The Wanderlust Workbook: Planning, Plotting and Financing

Here are somethings I like to consider myself an expert on:
1) cat vests
2) cheese-eating
3) travel

You guys? I’ve trundled through 20 countries, gotten a gajillion shots and visas and sold my worldly belongings and moved to a foreign country – twice!Long-term travel and moving abroad is a pretty common dream, but gosh it’s overwhelming! Where to even begin? There are so many logistical (and psychological!) hurdles! Let’s get over them.

The Wanderlust Workbooks are a four part ebook series in which we’ll talk about the nitty gritty of traveling for months at a time, quitting your job to move to a foreign country and making your travel dreams happen. In book numero uno, we’ll tackle:

* Where you should go
* What you should do when you get there
* How to get a leave of absence from your job
* Failing that, how to increase the possibility of getting a job when you return
* How to save money for your trip
* What to do with all your stuff
* How to deal with nervous parents or negative nay-sayers
* How to deal with financial issues while you’re traveling
* How to deal with medical issues while you’re traveling
* Getting visas
* How travel through non-English speaking countries
* Having an awesome time while you’re traveling
* Dealing with ‘real life’ once you get back

And you guys! There are heaps of charts and tables that you can fill in that will help you get organized and make concrete steps towards you travel goals! And a one year time line of what you need to be doing to get prepared!

Also, there are pretty pictures like these:

For eleven dollars you get:
* 12,000+ words on planning your big trip or international relocation
* a one hour podcast
* a password to a one time, two-hour online chat with heaps other travelers where we can trade tips

Here’s a little sneak peak of the podcast:

This ebook and podcast do not cover what and how to pack, how to haggle that Persian rug down into your price range or how to land a cute Italian. Those are future ebooks! A bit of the ebook’s content has been inspired by previous posts here on Yes and Yes, but the vast majority it super useful new-ness!So waddaya say?! Are you ready for your next big adventure?



What whaaaaaaaaaat!

I'm buying this as soon as I get home, and I'm excited to see all the rest. And perfect timing! I leave for a three week business/fun trip to England on Monday!

Also, I'll pass your info to my study abroad students, because I'm sure this could help them out too.

Canadian Twentysomething

I'm so pumped for this! I'm so eager to get this degree over with (in another 2 years…) so I can get a real job and save some cash…then I'm outta here. This is the perfect e-book to keep me motivated and dreaming. :)


Dude, this is totally amazing! I have a question though. I'm still in high school, but I would love to travel after I graduate, etc. Would something like this still be useful for planning, saving, etc?


"How travel through non-English speaking countries"

Oh, your American? Didn't know actually. But hey, if you been to Greenland you more then make up for it 😉

And to you others, welcome to the other 93% of the planet 😀


Yo Sarah Von – sounds brill – though the paypal link isn't working for me – is it just me??

Canadian Twentysomething

Wahoo! Thanks for fixing the button. It says it's being shipped to my folk's address…but it's an e-book correct?
Anyhoo, if something is being shipped, is there a way to contact you (ie. email) to let you know my actual address, rather than my parents'?

Regardless of the confusion, I'm so EXCITED! 😀


Hey Sarah, are you going to have this available for quite a while? I'm too poor this week, but perhaps in a few paydays time :-). Sounds absolutely lovely, WELL DONE!!!


im so excited! i am in the process of planning a 4 month excursion to delhi, so this ebook could not come at a more perfect time.

except, im a little confused with this "ebook" and "paypal" nonsense you crazy kids are talking about these days. i just completed the payment form, received an email confirmation. now what do i do?


ooh it will be soo handy to have it…Wish I could buy it right now..!
Can I ask you a question? (can't send via email there's something wrong with it) How can you shower when you travel for days?? I plan to travel by train (and ferry) in Europe in a few weeks and I 'd rather not stop (and pay) to stay at a lodge.And it will be my first time travelling like this. And I 'm a lesbian. So nothing public :S Any advice? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Von Bargen

Jennifer – there's no such thing as a small life 😉

Roselie – honestly, I very rarely travel like that – without stopping somewhere for the night. I've certainly spent nights on buses or ferries, but not multiple nights in a row.

I'd probably recommend dry shampoo and baby wipes, but more than that I'd recommend finding a place to stay. At least for me, being dirty and not sleeping properly make it hard for me to enjoy my day and I'd rather spend the money than be dirty and tired.

Penny – I email you a password to download it out of my locked mediafire account :)


Roselie – like Sarah said, I wouldn't recommend doing it for more than a few days, but most major train stations in Europe have quite nice shower faciltities that aren't too expensive. Munich train station doesn't have much to recommend it, except for its showers!


These sound super exciting, and like a really great resource! How many are you planning?

Any chance there could be a bundle deal? aka, prepay for all the ebooks, get them for the equivalent of $10/each instead of $11?

Sarah Von Bargen


That is a great idea! I'm waiting to see what the response is to this first one before I write the other three. They're obviously really time intensive and I don't want to devote 80 hours to writing something that only two people are going to buy :) But hopefully that won't be a problem!


miss v, may i just say. i purchased the ebook, im now 6 minutes into listening to it on itunes, and i already feel the impending life-changingness that ill be experiencing in the next 54 minutes. gratification ensues =)


Hi Sarah! This is so exciting! I've moved to another country and travelled before but I want to go further and more fabulously! I'm ready to go travelling right now but must wait for the Gentleman Caller to be finished school and save up. This (I hope) will soothe my itchy feet for a while. I sort of feel that we could be friends! Hopefully we meet on our travels one day!
Thanks again!


I just purchased your ebook and am SUPER excited to read & listen!! :) I hope it's been successful for you so far, lady.


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