Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blogs You Should Be Reading: Smart, Pretty And Awkward

Who wants to be smart, pretty and (less) awkward? Mememe!

You too? Awesome! Then let's carpool over to Smart, Pretty and Awkward!

Every day you get three bite sized ideas about being smart, pretty and less awkward. Ideas like:

How to be Smarter: Only focusing on a tiny brushstroke of your life, whether it be ‘do I have a boyfriend?,’ “is my job high-paying?’, or ‘am I thinner than her?’ makes you lose appreciation for the entire painting. Brushstrokes work together to form a complete beautiful painting; different parts of your life work together to form a complete beautiful life. And an incomplete or unfinished brushstroke doesn’t make the painting ugly.

How to be Prettier: Being photographed against snow makes you look tanner (to illustrate this point: my photo in this interview).

How to be (less) Awkward: If you wouldn’t be sassy with a perfect stranger, then there is certainly no reason to be fresh or harsh to a significant other.

Great, no? I know you want to head over there and read through the archives! Annnnnd you're welcome.


  1. When i discovered her, i spent two afernoons reading the archives:)

  2. Haha. What great tips! Thank you for sharing this blog with me!

  3. I just added her to my rss reader! Thanks for introducing me- it looks really great!

  4. Such a cute blog, thanks for the link to it! I'll definitely be reading it from now on. xxx

  5. Thanks for introducing - I'm already addicted! Love it :)

  6. what if it doesn't snow where i live? j/k. i'm tan so this doesn't apply to me. but i am happy this was shared. thanks :D