Saturday, June 4, 2011

How To Charm Anyone. All The Time. Ever.

When I was but a wee Von, one of my biggest goals in life (in addition to becoming She-Ra and owning a pet cheetah) was to one day be described as 'charming.'  At the age of 8, I was fairly sure 'charm' involved  drinking tea with my pinky sticking out and giggling behind my hand.

This is not actually correct.

These days, I've got charm (slightly) more figured out - at least enough that I felt I could write a five-page treatise on it.  And I would love to share that info with you!

But!  Because I'm a cheeky, cheeky monkey, I would love it if you signed up for my twice-monthly newsletter - and then you can get all charming on me.  I'm going to call my newsletter The Yes And Yes Gazette because that sounds infinitely cooler than 'newsletter.'  Anyone who signs up for it will get a copy of my How To Charm minibook in their inboxes.  Because what better way to start the work week than by charming your office mates?

The Yes And Yes Gazette (see? more fun!) will include links to cool things, photos from my travels, tidbits of what I've been up to and discounts on all that stuff I sell.  I promise I won't spam you constantly or share your email address with! 

Wanna join in the fun? 

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  1. Sounds fun, definitely signing up :)

  2. 2 things--I have most definitely signed up because you are awesome.
    and 2--please stop having my thoughts. I wanted to be she-ra, princess of power, and not only did I want a cheetah, I wanted to be Cheetara (this included running around my yard at ~70mph and calling my brother 'snarf')

    Thanks for the awesomeness!

  3. I would have signed up without the bribe, although I would like to hear what you have to say on charming people. I usually revert to the old "awkwardly giggle at everything they say" method...

  4. Oh, yay! I just signed up - can't wait to receive some bonus Yes and Yes goodness in my inbox!

  5. You were already cool, but you just became a million more times cool because you mentioned She-ra! When I was little, my extensive Barbie collection (we're talking hairdressing shop, the poodle, horse, car, a tonne of different Barbies and Kens etc) used to lay dormant in a big orange suitcase on top of my wardrobe whilst I happily played with Castle Greyskull et al!!

    Oh - and you mentioned smash-faced cats. I have one! She is the most adorable little creature in the world!

    I look forward to being charming on Monday :-)

  6. i just discovered your blog and had to immediately sign up for your newsletter! what a wonderful idea; i look forward to reading your insights!

    awkwardly chic

  7. haha you definitely are cheeky.

  8. I signed up.
    I wasn't yet, how's that even possible?

  9. Why wasn't there an "All of the above" option for Best Animal Ever? :( I couldn't choose!

  10. I signed up -- the e-book was totally useful (and even charming itself)!

  11. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and it's already one of my favorites! Thanks for the wonderful e-book (I'll be meeting some new people this weekend and plan on using the tips!) and for having such a great site!

  12. Kerry -

    Thanks so much - and welcome to the party! ;)

  13. i already sign up but where will i receive the charm article?

  14. I've been loving your blog and am excited to get the newsletter! How have I not done that already? My friend introduced me to your blog while I was visiting her in Rome and I love it!

  15. The subscribe button is not working. I fill everything in and then click on it and I get "Please enter a value" directly above the button.

  16. Hi, I had the same problem - signed up with all the required items done, hit "submit" and get an error that says "Please enter a value" but no indication as to which field was left empty. I tried a few times, couldn't figure out what was wrong.

    1. Eeeep! I'm having the same problem! Try here: