mini library!


The more and more I find out about blogging and writing for a living, the more and more I want to do it. Thanks for the insight into your daily!


I love your blog, and this day in the life post was RIVETING, for real! My favorite part of working from home is doing work for while then 'taking a break' by doing a different errand. It feels great because it is a break from work, and yet there's no guilt involved!

Thank you for being so so awesome!


I love reading about other people's days. Yours is so organized! I also love the idea of the mini-library. I think something like that would be vandalized and abused in no time where I live. :o(


Sarah, you are awesome. I absolutely love this blog and as Mary said, I wish this was my life. I suppose I should keep up with the blog I have!


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