Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Network of Nice Hook ups!

It's time to get your good karma on, guys.  Here's how we do:
1) If you see someone who needs a hook up and you can provide it - you email them.

2) If you see someone offering a hook up that you need - you email them.
3) You alwaysalwaysalways thank the kind person who helped.  Right?  Right.

I need a hook up!

I need a city guide in San Francisco. 
I'm a 25-year-old anime fan and Internet culture reporter who will be visiting the city for business. On Saturday, February 18, I'm taking a day off to explore Japantown. Whether you can tell me about city attractions an otaku shouldn't miss, or can be there in person to check them out with me, I'd love to hear from you! In return, I'd also love to later show you the same hospitality in my hometown, Washington DC. 
lauren@otakujournalist (dot) com

I would like to speak with someone who attended the High Mountain Institute (HMI) in Colorado.
I very much want to get a teaching apprentice position there and would love to talk to a current employee or apprentice, former employee or apprentice, or former student about their experience.
lauren.caselli@ gmail (dot) com

I need to know about foot surgery
I'm 26 years old and scheduled for surgery to remove my calcaneonavicular coalition in my right foot.  It's a ligament connecting two bones in my feet and it should not be there.  Usually people have this surgery when they are in their teens but somehow I made it till now.  I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar procedure.  What kind of recovery should I expect?  Did you have general anesthesia or sedation? Anything else I should research or be aware of?
hamannpam@gmail (dot) com

I need to know about computer engineering internships in Europe

I'll be getting my bachelors on Computer Engineering in July. One thing I'd love to do is to find a job somewhere in Europe (I'm from Portugal) in my area. Here's the thing: I don't have any kind of work experience. Perhaps a internship will be best but I can't afford something not paid. I speak English and a little bit of french (I could learn more French, not a problem). Does anybody know of any internship programs?
catarinasoraia22@gmail (dot) com

I'd love to talk to current students at Georgia Tech

am a high school senior who is heading to the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) this fall and would like to talk to any current students. International affairs majors preferred! I'm looking for information on the best professors, study abroad programs, and Co-ops vs. Internships.
alexisbrankel@yahoo (dot) com

I need to know about working in the fashion industry
I would love to speak with someone who works either as a fashion designer, stylist, or fashion trend forecasting. I'm a girl in her mid 20's looking to do a career change and considering the fashion industry. My background is in science laboratories and web development. A big jump, I know but a passion definitely exists. If anyone is willing to share their experience breaking into the industry, especially as a career changer, that would be wonderful. What are your day to day duties? Pros and cons? Skills do you think are necessary to excel in the field? Whats the best way to get exposure to industry? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!
sabadv06@gmail (dot) com

I'd love to meet people in Milwaukee, WI
I will be moving to Milwaukee in February with my news reporter boyfriend and would love to meet awesome girls in the area! I will be working as a Line Therapist and love to read, cook, travel, eat, and trying new things.
abby@thompsonpoint (dot) com

I need to know about traveling in London

I'm traveling outside of America for the first time ever (exciting!) and would love any advice about visiting London that your readers could provide! I'm going to be there at the end of Feb. for about 9 days (staying near London Bridge). I plan to see many of the tourist sights, but would like to know of local spots or can't miss authentic places that might not be on a guide map.
rmarkovitz@gmail (dot) com

I'm looking for information about moving to Dallas, TX!
This May, I'm making the trek from NJ to Dallas, TX to move in with my fiance and pursue grad school. I'm 21 and looking for any advice regarding employment, post-grad life, entertainment, and housing in and around Dallas. Making friends in the area would be a bonus!
colleenemayer@gmail (dot) com

I'd like to find out what it's like being in the Human Resources field
I'm considering a career change from the food industry and would love to know what the day to day is like for someone working in Human Resources, preferably in a Generalist role. I've worked in an office before, but I'd love some more experience and some insight from someone in this field.
thalia.bock@gmail (dot) com

