Friday, April 6, 2012

April Network of Nice Hook ups!

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It's time for our monthly exercise in good karma generation!  Here's the deal:
1) Read through these write ups
2) If you see someone you can help, email them.
3) If you see someone who can help you, email them.
4) Write a thank you note to anyone who has graciously spent their precious free time giving you helpful, useful information.  Because you weren't raised by wolves.

I need a hook up!

I need a French-speaking penpal

I would like an electronic or old fashioned snail mail pen pal, but I want to work on my French. I will be starting a university program in the Fall and I would love to brush up on my French. I used to be fluent, but it's been three years since I graduated with my bilingual high school diploma. I'm interested in pretty much everything, from dance and literature to political science and travel.
lanika.vivian@hotmail (dot) com

I really need some advice from anyone who's worked in direct sales

I've recently started selling a line of jewelry as a way to gain some "real world" business experience while in college (and hopefully make some additional income. Let's be honest. I'd like to upgrade from Top Ramen) and I feel at loss on where to start. Any advice, insight, anecdotes, or words of wisdom on how to navigate this area of the business world would be more than helpful! Thank you!
andiv23@gmail (dot) com

I need to know about culinary school scholarships

I really want to go to pastry school in Paris next year, but I'm having trouble finding loans and other financial aid options. I'm finding a lot of academic loans, but none for culinary schools. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
nickcast@gmail (dot) com

I'd love to speak with someone who is working in emergency management.
I'm about to graduate from an EM and business continuity course in Canada, and I would love to talk to someone who is actually working in the field, either in North America or abroad. I love the field but I'm getting fairly discouraged about job prospects and the like! Getting some perspective on the field would help me immensely!
pink_post_it@hotmail (dot) com

Looking for friends in Chattanooga, TN

I moved to Chattanooga a little over a year ago and I'm looking for some friends! I'm a librarian that enjoys all things British, crafting, especially knitting, reading, and enjoying various hot beverages.  I'd love to get into the out-door scene in town because Chattanooga is full of amazing adventures, but I would also love to just find someone to go to the book or thrift store. 
lmhofstetter@gmail (dot) com

I need a penpal

I am a 25 year old dreamer who enjoys reading way too many books, going on adventures with my husband, and exploring thrift stores for vintage treasures. I am a graphic designer as a profession and a kid at heart. As I was sadly noting my decline in handwriting letters, I had the brilliant idea to seek out some snail mail penpals. So here we go!  Dear World, will you write me letters? I would love to write you in return!
kelseyrenae@gmail (dot) com

I need to know about teaching English in Japan

My Gentleman Caller and I are from Canada, both with university degrees (Psychology Honours and Visual Media Production). We are working and living in Australia for the time being enjoying the nice
weather. We are hoping to teach English in Asia at the end of our current adventure (hopefully Japan) and really could use some help navigating the systems. We'd like to have jobs arranged before we get there. Do we need to take a TESOL course? Is there any agencies that are more reputable? Any tips and tricks?
Any help would be appreciated!
keepwarmblog@gmail (dot) com

I am looking for information on Recreational Therapy

I will be working towards my MS in Rec Therapy this fall and am looking for information from those who are aready working in the industry about jobs, internships, and possibly working at a rec therapy camp abroad. Any and all information is welcome, I would love to learn as much as I can about the industry since I am just starting out!
abby@thompsonpoint (dot) com

I need to know about moving to Phoenix

I'm going to be moving to AZ in the next few months after living in Illinois my whole life and I wanted to know some good (or bad) areas for a 25 year old girl to live in. I would like to stay in a more 'urban' area, but since I'm not familiar with the area, I have no idea what's a good place to live!    Also, I would love to meet some awesome new friends that live in the Phoenix area, since I only know family out there now! I love music and going to shows, just hanging out, going to movies, reading, pretending I can paint, and also just doing fun new things. I'm open to pretty much any experience (hence, the moving to a new state!) and would love to find some new friends to share them with! 
breanne.flory@gmail (dot) com

I'd love to meet actors in London

I moved here a few months back, theoretically to pursue my acting career, but without my crazy network of other actors, film and theatre makers of all kinds and writer friends, I'm a little at a loss where to start. I'd love to meet up with folks who can offer advice, want to make something with me- Or just want to hang out, performance style!
beyondthelaughingsky@gmail (dot) com

I can give you a hook up!

I can tell people about living well with chronic illness
When first diagnosed or desperate to get off the cure and treatment hunting merry-go-round it can be hard to find someone to talk sensibly but positively about living with serious illness. And I mean living, because we are not dead just yet. I won't promise cures or blame you. I have been living with serious illness for the last 12 years and can listen and share with you. The disabilities are the footnotes, you are the adventure story.
grace@gracequantock (dot) com

I can tell you about becoming an Au Pair!

Do you like kids? Do you want to learn another language? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone (and/or your hometown)?  In 2009-2010, I lived with a French family in the city of Lyon in their renovated garage-cum-studio apartment.  I walked the three kiddos to and from school and cooked them their favorite foods each evening (grilled cheese and spaghetti with ketchup?!).  In return, the parents paid for my daily French language lessons and gave me a (small!) salary. It was fantastic: a great way to experience a new culture from the inside and an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and development. The cheese wasn't bad, either.
moonuponasteak@gmail (dot) com

I can help with Pittsburgh travel

If you're looking to visit Pittsburgh and see what's not necessarily on the books (Primanti's is great, but we have so many other eateries!), I would be happy to give you scores of local restaurants, shops, and whole neighborhoods full of character.  If you're new to the area and want to make friends, I'm down to get some food or a beer, too!
sfknitchkey@gmail (dot) com

I can help you research stuff

Since finishing uni I a) kinda miss researching topics (I know, I'm crazy) b) have a lot of free time, so if you have something you want to know more about but don't have time to hit the library or trawl through websites, I can read around and give you a summary (as long as its not a really technical subject, like advanced quantum mechanics). In fact, if there is any way I can assist you via the internet feel free to ask - I have so much spare time!
feelthebutterflies (at)

I can tell you about working in marine biology

So you want a job in marine biology, conservation, or scuba diving and don't know where to start? Or you are caught in the cycle of no experience but you can't get experience without having some already, or maybe you are hunting for your dream job? I am offering my services as a mentor to help you take your next step. My background is I have worked in various marine biologist jobs over the last ten years so I hope I can help you head in the right direction as I have helped others in the past.
jadeberman @ hotmail (dot) com

I can help people moving to Lawrence, Kansas or to The University of Kansas
Lawrence and KU are big, with lots of people. It's easy to feel alone or lost in such a crowd. If you're moving here, for school or for anything, I'd love to meet up and be a friendly face in the area!
aestrusz@gmail (dot) com

I can assist someone in planning their trip and walk on the Camino de Santiago

I walked it solo a few years ago and would love the chance to do some assisting/reminiscing. I know how to feed, clean and shelter yourself along the most amazing trek of your life (I may be a little biased).
cassmwarren@gmail (dot) com

I can offer up my services as a Professional Listener.
I realized lately that some people just want to talk and be heard. So if anyone needs to just put themselves out there in an email without any pretense or condescending remarks from someone on the other end then I'm your girl! I'm also pretty good at dolling out advice, but only when asked.
jennamaria@gmail (dot) com

Want to be included in next month's Network of Nice?  Send me 100 words about your hook up request/offer at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org!


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