How To Recover Your Blogging Mojo

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This guest post comes to us via the gorgeous and talented Corinne of Frock and Roll fame. Pop over to her blog for inspiring posts an career, love and living you life with style.

It all happens so suddenly, so strangely; one minute you’re posting away lovingly, filling the pages of your blog with pretty words and nurturing it with the kind of adoration and affection usually bestowed upon your beloved, and then bam! As if from nowhere, invisible mojo-thieving pixies seemingly stop by and abduct your inspiration in the night. You curse, you shake your fist, but alas, your writing inspiration? It’s GONE! Well, temporarily, anyway.

Don’t despair! Don’t give up hope yet! There IS a solution! (And no, it’s not some kind of magical fly spray equivalent for pixies, although, word on the street is that one is being developed. Shh! You heard it here first.)

Here’s four common ”help, I’ve lost my blogging mojo!” type afflictions, and exactly how to cure them:

Affliction #1: ”I Just Can’t Be Assed!”-itis
The Symptoms: Tiredness, feelings of mild resentment towards blogging/computers in general, guilt, and the increasing urge to spend copious amounts of time watching Gossip Girl/shopping/doing anything that’s not even the closet bit related to blogging.
The Prescription: Watch Gossip Girl! GO shopping! Take a break from all things website-y and allow yourself to do so without feeling like the worst person in the world, because you’re NOT! ”I just can’t be assed!”-itis strikes all of us down at some point, and the only sanity-saving solution is to decide to step away from the computer, and return to it when you’re feeling refreshed and motivated to write again. (And you will!)

Affliction #2: ‘I Don’t Know What To Write About” Syndrome
The Symptoms: Empty pages. Lack of content.
The Prescription: Get back in touch with your original reasons for starting your blog:what are your interests? What excites you? Donatella Versace’s tan? Monkeys who cando The Hustle? What haven’t you investigated, discussed or tried?

Still running empty? Ask for ideas! Ask your readers which topics they’d like you to cover, ask your friends what they think would make for an interesting piece, ask your siblings, your parents, your teachers or even the person you buy your coffee from in the morning!

Affliction #3: The ”I Know What I Want To Write About, But Do You Think That I Can Manage To Get The Words Out Today? Ha! And Also, NO!” Infection
The Symptoms: A sequence of events: head. Desk. BANG.
The Prescription: I know, I know. The words are on the tip of your tongue but, very rudely, they’re refusing to come out. Those devils! The treatment? It’s very similar to that of affliction #1: take a break! Have a shower, clean your bedroom, put together aninspiration board – anything – and just let the ideas and words come to you organically. (Keep a notepad nearby so that you can easily scribble them down as they do!)

Real Life Example: In the past, I’ve struggled to nut out an article because despite a flurry of sentences buzzing around in my mind, they just couldn’t seem to present themselves when I attempted to type them. So, I’ve sat. And then looked out the window. And then continued sitting. And then tried to type out another sentence. And sat some more. And then opened up Twitter. After another hour or so of this, I closed down my computer in a frustrated huff, and decided to rearrange my wardrobe because hey, at least that way, SOMETHING would get done! It worked: within half an hour of sorting, not only were my dressed all neat and tidy and exactly where they were supposed to be (on their hangers, and definitely not in a heap on the floor!), in that time, I’d managed to mentally prepare everything that I needed to say. Score!

Affliction #4: The ”Why Bother When Nobody’s Reading It Anyway?!” Cough

The Symptoms: Tumbleweeds.
The Prescription: If you blog, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience wild thrills (particularly when you’re first starting out!) in the web statistics theme park: there will be days where it will feel as though the only person reading your work is the cat beside you and others where it seems as though the entire suburb and all of its neighbouring areas are reading it – it happens, and at worst it can be deflating and at best exhilirating!

If you’re not feeling the commenting or visitor love, ask yourself the following questions: have you told anyone that you know about your project? Are you leaving comments on other websites to gain some new readers? (It works! Most of the websites I frequent today are run by people who have left a comment here at some stage or another, leading me to stumble across their pages and fall madly in love!) Do you seek out new people to follow on Twitter? What have you done to increase the chance that somebody will find you today?

Tell us! Have you ever lost your blogging mojo? What do you do when those productivity-stealing pixies drop by?

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Oh man, I get the "what to write?!" at least once a month. Glad to get some tips for solving it!


I have been through all of these, and probably will always go through them. Doesn't everyone at some stage not only in blogging but in life?
So, for new years I thought I would take on a challenge and try blogging every day!
Even if it was just an inspirational photo I'd seen during the day and I had nothing else to say, it's still enough (well for me), and keeps me on track. From this continuity and routine I've found my writing, spelling and the way I write has improved so much.
It goes to show that if you neglect something long enough you will lose it.
So my two pence to add to this is keep it up anyway, just blog a quote that inspires you that day, because at the end of the week, month, or year you will have a big store of back-blogs to show the fruits of your labour, through the good times and bad times.

Happy blogging everyone! You can do it! ♥

Holly (Recovering Blogger)


Oh yeah! been there so many times.
I guess when I feel I'm out of ideas to write about I always post something that inspires me. My readers will love it, and I usually get ideas from those inspirational posts…
Great advice, Sarah Von.
Love ya!


Great post! I try to get over my blogging blocks by coming up with themes….like 14 days of love for February!


I've definitely lost my blogging mojo – I'm in this mode of "Do I really want to review stuff anymore?" I think I was trying to force myself to do reviews. Now I want to get into more personal, anecdotal posts and it's just been slow going.


Thanks for a really useful and inspiring post. Some good ideas for getting out of the swamp of despondency.

Bekah Buttons

WHAT!? I'm not alone in feeling this way!? Thank God!

And thanks for the tips. They help (or will help whenever I attempt to blog again!) Thank you! Truly!


Thanks for posting this! As someone with a new blog, it's great to get this advice upfront. We all need a reminder that everyday is not going to produce the next great literary work, even when we think it should.


This is really good advice. I especially suffer from #4. It's kind of a self sustaining condition too because then I start feeling guilty about not writing, don't want to think about the blog, and then have no ideas. My other problem is that I'll have an idea, but just never be able to fully flesh it out.


I was really starting to lose my blogging mojo towards the end of last semester so I decided to not blog while I was on my backpacking trip over winter break. Now that I've returned I'm in the mood to work on my blog, but I feel like I have so much I don't know where to start! Just taking it one step at a time now. Love this post and your blog.


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