The Winter Survival Series! Coming 2.1.12!

Friends!  Thanks to your overwhelming cries of “Yay!” and “Dude, yes.” and “OMG. Uh-huh!” I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest offering: The Winter Survival Series.As third-generation Minnesotan and a mutt of Swedish/Norwegian/German ancestry, I’m practically genetically engineered for winter.  And yet?  I’ve been leaving this state every winter for the last seven years.  Because once that New Year’s Eve ball drops, things get real pretty fast.  It’s cold and dark and all the produce in the grocery store is awful.

So let’s do something to counter act the post-holiday, mid-winter mopes!Here’s the deal:

Starting February 1st, you’ll get one fun, smart, sanity-saving idea dropped in your inbox every morning.  Recipes!  Party ideas!  Coping mechanisms!  And you don’t even need to go check a blog every day – you can feel a little bit more excited every morning as you drink your coffee, read that email and watch the sun rise a 8:45 am.

Want a little sample? 
Here the first three days of the series for your perusal.

Ready to sign up?  Just $10.  That’s less than the price of two large Starbucks lattes!
30 days of sanity-saving fun, dropped in your inbox every morning.

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This sounds like such a cool idea! :) I hate winter… and I have such a tiny apartment (shared!) that it's easy to get cabin fever! I hope this is a successful program.

Hope you are doing well Sarah, and having a lovely start to the new year.

Love & Cake,


Verrry tempting… I get soo depressed in winter, it's horrible! Though it's not winter right now in my country, but it will be soon..


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