Sunday, December 4, 2011

Web Time Wasters

How was your week, guys?  I celebrated two Thanksgivings, went to an awesomely bad midnight screening of The Room with my girl Alex, signed subletters for my apartment and made the executive decision to include a handful of metallic confetti in each mailing envelope for the 2012 Year in Yes calendars.  Busy week!

Enough about me!  Let's talk about you, internet!

My awesome friend Dereck and his mom (!) were both extras in the above music video.  You can see Dereck in the second Top Gun scene (he's the handsome, bearded guy behind the singer) and his mom drove the green Dodge Challenger in the first scene.  Cute!

Halley writes about her mom's illness and how she responds when people ask about her.
Death and dying aren’t something that most people are comfortable with. When people ask me how my mom is doing, I usually have to scrape up something to say like, "She’s keeping her spirits up" or "Still got cancer." It’s awkward for everyone. What do you say? How do you act? It’s like an elephant in the room has just farted in your face. You slowly want to baaack away from the stench of tense conversations.

Something you didn't know you should pack.

I am a compulsive to-do list maker (like, even on weekends).  What about a TA-DA! list?

My apartment is currently very spare and white - but I do love a good painted wall.  Check out this happy home.

Kyla has some great ideas for planning a holiday budget.

My hard-music-listening friends like to tease me about my taste in "sparkle music."  But what makes music boring?
When music is boring, it speaks to a lack of what people turn to music for, which is a connection. It might be physical, it might be mental, it might be emotional—but we all want to feel something when we hear a song.

Awesome trick for goof-proof cat's eye liquid liner!

Boho glam. 'Nuf said.

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out at Work at 30
Men are twice as likely as women to advance at each career transition stage. One rationale is that men are more likely than women to do things that help their personal well being at work, thus negating burnout

Great resource for people looking to travel and exchange their skills for room and board!

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers - funny, insightful, smart, wry.  He was also damaged and difficult.  I'd love to read And So It Goes: A Rare Glimpse of Kurt Vonnegut's Tortured Soul.

Gorgeous!  The Storybook Fantasies of Dara Scully.  (Tiny elephant, you guys.  Tiny. Elephant.)

I usually use receipts for bookmarks or even dog-ear pages (!) wouldn't this be a million times cuter?

A cute Harry Potter-related costume that I bet you haven't thought of yet!

This is fantastic. Several of these are things that I didn't know/do! 15 golden rules to live by while traveling the world

I've started writing for BootsnAll Travel!  Check out my first post on how to deal with the downsides of long-term travel

Google street views of famous album covers!

Why I don't tell people any more that I'm in the military: I'm sick of 'the questions'
Without a personal connection to the military, many Americans base their perceptions of military service a stoic figure in a recruiting commercial, or a valiant hero in a Hollywood movie. But no service member could ever measure up to a Hollywood concoction. We're all just as fallible as anyone else. Even the greatest heroes -- Salvatore Giunta, Leroy Petry, and Dakota Meyer -- have accepted our nation's highest honor with candor and humility.

On the Every Buddy Boards we're talking about how to celebrate an 18th birthday, ideal jobs, beauty emergencies and blogging tips and tricks.

Current obsessions: planning for a very special out-of-town guest's arrival, reading Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys To Creativity (honest, useful, not sugar coated), long beans with pesto (still), reupholstering things, Louisiana.

Leave any links you loved in the comments!


  1. WOW! These were the best web-time wasters ever! I LOVE the TA DA! list and the holiday budget planning ideas!


  2. Google street views are getting more and more awesome.

  3. yesss! i've been making ta-da lists for years! glad it's catching on :)

  4. I still am going to be anti-plastic bags on that Love and Adventure link. The Patagonia outlet by my house sells gift baggies made out of recycled surf short material (baggies, get it?) and I save the cutest ones for gifting and keep the plain ones for laundry bags when traveling. They take up as much space as a pair of underwear but you can toss them in the laundry and use them for all your trips. Same with Baggu bags. There are good reusable options out there, I swear!