Sunday, February 19, 2012

Web Time Wasters

Note from Sarah Von:
  I'm spending the next six weeks road tripping down to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, eating my weight in cheese grits and skiing in Colorado.  While I'm out and about, a few generous friends have offered to curate the Yes and Yes link round up!  (this is my fave link of the week) You can thank our guest curators by visiting their blogs.

Howdy! The name's Mackenzie and I write on my humble blog, whatever, gatsby. I enjoy brownnosing the hell out of my college courses, exploiting Boston's bike paths with my bike, abusing semi-colons, and going contra dancing! You can find me trying to run yellow lights, on my blog, and on twitter :)

I'm all about breaking down gender norms. I love asking guys out on dates, but Tristan Taormino makes me look like a little school girl. She's a female pornographer and fascinating does not begin to describe how I felt when I read this article.

Love puppies? Love puppies that take naps? Well, here's a video that is bound to get your heartstrings in a tangle.

Need a song that is destined to wake you out of a mid-afternoon slump? And into a possible impromptu dance party? In your office/bedroom/kitchen/wherever you damn well please? That's what a new single from The Shins is for.

It's official. I have a girl-slam-poet-crush on Sarah Kay, especially after her performance at TED.

I feel like every person in a relationship (or about to get into one) should be required to watch this video by Dan Savage. Can I please have a miniature Dan Savage that sits on my shoulder and gives me wisdom such as this gem?: "But if he never does [stop chewing with his mouth open], him chewing with his mouth open might be the price of admission. It might just be the price you need to pay, have to pay, to ride that ride." Amen.

I'm a bit obsessed with libraries (understatement, as I have a Dewey Decimal tattoo on my ribs and a list of ones I MUST see before I keel over). Currently pining for someone to give me this necklace for my birthday next month. I die.

For those of us getting over a hyped-up Valentine's day/Single Awareness Day hangover, Lauren Fleishman's photographic project "You Would Have Loved Him Too" is like a love letter to the reality of relationships.

You know what sounds like a disease you could catch in the early 1900's but is actually the most delicious concoction on earth? S'meaches.

There's a cute store in Cambridge/Boston that has much of my money, called Black Ink. And it always made me a bit sad to think that my friends outside of Massachusetts couldn't reap the benefits of shopping there (Baker's string! Bento boxes! Rubber Erasers! Chopstick cradles!). But I just discovered they have an online store! Go buy an NPR map or a "Keep your house in order" planner (have it, love it) and think of me fondly.

This is my first winter outside of Florida, where I grew up. Even though this has been a pretty mild winter, I still can't wait for summer. Until then, I will be drinking drinks like this , wearing outfits like this (in the safe warm embrace of my apartment), and planning trips to Cape Cod in protest of winter.


  1. WHY DID YOU SHOW ME BLACK INK? I'm stuck and can't stop looking.

  2. Hi Mackenzie!

    Some excellent links you introduced us to. I liked the simplicity of the post about gendernorms. It can be so easy to get caught up in termonology and -isms and academic words but this post was a good, personal introduction to genderqueer identity!

    Good spoken word ALWAYS gives me goosebumps for some reason! I loved both of Sarah Kay's pieces - I'll have to check out more of her work.

  3. Why hello! I just wanted to drop in from The Written Nerd and thank you kindly for linking to one of our jewelry items. Very kind of you, we're a little obsessed with libraries ourselves, as you might be able to tell :)