Monday, February 20, 2012

It's You I Like. Also: March Ad Space

Doesn't this make you feel verklempt? Just a little bit? No? Awkward.

Well, even if you're dead on the inside, you still might want to advertise on Yes and Yes in March.  Nearly 10,000 people stop by the corner of this internet every day.  And you can put your blog/website/wares in front of their eye balls!

Here are the details!

Sponsorships are available in one, two and three month packages with pricing discounts at two and three months.  All 150x150 sponsors will be included in the mid-month sponsor introduction post and three month sponsors have the option of a giveaway, if they're interested. 

Some facts about
Yes and Yes?
Daily unique visitors: 3,200 - 3,500 a day
Page views: 150,000+ per month
Facebook fans: 1,690+
Blogspot followers: 2,630+
Google Page Rank
: 4
Google reader subscribers: 5,570+

Some of the nice things that previous sponsors have said about Yes and Yes?

Advertising with Sarah on Yes and Yes is one of the biggest ways to draw attention to your blog. As soon as my ad went up on her site, I noticed that I was receiving almost 200% more views each day! And Sarah does a great job writing posts throughout the month with links to your blog for extra attention. Advertising with Yes and Yes is a no brainer! - Tara, Deer in a Bottle

Advertising on Yes and Yes was such an awesome investment!  As a blogging n00b, it's been great to see several huge spikes in traffic, growth in my readership, and a bunch of new subscribers and Twitter followers.   Not to mention, Sarah is totally rad to work with.  I highly recommend grabbing a spot on her site!
- Emily, Awesomania


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