Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Network of Nice Hook ups!

It's time to get your good karma on, guys. Here's how we do:

1) If you see someone who needs a hook up and you can provide it - you email them.
2) If you see someone offering a hook up that you need - you email them.
3) You alwaysalwaysalways thank the kind person who helped. Right? Right.

I need a hook up!
I need help planning a trip to India
My boyfriend and I want to go on a trip to India.  As stereotypical Westerners, we want to search for enlightenment and love and experience communal consciousness... and eat lots of yummy food, of course. It would be wonderful to discuss a trip like this with someone who has successfully done what we hope to do: organically create an itinerary once we arrive (probably into Mumbai or Delhi, as these tickets are cheapest!), sightsee and explore -- and not spend a lot of money!  Also, if you know anything about teaching English in India, that would be great, too (though we're expecting we'll have to travel elsewhere in Asia for that leg of our journey).  Any couples who have successfully found employment as ESL instructors at the same institution -- we want to talk with you!
moonuponasteak@gmail (dot) com

I'm looking to make friends in Paris
I'm 20 years old, from California, and studying at the Institut Catholique de Paris for spring semester. I would love to make some new friends who are as into thrifting, cooking, knitting, tea drinking, science factoids, Downton Abbey, and wine tasting as I am. If you are a native Parisian/speak French that would be great because I really want to improve my speaking skills, but if not that's great too!

I would like to make some friends in Cleveland!
I just moved to Cleveland along with 2 other interns. We are all laid-back, quirky, engineering students from all parts of the U.S. (Texas, Washington and Illinois). So, it would be great to make a few new friends and/or meet some people who know their way around the city. A brief personality overview: I am bibliophile who has an unhealthy obsession with good Korean food and "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross". Cassie is a super friendly aerospace engineer who loves dancing and whose favorite book is Fight Club. Alex is a total chemistry nerd, with a passion for scuba diving and techno music. We are all interested in eating, watching movies, hanging out, or really just about any activity where we can get out of the apartment. If there are any other young adults (we are all 20, 2 girls and 1 guy) who would be willing to show us around town, let me know!
mgeorgiafields@gmail (dot) com

I'd love to interview anyone who has lived a significant amount of time in a dream!

If you have ever lived a significant amount of time in a dream (maybe a year goes by, maybe several) and you remember it, I want to interview you! I am an artist and a blogger and I'm always interested learning about the experiences and perspectives of other people. Currently i'm putting together a series about people who've woken up and expected it to be months or years ahead of the actual date, and the thoughts and feelings that followed. I also would love to know what happened in the dream too!
alexiaserpentini@gmail (dot)com

I am looking for web-preneurs in Dallas, TX

I'm 23 year old chick dreaming of making a career out of my obsession with the internet. My parents think I'm crazy and I don't have any friends who "get it". I want to connect with more like-minded people. Currently launching a life after college blog & lurve to post youtube videos. Eventually, after I get my Master's degree in Nutrition, I hope to offer nutritional & wellness services online complete with hot hip hop dance videos (maybe make a fitness series out of them?). I love spa-days, interesting sports/activities, urban exploration, and well-done web work (Ooh! triple W). Can we be friends?
udokaomen@gmail (dot) com

I need a small business mentor
Or someone who can help me figure out the first steps and the validity of my entrepreneurial dreams.  I want to open a female-friendly, 100% body safe intimacy product boutique in an up-and-coming neighborhood in my city.  I'm looking for someone with small business experience who is supportive of my sex-positive, body-positive message.
sfknitchkey@gmail (dot) com

I need a city guide in San Francisco. 
I'm a 25-year-old anime fan and Internet culture reporter who will be visiting the city for business. On Saturday, February 18, I'm taking a day off to explore Japantown. Whether you can tell me about city attractions an otaku shouldn't miss, or can be there in person to check them out with me, I'd love to hear from you! In return, I'd also love to later show you the same hospitality in my hometown, Washington DC. 
lauren@otakujournalist (dot) com

I want to open a boutique-type clothing store.
I finally had that moment where I just knew what I wanted to do and that I want out of my 9-5 cubicle.
I've done a lot of research and know theres a lot more work ahead but I want this. I really dont have any experience in retail or business management but I'm a quick learner. I'm even open to the idea of partnering with someone. Two heads are better than one, right?
jmdezines@gmail (dot) com

I need to know about History of Science PhD programs

I'm thinking about applying to PhD programs, in America or abroad, in the humanities (History of Science, specifically) and would like to talk to people about their experiences applying, working through the course work, doing all that dissertation research, etc. Anyone who has been there, please let me know!
leannaoen at gmail dot com

I need to know about York, England

I'm a college student from Minnesota and I'm going to study abroad in York, England next fall and I'm like to know about what I shouldn't miss, what should I expect, places to maybe find "health" food, and maybe meet up with other students next fall. I enjoy reading, knitting, exploring museums, and writing short stories.
wolf0704@gmail (dot) com

I can give you a hook up!

I can provide support and advice for young carers of a parent with younger onset dementia.
I'm 24 and my dad was diagnosed with dementia at 53 when I was 18 and I'm one of his primary carers. I can provide lots of advice, tips and support for other young carers who may also be going through this very difficult time.
siany2213@hotmail (dot) com

I can help you if you're not able to breastfeed your baby
I am a new mom and my plans to breastfeed my son didn't roll out like I thought they would.  I was extremely disappointed and it was really hard to adjust to being a mom who formula feeds her son.  I know there's not a lot of support on the internet for people who aren't breastfeeding, and it can be isolating.  I would love to offer support and insight to awesome people who are nourishing their babies in this nontraditional way.  I can offer tips of finding the right formula, bottle recommendations, and advice on making feeding times a bonding experience no matter how your baby is being fed.
ashlieelizabeth@gmail (dot) com

I can help out anyone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 28 in 2009. Seems I was sort of screwed by genetics. I've found other online resources to be a bit of a mixed bag. Most of the people who are diagnosed with diabetes in their twenties are type 1, which, while it is similar, is a different ball of wax from being type 2. Most people with type 2 are (for the most part) in the twilight of their life. I can help any newbie through the pitfalls that they may encounter in the first year of diagnosis. Even better, I'd like to help others who found themselves in the same position that I did, decades before they were supposed to be dealing with such things.
mirandapuckettwilliams@gmail (dot) com

I can tell you about working in the business-end of science
Just graduated with a degree in science? I can offer advice to women who are scientists starting out in the professional science world and working in a business environment. How to network, what to wear and how to maintain your scientific integrity all while making a profit.
alexis.maxwell@gmail (dot) com

I can give advice about living with major depression, seasonal affective disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. 
If not advice, I can provide friendship and understanding.  A lot of women suffer and go undiagnosed because they are afraid of being judged, but whether it is a chemical imbalance, or the result of stress (like planning a wedding, a move, and writing a thesis at the same time like my friend) it's nothing to be ashamed of.  EVERYONE goes through depression.
mrsgrievous@gmail (dot) com

Want to be part of next month's Network of Nice?  Email me 100 words about the hook up you're seeking or giving at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.


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  4. I want to be in Paris to become friends with that person! And of course because it's Paris! But that person is basically my soulmate. Come to MI and we can be 20 year old Downton thrifters and plot our adventures over tea!