Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To The Tune of Travel

One of my (many) favorite things about traveling through other countries is getting immersed in their pop culture. I'm embarrassingly up-to-date on India's biggest reality TV show, Bigg Boss, and I've been trying to stock my playlists with more international songs from the countries I'm visiting - I know they'll warm my travel-hungry heart when I'm back in The States!

Some of my favorite international jams?

This songs plays twice an hour anywhere that people speak Hindi. I've heard it in India and Nepal and I'm pretty sure it'll be all over Malaysia. And I will fight the urge to hip-twitch every time I hear it.

Don't you want to incorporate that weird boxy, chest thrust dance move into your next dance off? I do!

This was my jam in Brazil, circa 2002. So catchy, no?

Not new, but deeply embedded in Kiwi culture. This is the perfect song to sing with your friends, on a sunny patio, in Wellington. (I plan to do this about a million times once I get back to the En Zed)

Again with the old Kiwi song. What? I love it.

I may or may not have ripped up the dance floor at Zouk to this pop-y number in Kuala Lampur last weekend.

What international jams do you love?
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  1. Just about every one of these has made me sit-dance. And I don't sit-dance. Awesome :)

  2. Great tunes! I absolutely love Bollywood music....ever heard "Chunari Chunari"? It's great!

    I am also partial to Asian tunes in the form of Jay Chou, and K-Pop (Rain, MBLAQ, etc.).

  3. hheeyyy...great to know u are in India!!!!! how are u liking it...had some of our famous curries????:) if u r visiting Asia..try picking up some Sufi songs..they are wonderful cultural tradition from Middle East...and u'll love them...and "Sheila Ki Jawani" a real embarrassment for Indians..would be great if u didn't put it up on ur blog... :) happy travelling!!! :)

  4. can't stop listening to this - from eurovision 2007.

  5. Crowded House are my favourites, I adore them. Weather With You always makes me happy!

  6. I love when people call music from NZ "international". It cracks me up, I guess because I'm from here I think of international music as only being music in a language I don't understand! Nice choice on the songs; Crowded House and Split Enz are classics :)

  7. These are so fun! I've been following your blog for a while but I'm not much of a commenter. Just wanted to say hi! I just got to Japan and I'm so excited to visit some of these places you've been!

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  9. Lol it is amazingly strange to see a reference on your blog to a club I frequented (semi) regularly when back home in KL.

  10. I will always, but always love Wavin' Flag from this past summer's World Cup--but the Spanish mix, with K'naan and David Bisbal. I especially love this video version (although it drives me crazy that Spain isn't glimpsed at all in this video, especially since we won the World Cup! Although this video was made months beforehand.). I love the song and its hopefulness, and I associate so many positive emotions with this song!


  11. I tots recommend belly dancing to you! The first video is full of belly dancing moves, and that "weird chest thrust" thing is also a belly dancing move. There are definitely good places here if you come back to the Twin Cities (I took lessons from an awesome lady in Northfield last year, and I'd still be doing so if school weren't so crazy).

    Thanks for sharing good tunes :-)

  12. This was my jam while in Nepal last spring!