The Cubicle Escape Plan

If you’re more than a little bit bored with your current job.
you’ve got more debt than you’re comfortable with.
If you’re pretty
sure that warmer climates are calling your name.
If your middle name is Marie (or James or Elizabeth) but you’re pretty sure it should be Adventure

This might be the book
for you.
We talk about life-changing
tell-your-grandkids-about-it jobs and programs you’ve never heard of.

We interview people who’ve been there:
on the movie set
in the hut in Africa
deep in the Canadian wilderness.

They share their insight, we gather resources, you decide if adventure is, in fact, your cup of tea.

Here’s what’s inside:

* 15 jobs, adventures and programs you probably haven’t heard of
* 70+ pages and 20,000+ words
* Interviews with people who’ve tried these adventures and lived to tell the tale
* Piles of resources to help you get started
* A gateway to the adventure of a lifetime

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Here are some lovely things people are saying!

When I graduated college, I had these grandiose plans to travel the
world, move across the country, and/or get an interesting, exciting,
temporary job.
Instead, I signed onto a two-year job in a field I’m ambivalent about
and got into a serious relationship. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been
closing the doors to adventure on myself, and that I’m going to be stuck
at this desk and in this city. 
The Cubicle Escape Plan reminded
me that you can be an adult and still have an adventure and shake things
up without shirking all “grown up” responsibility. 
– Rachel, Rachel Writes Again

The road not traveled. Sarah gives you street signs for many of them in The Cubicle Escape Plan. If you have been dreaming about an escape, you need to read this book. People are having experiences you never even knew about! Pick one of these fascinating adventures suggested, detailed and deconstructed in this book, and you’ll be sure to have an amazing story of your own. A great read for non-traditional thinkers and travelers.  – Karen, Living Like A Tourist 

This ebook is incredibly creative and inspirational. There were several programs that I’d never heard of before. Everyone should travel outside of their own country at  least once in their lifetime. Not only will you learn and grow immensely but you can never truly appreciate home until you’ve left it.  – Chelsea, All Roads Lead To Pecetto

I learned so much about alternative careers from reading The Cubicle Escape Plan! This is definitely a must-read for any cube-farm dweller working nine to forever and dreaming about breaking free – it’ll give you a kick in the pants and jump-start your escape! I especially liked the handy links to more resources and info.

– Lee Yee, Fly Leaf

I am pretty sure I’ll take a year off after graduating just to try all these adventures – not sure if I want to donor my eggs, though! These plans are actually possible. Be brave and get out of your comfortable office-chair!
Joanna L.

This book is awesome!! The sheer number of different activities you can sign up for is staggering really. There are so many ideas you’ve never even thought of – there certainly were for me! One thing I will definitely be trying is house sitting – what a fab way to see the world!

– Sarah Evans, A Cat-Like CuriosityStill not sure? Check out a one-chapter sample, or buy now!

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Just bought it! I've been looking forward to exploring this for some time . I'm going to read it on the plane tomorrow. Planning my next adventure already!

Thanks, Sarah von Awesome!

Jo @ binds you to me

thank you, thank you for your comment. Very much appreciated. Just doing my thing in a wee space on the net! You get onto those mugs! Much easier to track down in the US, Jxx


Can you encourage me that this is for women of all ages? Like an OLD person? (compared to y'all)


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