Thoughts On Genius

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Love this. Good lesson in that. Don't hold yourself of others to expectations you or they can not possibly reach.

Stefanos Demetriou

How modest of him, since in fact he was (as some may say) the biggest genius of his time and possibly even until now.

Einstein was a genius in theoretical physics, but he knew that nobody can be perfect at everything. I think he meant that everybody is GOOD at something, but unfortunately the world doesn't give them the opportunity to enhance on the talent, or sometimes even realize its existence…


This quote is fake.

Einstein believes in human stupidity.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the former." — Albert Einstein
"The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits." — Albert Einstein


@SDiZ People make seemingly contradictory statements all of the time. Statements are generally made in situational contexts, and out of context we often appear to contradict ourselves.

It could also be that he held a similar view to my own, in that persons are intelligent, but people, en masse, are stupid.

In fact, I hold a theory that a mass of people is increasingly stupid in direct proportion to the size of the mass in proportion to the general populace. i.e. An individual is 90% more likely to accept a groups beliefs without even doing their own thinking on the subject if that group consists of 90% of the populace. Ergo, persons may be smart, but people are stupid.

Claudie Gravel

This quote should be shown to some personality trainers. they make people convinced that they are not smart and it is possible to make the fish climb the tree.


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