Didn’t get a Year in Yes calendar for Christmas?

Did Santa neglect to give you the 2012 Year in Yes calendar you wanted?  What an a-hole.  But that’s cool because you can just buy one yourself!  And if you order today or tomorrow, you can have a copy in your hot little hands by January 1st!


Here’s the deal:
You get 12 months of sweet ideas, great quotes, weird-but-real holidays. When you finish a month, flip it over and use the templates on the back to make postcards, gift tags, book marks, greeting cards.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

I can’t function properly without a wall calendar and I love the your calendar because it reminds me every day that there is beauty in
the small things of this world. And it’s the only calendar I know that
tells me the best day to go buy a ridiculous pair of slippers. It’s


Your calendar came in the mail today and it totally ROCKS! The cover’s so stinkin’ cute that I already have it hanging on my office wall for inspiration. I
dig each months message and I especially love the quirky little playful
reminders spread through out each month. Can’t wait for April 30th to
arrive where I’m encouraged to learn a magic trick. :) Clever. Hip.
Playful. Fun! Thank you, Sarah! 


How many would you like?
1 calendar $25.00 USD
2 calendars $48.00 USD
3 calendars $69.00 USD
4 calendars $88.00 USD
5 calendars $105.00 USD



So excited about getting my calendar that I couldn't even wait to hang it up…it's already been on my wall for 2 days, waiting patiently for January!


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