Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 Cute, Sexy-ish Shoes You Can Actually Walk In

sexy comfortable shoes

One of ways in which I feel like a failure as a Proper Grown Up Lady is my total incompetence with heels. 

Or perhaps, more accurately, they hurt my feet and I don't feel like I can run around/climb trees in them. Which is how I evaluate everything I wear: "Can I run around in this?  Would I be able to scrabble up an oak whilst wearing this?"

But, in an effort to assemble a slightly more stylish/adult/non-tree climbing wardrobe I've been hunting high and low for cute, sexy-ish shoes that I could actually walk around the block in.  So, I researched and asked you guys and here are a few of the cutest, most comfortable ones I've found!

Silver t-straps
Okay, they're not even vaguely heels, but they're kind of fancy!  And kind of sexy-ish, right?  I think they'd be adorable with this dress and this hilarious clutch. Then you could be That Stylish Laid Back Girl Who Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously.  (They'll be able to tell you're laid back because you're wearing flats.  And, by the way, I've spent most of my life trying to be the aforementioned girl.)

Sexy platforms
Cute little white v-neck t-shirt.  Cuffed blue jeans.  Pile of wooden bangles you've picked up at thrift stores.  Big black sunglasses.  Maybe a vintage scarf in your hair?  Done.

Wearable black heels
Oh, look at you sexy, grown up shoes!  Like, Probably Don't Wear You To The Office Shoes!  But on the weekend to a show?  Or drinks plus roller derby?  Or 11 pm fruity drinks on a rooftop with your girlfriends?  Yup.

More than tree-climbing, I'm concerned that I can dance in my shoes.  Because I dance more frequently than I tree-climb.  I suspect these would actually be dance-able and would look pretty darn cute with, well, anything.

Goes-with-everything wedges
Grey skinny jeans.  That black linen sundress.  That polka dotted pencil skirt.  White shorts and a cute nautical top.  I'm pretty sure they'd all work with these sweet little corkers!

What are you favorite actually wearable shoes?  Can you (or do you) wear heels?

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  1. I agree that chunky heels/wedges make it much easier to walk then standard heels. But I'd love to see more flats! One of my biggest dilemmas as a teacher is finding cute shoes to go with skirts. I think I may have to give up and just wear clunky, sensible shoes. Ballet flats and the like kill my feet too, and I can only wear heels one or two days a week without suffering crippling pain for the next few days.

    Blegh, I have shoe issues. I do think the red platforms are adorbs!

  2. I personally love wearing heels, but I make a point of never buying any that I can't run in.

    Personally, I find that heels from companies like Sofft and Miz Mooz fit well, are supportive and super comfy. Some of them look like "Grandma shoes" but there are also lots of them that are really cute!

  3. Sometimes you have to search past the orthopedic-looking styles, but Aersole & Naturalizer do have some quite cute shoes! I have a pair of aerosole flats that I've worn in a Florida monsoon, and they still look cute. Naturalizer makes heels that you can tromp around a conference in all day and still be mostly comfortable. They're basically the only shoes I buy anymore, despite the cost. I find that not looking nice and not being comfortable can ruin my day equally!

  4. i have a bad habit of buying heels i can never actually wear :(. i'm a sucker for a cute (and cheap) pair of heels. that ends up being terribly uncomfortable *sigh*.

    i've also learned i have an inability to wear heels without a strap around my ankle. my feet just slide right out of my shoes. i don't know how people do it.

  5. Ooooh, you're beating me already just by wearing a variety of shoes. I have toms I wear to chase preschoolers around my classroom all day, and then I live pretty much all of my life in chacos. I keep waiting for the day when I want to purchase some cuter less comfortable more stylish shoes. But it just hasn't come. I am devoted to my chacos. But I'm also trying not to accumulate lots of stuff (like shoes) and trying to not care what other people think about me, or my shoes. So maybe I'm okay.

  6. For me winter heels are more comfortable than summer heels. I swear by my pair of high-heeled oxfords. Even though they're the highest pair I own they're really comfortable. I find that with heels you very often get what you pay for (not the designer-range of 1000s of dollars, but around 100-200).

  7. I can't afford them, but I try them on and pretend EVERY TIME I SEE THEM! These things are so comfortable I feel like I could go on a jog in them... and I never wear heels and I never jog.

  8. I'm pretty terribly with heels, but a recent acquisition is making me consider heels again. The Warrant mid-heel. I'm wearing these things all the time (because I got them in tan, which goes with pretty much everything) - and they don't hurt my feet AT ALL. It's awesome.

  9. One of my favorite, most recent, and comfortable shoe purchases: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/shoes-wedges/plum-as-you-are-wedge

    As much as I love my monstrous Jeffrey Cambell Lita's, these small wedges are cute enough to wear with a variety of outfits and much more practical to walk (or run) around all day.

    Now if only more designers made 2-2.5" heel shoes lol.

  10. I love the salsa sandals ;) I'll never be able to walk in heels, but that's ok. I was made to be 5'9 and figure that's high up enough.

  11. These Fluevogs, all the way.
    DRAMATIC! and yet so comfy.

  12. Like Steffi, I'm 5'9", but I still have 20 pairs of heels... ALERT: NO LOGIC WAS USED IN THESE PURCHASES.

    That said, shorter people always sigh, "Oh, tall women look amazing in heels!"

    I've made my piece with being insanely tall in my gorgeous heels, but making friends with reality & pain thresholds is harder. This post helps!

  13. Hehe, I like this post! I LOVE shoes so much, but I'm rubbish at walking in rubbish shoes, I will have to take a closer peek at these! Thanks for sharing :)

    I have a RoseVintage giveaway here if your interested :)

    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  14. Oh Buh! I thought you were going to post only flat shoes here. I stopped wearing heels about 4 years ago when I started having problems with my back. I can walk and handle high heels but simply don't wear them anymore just for the fact that they really mess up my spinal disk.

    Anyway....I also have a really hard time finding nice flat shoes and every time I start searching I find myself in the high heel department shortly after...swooning over all those beautiful shoes..

    If I'd be going for heels I'd totally go for that last pair. They are so gorgeous!!!!

    And yes! wedges are so much easier to walk in!

  15. I only wear comfortable shoes. Love Tieks for flats (although I have to get 'em stretched to 8.5) and Gentle Souls for heels. Also check out Hey Lady for dressy, danceable heels and platforms.