Sunday, April 22, 2012

Web Time Wasters

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How was your week, friends?  I saw the adorable April Smith and The Great Picture Show, shot some awesome spaces with the fantastic Meredith Westin to revive our Yes Spaces post series, and registered for the LoziLu 5k Women's Mud Run.  I'm telling you this because I'm less likely to bail if everyone on the internet knows I said I'd do it.

Enough about me!  Links for you!

Need more inspiration?  Here are four steps to get it.

Oh, the lolz.  An except from the diary of Bess Marvin, Nancy Drew's BFF.

I pretty regularly find fantastic lamps at thrift stores in need of a good re-wiring.  Which intimidates me.  No more!

This recipe sounds weird, is actually delicious.

Stepping outside your normal.

Your daily squee: hedgehog in a cast.

Are you equally bummer that photo editing site Picnik has gone under?  Fear not, there are other options.

I love all things peanut butter: in cookies, with chocolate, on top of fruit.  Ergo: I love this recipe for the creamiest peanut butter frosting in the land.

I wish I could mix patterns this adorably!

I guest posted on Danielle Dowling's blog about how to get over a break up and on Sillygrrrl about how to connect with your blog readership.  Stop by and say hi!

Wanna get your healthy glow back?  Here's how.

Scrapbooking isn't normally my jam (all the tiny things!  what do I do with them?!) but I just might change my tune for this class.

A blog post I would copy if I had no morals.

What happens when you don't want to fight anymore?

Also!  I'm collecting 40-100 word stories about your favorite childhood summer memories.  Send 'em to me at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

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  1. well scrapbooking is not your jam but still it is useful for many just shared your perception regarding scrapbooking but still I respect your point of view....thanks