Sunday, April 1, 2012

Web Time Wasters

You guys!  I'm back in Minnesota! 
After six weeks of Louisiana shenanigans and Colorado skiing, it's a little bit wonderful to be back in the 612, surrounded by my favorite people.  I spent the last week becoming mediocre at backyard beanbag games, brunching, seeing a performance of Memphis (so good!) and hunting for a new bike.

But enough about me!  Let's talk about you, internet!

Let's talk about Garmins, you guys.  Yes, I know you probably have a GPS app on your smart phone.  And yes, these are kind of expensive.  But if you ever road trip all over the blessed country by yourself, it will remove 90% of the stress of said road trip.  It mounts on your windshield.  It talks to you.  It tells you how fast you're going.  It gives you detour options around traffic.  I've become like a missionary for these.

10 spring wardrobe essentials
! Adorable umbrella, I need you in my life.

Hilariously, no less than five people have emailed me asking if I'm the girl in the BERKS meme.  And while that photo bears a significant resemblance to my adolescent dorkdom and the overall tone of said meme sounds like something I'd say (um, BECAUSE BOOKS ARE AWESOME), sadly I'm not your meme girl, Internet.

Raspberry Beret is my favorite Prince song.  I'd love to make this Raspberry Coconut Loaf with Raspberry Icing. Coincidence? I think not.

Sometimes good is good enough.
So many of us out there strive for “the best” and it can lead to some pretty nasty self talk and a whole lot of double, triple even quadruple handling. We need to be able to tell the difference between doing something badly, doing something well and that unattainable level of perfection. We need to cut ourselves some slack and shine a big, beautiful light on what we do to a high standard.

If you're self-employed, this post is a must read.

Some wise words from F. Scott Fitzgerald about life.

In Which We Finger Plush Towels: How To Be The Girl In The Anthropologie Catalog
Shun modernity. No e-readers, Helvetica, non-whistling teapots, or mp3 players for you. You bask in the glow of a million candles at your desk while you write with a delightfully scratchy fountain pen. You will paw anything that looks like it was made circa 1960. In your most vulnerable moments, you pull an iPhone out of your Katherine Hepburn-style wide-leg pants, and pay $300 for a pair of oxfords that you will claim belonged to your grandmother.

Clever, clever!  DIY coaster photo frames!

Using public transportation is one of the best ways to save money while you travel, but sometimes you really just need a taxi.  Here's when.

Dorothy Day Kloss is 85 and the oldest showgirl in Las Vegas.  Tao Porchon Lynch is a 92-year-old yoga master.  Let's do more with our lives, shall we?

FASCINATING. How do cops train for assignments as fake high-school students?
One female officer told a University of Missouri-St. Louis criminology researcher that when the teacher asked her to go up to a map and identify Africa, she pointed to Canada, prompting students to tease her about being dumb or on drugs.

Is it possible to write about socialized medicine in a manner that you want to read?  If David Sedaris writes about his French dentist, then yes.  

New favorite podcast alert!  Strong, Sexy, Stylish.

When I was road tripping from Louisiana to Colorado, I happened upon The Holiday Motel in Clayon, NM and I could not recommend it more highly.  Breakfast, wifi, cable, clean, friendly at $40 a pop for a single on a Friday night.  And more importantly?  They folded my towels into a towel elephant and left a pile of candy on the desk!

I love the whole Shrimp Salad Circus blog.  That is all.

How do people react when you lose 40 pounds?  And how do you react to their reactions?

Want a career in fashion?  Advice from five industry professionals!

Moving, delightful, vicious obituaries.

Airdrie, you were my best friend and my closest connection. I don't know what we'd have been like without each other, but I think the world would be a poorer place. I loved you deeply, I loved you, I loved you, I loved you.

The Dark Side of Schooling: Debt and Student Loans.

Current obsessions: hiking in Red Wing, (fake) BLATs, wishing that I'd never driven a 2012 VW Passat because now I don't love my 2004 Ford Focus anymore, Jammy Packs, considering ridiculous paint colors for the inside of my closet.

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  1. Welcome back Sarah! Hope you'd a wonderful time - lovely to have you back curating links again! Clare

  2. Clayton New Mexico! I stayed there when I was moving from Texas to Seattle. Wish I'd known about that sweet motel. Also, really enjoyed the video.

  3. Happy Canuck4/1/12, 12:27 PM

    Yay for the use of CBC!

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  5. 612? Pssshhh. =] 651 represent! Glad to hear you're back in MN just in time for normal spring weather to start up again! Love your links, as always.

  6. Glad to hear you love hiking in Red Wing, it's my hometown :)

  7. Oh wow, I recognized that obituary quote immediately as Derek Miller's and it made me cry. It was so out of context to see his words on your blog! Derek was an absolutely beautiful person, he was from Vancouver, my hometown. I've met him on a few occasions at social media events, as he was heavily involved in the social media world before cancer got the best of him. Such an amazing last post he wrote on his blog. You should check out the whole thing at He wrote the last post before his death and asked his wife to publish it when he had passed away.

  8. Thanks for linking to my recipe!

    And thanks - maybe even more - for linking to that Anthropologie post, because, HILARIOUS.

  9. Sarah - thanks so much for the incredibly sweet mention of my blog - you've made my day!

    And I agree with hungryandfrozen. That Anthro post is nothing short of epic sarcasm. Love love it!

    - Lindsay