Cheaper + Faster + Better! The Post College Survival Kit 2012

Do you guys remember last year’s Post College Survival Kit ecourse?  We covered a lot of the things that college doesn’t teach you.  Really effing useful things like 401ks, credit card debt, live-in lovers, networking or making friends once you’re out of the dorms.And people said nice things like this:

Fantastic! I truly wish I had read this after college – it would have saved me so much time/money/stress – It’ll steer you around bad debt, disrespectful flatmates and boy troubles!
Halley G, 25

This is fabulous! Not only does it cover some of the stuff you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, it also touches on the things you never thought of, but should probably know.
Kelsey G., 21

a fun, easy-to-follow format this course helps you create realistic
goals. Instead of stressing you out about challenging issues, the lessons make post-college life seem manageable and even something to look forward too!
– Cara G., 26

WELL DONE! I love this! I say all the time that I wish I could teach a class about these very things! I thought the money “stuff” was really easy to read and understand.
Amy E., 26

adore that it’s not a super-formal, scary-sounding thing. I felt like
I was having a conversation with the various writers. It’s nice, informal, and way less intimidating than the FAFSA. :) Major props to ya’ll!
– Levi, 22

Anyway!  This year it’s back and better than ever.
  In an effort to make the course even more affordable, I’m turning it into an instantly downloadable ebook + workbook.  Easier for me, easier and cheaper for you.  I believe that’s what they call a win/win.The course and workbook go on sale May 15th (just in time for graduation!) and till then, we’ll be talking about lots of post college, twenty-something topics in addition to all the usual travel, lifestyle, animal-in-outfits conversations we have around here. Last year: $75.  This year: $45 (and if you sign up for the Yes and Yes newsletter, you’ll get it even cheaper!)

Want to know more?  Here’s the course outline and here’s a free, super fun 14-page workbook (with funny multiple choice questions!) about life post-college.



I would LOVE to sign-up for this! Does "registration" start May 15th?

Very, very excited to get my knowledge on :)

Sarah Von Bargen

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

It'll be two giant downloads, so you'll be able to get all of it at once on May 15th, and work through it at your own pace :)



I really loved the sound of this last year, but $75 was a lil' pricey, so this is awesome.

PLUS this is the year I actually send myself out into the "real world" so the timing couldn't be better.


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