Awesome Free Things You Should Download

The internet is rife with cool free things, no?  Did you know that with the exception of my karma cards and calendars I’ve spent less than $100 on Yes and Yes?  Fact.  You’d be amazed what you can accomplish with Google docs, Picnik and Flickr Creative Commons photos.Let’s talk about awesome, free things you should download!


Printable Free Compliments  Poster

How lovely is this?  Don’t you want to print out heaps and hang them up on every notice board you see?

How To Be Remarkable Ebook

I downloaded this and I suspect I’m already more remarkable.  But then, I’m typing this in my yoga pants in my kitchen, so you might want to take that recommendation with a grain of salt.

Miss Moss’s Downloadable Playlists of Awesome

If you don’t read Miss Moss, y’all are missing out.  In addition to covering great style and design, she’s got fantastic playlists.  I love her playlist of remixes, a playlist of melancholic ships-that-pass-in-the-night music and her ‘formative years’ playlist.  (You muuuuuust download that last one if you were in high school in the 90s.)314 Fun, Cheap Things To Do In NYC Ebook
Self-explanatory and awesome.

Key Zen Habits Poster

I’m printing this out and hanging it above my desk, stat.  My habits mostly include: drink coffee at 2 pm, watch E! during lunch, change out of yoga pants at some point.

Unleash The Beast: Releasing Your Inner Creative Monster Ebook

Steff Metal (Remember her? She wrote 100 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up) is giving away this awesome ebook for zero dollars!


Pugly Pixel Free Digital Goodies

Gorgeous blog layouts!  Tape strip clip art!  Victoria-style ephemera!  Cutecutecute.

The Goal Game
You guys.  There are lists.  And fill-in-charts.  And a mini board game!  Need I say more?!

Are You Satisfied? Survey

Yes, that’s the sound of me plugging my own products.  I know the link didn’t work for the first few hours the post was up.  But now it does!  Download away!


What awesome free downloads do you know about?  Share them in the comments!



Love these inspirational links!!! Where on earth do you find these?! The joys of having thee spare time to explore and offer to others things like this 🙂


Thanks so much for sharing these! THe mixes are great, and I downloaded the e-books as well and added a few blogs to the ones I already follow!

Much obliged.


Hurray! I can't wait to check these out 🙂

Goddess Leonie (of the Zen Habits poster) has SO much other free stuff that I love, too! (Especially check out her "How to be a Morning Goddess"…)


Hi Sarah,
I really like this post and I'm going to download as many of your suggestions as possible. I particularly like the one about free things to do in New York. I don't plan to go anytime soon but you never know 😉


right on time: I'm giving away a free fabulous oracle card reading on my blog. fab as in: super-extended tailor-made all-you-want-to-know fab.

and in the near future I plan to post weekly meditations to download for freeeeee. because it's fun and needed 😉

oh, have i mentioned i LOVE this blog??????!!!! just discovered it! tons of inspiration for free, I'd say.

love from Belgium!


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