Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Yes and Yes Yearbook

Wanna join our reader directory of awesome?  Here's how! Now pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a dig through some of these fantastic blogs.

Amphicyrtous // Anastasia //  photography, diary, tidal, documented, procrastination

Anonymous Blonde //Stacey//Legalista, life, love, brainstorms, inspiration

The Always Believer // Ariadna // loving, cheerful, inspirational, honest, dream-achieving

All at the Top // Katherine // poetic, arboreal, delicious, sustainable, minimalist

Angie Go Boom // Angie // writer, outdoorsy, poetic, mystical, free-spirited

 A Cat-like Curiosity // Sarah // happy, inspirational, aspirational, funny, smart

All That Glitters // Amber // adventures, creativity, laughter, beautiful words

At home with myself // Julie // witty, worldly, inspirational, emancipated, indulging.   

A Lady Reveals Nothing // Kady // silly, irresponsible, self-depricating, hilarious, confessional

All The Live Long Day // Annika // photos, food, crafts, music, daydreams

Aurora La Petite
// Dawn // emigration, food, discussion, books, fun

Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea // Shelagh // eclectic, arty, foodie,visual, inspirational

A Serenade for Solitude // Cassie // lifestyle, reflective, lovely things, recipes

a comfortable creature //Lulu// off-beat interiors, unexpected, creative, colourful, funny

A Mexican In Scotland // Sabrina // Scotland, vet school, lifestyle, humor, adventure

A New York Sketchbook
 // Beth //  artsy, concise, exploratory, experiential, journal

Afternoon Musings // Alyssa // ambitious, optimistic, discovery, photography, happiness

Bling! // Marie A. // crafty, creatively-minded, foodie, literary, diverting

Bridges and Balloons // Victoria // explore, dream, discover, love, inspire

Brynn Downing // Brynn // poetics running zombies gradschool sass

Bye Bye, Bitters // Helena //
design, love, life, inspiration, self-acceptance

Building Atlantis
// Miranda // sprightly, self-directing, bountiful, seeking, flourishing

Becoming A Danger Dame // Jen // honest, adventure, life path, danger

Bright side dweller // Chelsea // style, body love, queer, curvy

Blazing Red Lily // SuZi // colourful, sewing, cupcakes, book reviews

Bits + Pieces / Ashley // unique, adventurous, aspiring photographer, passionate

Bring Your Own Vegetables  // iris // hiking, crafting, illustrating, cooking, life

Cheeky Pink Tulip // Maria //
optimistic, clean, inspirational, bucket list

Codos on the Windowsills // Meli // crafty things, clothes, college, happiness

Corridor Kitchen // Lau // practical, impatient, caffeine-addicted, ravenous, irreverent

Coffee and Patience // Kristine // lifestyle, art, creativity, eclectic, self-improvement

Darling Disarray // Kerry // Literary, dream-achieving, self-loving, travel, whimsy

Dramatis Personae // Ashe // life, style, whimsical, inspirational, self-love

Details Are Sketchy // Kathy // artist, portraiture, lifestyle, simplicity, learning

Dream Machine // Nikki Dee // illustrative, positive, geeky, stylish, honest

Dream Big Cape Breton // Leah // creativity, community, outdoors, Atlantic Canada, adventure

Embrace Self Love // Kendra // self-love, authenticity, journey, passion, dreams

Existing Tricky // Shanna // cancer, nutrition, gratitude, vegetarianism, spirit
For the Love of Earth // Jill // crafty, outdoorsy, inspirational, artsy, wacky

Feed Me Daily // Julia // raw, rambunctious, confessional, empowering, resonating

G // Erin // punchy, simple, ginger, food, nerd

General Overachiever // Claire // design, music, travel, inspiration, bunny

Genevievvve // Genevieve // recipes, diversions, adventures, joie de vivre

Girl After College // Udo // post-graduate, quarter-life-crisis, adventures, ambition, authentic

Goodbye Bernadette // Catherine // lifestyle, fashion, happiness, recipes, teacher

Greatest Escapist // Kate // bold, brash, funny, unapologetic, real


Happy Eyes
// Anna // art student, adventures, kitchen expeditions

Hungry Vegan Traveler // Amanda // vegan, delicious, silly, adventurous and hopeful

Hobo Siren // Summer //confessional,irreverent, snarky, identity-crisis, vagabond

Here + Now // Megan // witty, light-hearted, informative, boredom-killing, vivacious

Intelligence, A Swiss Army Knife And Charm // Kerry // adventures, opinions, cats, books, links

ifs ands & butts // Alex // expat, Germany, fomer Au Pair, salsa eater, tipsy drinker

I Dream Loudly // Kate // quiet, loving, baby, writer, family

Is That You, Darling? // Jane // fun, colorful, unusual, talkative, ambitious

It's Fancy Time! // Charlotte // adventurous, excited, fashionable, silly, awesome

Just About Home // Liz // design, home, DIY, finding happiness

// Jen // novelist, feminist, romantic, nerdy, challenging

Jenny's Journey // Jenny // adventure, new, diary, fun, ideas

Jacklyn Lee // Jacklyn // inspiring, ambitious, happy-go-lucky, lovely, charming

Kate Sullivan Blogs //  Kate // playlists, pictures, recipes, health, happiness

KirstenL4W  // Kirsten // personal, redhead, introvert, random, aquatealquoise

Life is a Canvas // Caiti // creativity, inspiration, food, random blathering.

Letting Life Unfold // Holly Jeane // creative living, sustainability, cooking, creating, sketching

Leanna Oen // Leanna // adventures, gratitude, in love, happy, diaries

Laurita // lacosta // life,creativity, Asianphilia, psychology, happiness

Love and Adventure // Kindra and Ryan // Travel, Love, Adventure, Fun, Beer

Lauren Chanting // Lauren Margaret // love, photography, motorcycle, adventure, friendship

 // Amy // happy, quirky, ambitious, imaginative, artful

Leelafish // Jessica // silly, mom, pets, travel, life

Locked Out // Michelle // fashion, lifestyle, youth, independence, love

LadyPantsDance // Tereza // inspiration, spiritual adventure, wonder, awe

Mistinguett // Alli // adventure, cooking, travel, inspiration, life list

Magatha May // Mags // sporadic, friendly, pretty, lighthearted, personal

Musings, Rants, and Ramblings // Niki // musical, relate-able, honest, flavorful, kaleidoscopic

Miss Emalise the Fox Charmer // Emalise // inspiration, yoga, travel, poetry, fashion

Milo and Molly // Kristen // handmade, family, food, sewing, home

Ninja Sovereign // Yume // geek, rogue, beauty, inspiration, self-love

Nessbow // Vanessa// fashion, individual, hilarious, inspiring, eclectic

NZ Muse // Esther // introspective, eclectic, food, travel, money

Opshopped // Louise // thrifted, vintage, Australia,  bargains,  kitty

Oh, Darling // Sarah-Rose // dainty intricate delightful honest photography

Postcards from California // Brittany // love, couple, los angeles, sweet, travel

Pointsies // Liz // quirky, artsy, cats, doodler, pizza rolls

Pro-Soup Propaganda // Brittany // adventures, kitties, coffee, beer, pro-soup

Penelope Place // Elizabeth // thoughts, university life, photography, girlie

Pointless Pretty Things // Rachel // design, prettiness, handmade, teacups, life

Pose83 // Jo // dating, baking, work, travel, humour


Reinvented In Seattle // Samantha // Adventure, deliciousness, photography, personal growth, happiness

Reasons I'm Going To Hell // Tegan // feminist, unabashed, clever, extrospective, silly

Story of my Life
// Brittany // personal, college, life, learning, things(I like)

Sparkle and Glitter // Vicki // life, style, beauty, sparkle, love

Sparkles and Sticks // Jaime // crafty, magical, sparkly, cozy, handmade

Slices of life. // D'Rae // lifestyle, fashion, crafting, decorating, fun

Sangui(knit)ie// Cate // creativity, making, happiness, 20-something, inspiration

Spangled Paraphernalia // Chelle // life, photos, travels, people, lovely

She is Red // Alexandra // redhead, stylish, gourmet foodie, DIYer, gold glitter addict

Tangerine Meg - Bold Art for Bold Souls // Meg // colour, joy, artwork, soulful, curious

Thea's Crazy Thoughts // Thea // Music. Inspiration. Colorful. Upcoming. Danish 

Two Ten // Maddison // life, love, fun, art, Melbourne

The Life Academic // Martina Lynne // academia, fashion, feminism, bad puns

Two Kayaks // t.k. // twins, parenting, infertility, memories, love

The Scribbles of GirltaristHan // Hannah // fun, crazy, music, films, life

The Made Thing
 // Kim // Arkansas, southern-fried, travel, self-improvement, baking

The Usual Mischief // Ellie // adventures, crafty, country, awkward, fun

Turn The Record Over // Lisa // music, arts, culture, lifestyle, Toronto

The Gourmet Dilettante // Bere // art, dabbler, insightful, pseudo-intellectual, different

Today's Gift // Natasha // random, spiritual, silly, optimistic, funny

Teresa-Victoria // Teresa // whimsy, worldly, fun, fashion, foodie

The Queer Nomad // Stephanie // traveling, foodie, artsy, queer, critical 

Universal Bunny // Tiffany // geekery, fitness, food, twenty-something

Unknown Boutique // Shaunie C. // feminine, monochromatic, bad-ass, unknown, nerdy

Viva La Genesis // Em // glitter, obsessed, pirate, geek, princess

Wicked Good Travel and Activities
// Amy // Food, New England, Activities, Travel, and Fun!

When the Cows Come Dancing Home // Kaylee // everything, dance, life, marriage, fun, cows

Wanderlusted  // Jess //  fashion, food, fitness, travel, adventure


Yes, folks. I run like a girl // Beth // running, travel, humor, thankful, anti-sexism



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