Karma Cards In Action

Do you guys remember the Yes and Yes karma cards?  Tiny little cards you carry in your wallet and tuck somewhere, in hopes that a downtrodden friend will find them?  I’ve been slowly spreading these cards about as I travel, tucking them in dicey bathrooms and rusted bike spokes the world over.  While I was living in Wellington, New Zealand this spring, my Wellington bestie and I decided that it was high time we a) take the ferry to Eastbourne b) distribute some more karma cards.And because this is the internet, we obviously had to take photos and tell you about it.


Annnnnd, you know we color-coordinated where we tucked the cards.
(You are not required to do the same.)







And then we alienated everyone on the beach by taking self-timer
jumping photos and shrieking.


Please note that my friend’s shoe has flown off and
the beach-goer is glaring at us.
Did you buy a set of Karma Cards? Where did you tuck them?And if you want to buy a set of your very own (15 cards for $7! Free shipping!) clickity click?



I love this idea!! The simple knowledge that somewhere out there Karma Cards exist makes me smile =)

(smiling = good karma for you, right?)


I sent them anonymously to friends who are living all over the country. It was so funny to hear them tell me about this amazing thing they got in the mail… eeee it was me!!! A couple still don't know!


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