I need to know about teaching English in Argentina or Spain
I'm looking to move to either Spain or Argentina within the next year to learn Spanish and teach English. I need to know about visas (for Argentina because I've got a British passport), schools that might be good to work for, what kind of pay to expect, cost of living etc.If someone has had a good experience with this please let me know because all I can find is negativity
on the web.
len_eastwood@hotmail (dot) com

I need help with small business book-keeping

I'm looking for someone who can help with basic small business book keeping questions. This is my first year as a business owner (I previously worked under another company) and I'm a little worried about staying organized. I'm mostly looking for support around the basics of tracking finances for a business (what info is important to track? do I need to keep hard copies of all receipts? how do I best record "paying myself"? etc.), not around crazy state-specific tax things, so any help would be appreciated!
plysaght@gmail (dot) com

I can give you a hook up!

I can help you get started in cycling
I'm a professional-level bike racer who mentors beginner women and junior riders in the San Francisco bay area, and I can provide a bit of guidance about equipment, technique, and training to someone who is thinking about getting into heavy recreational riding like centuries or charity rides, or who wants to try competitive road cycling. I can also probably make life a little more comfortable for a bicycle commuter who wants to start doing longer rides (for example, those funny shorts? Get some.).
somecontinuation@gmail (dot) com

I can help small businesses in New Zealand with tax questions
I'm an accountant in New Zealand can help people with small businesses who need a hand with understanding compliance issues, business or even personal tax queries or anything they're not too sure about but don't want to call up an expensive firm and run it by them. Tax can be pretty confusing  and while I don't know all the answers I'm more than happy to help out yes and yes-ers as much as I can!
sez.wood@gmail (dot) com

I can show you around Auckland, New Zealand
I've lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 13 years and I'd love to be a personal tour guide to those travelling through Auckland. I can show you the best bars, parks, beaches and/or cultural sights. I also do photography as a hobby and would love to practice so if any body needs a photographer, free of charge.
karinajweeks@gmail (dot) com

I can offer advice to those thinking about moving to or traveling through Germany. 
I moved here myself 18 months ago and know the ins and outs of finding an apartment, a job and a social life!  I also know what a pain the red tape can be - it's worth it though.  I've also visited many of the major cities so can help people trying to plan what to see and do here. 
jenny_shires@hotmail (dot) com

I can tell you about hiking and running around San Diego
I have lived (and run) in and around San Diego for a decade. I organized weekly runs for a local running group, and know the area’s roads and trails like the back of my hand (or foot?). If you’re looking for a place to run, walk, or hike, let me know! Whether you’re interested in a comfortable stroll with pretty coastal scenery or an epic, hilly, long run to train for your next marathon, I can point you in the right direction.
coffeeb123 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I can:

+ offer a couch to any Yes and Yes-ers while they are traveling through Switzerland in 2012 (just tell me when you'd be passing through and for how long)
+ be your Swiss snail mail pen pal: I love photography, arts and craft, my cats and Japanblackrabbitphoto at yahoo dot com
I can help you write your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume

And I can optimize it to appear in online searches carried out by recruitment consultants so that your dream job comes to you. I'm more knowledgeable about the UK recruitment industry, but I'll try and help if you live in other countries too. I can help you with where to put it, how to communicate with recruitment consultants and a little about interview technique.
darby2020@hotmail (dot) com

Want a spot in next month's Network of Nice?  Drop me a line at sarah(at)yesandyes(dot)org!

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  1. A Swiss snail mail pen pal?
    That's a rarity!!

  2. I am not to sure how I ever missed this Network of Nice post in the past but this is amazing! You are doing such a great job of bringing people together in the kindest way possible. Keep it up lady.
    Hope your having a brilliant week and I know there are a few ladies or gents that can help me from this list. I wish I could help this time around too!
    Much Love,

  3. How very cool- I love that you are doing this. I hope people are making some great connections & getting their needs met.