Karma Cards!

Friends, imagine for a moment that it’s a cold and overcast Friday night. You’ve had a tough week at work, those damn Lean Cuisines are neither delicious nor effective, your roommate is PMSing and your cat threw up in your bed. You’re taking solace in aisles of Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy What Should I Do With My Life?

From between its pages falls a tiny card with the above image. Wouldn’t you just about weep? Wouldn’t you get all “Universe! I heart you!”

Well, I know I would.

So! In an effort to bring a bit of joy and fun and good karma into the world, I am so, so, so excited to introduce you to Yes and Yes’s newest brain child – The Karma Card. There are five different cards, each with a message meant to inspire/encourage/light a fire under your derriere.

Here’s the deal!

Step 1: Get Your Karma Cards
you can buy a set of 15 for $7 measly dollars. They’re printed by a fantastic local, independent print shop here in St. Paul on gorgeous 100 pound paper. I will send them to you in an envelope smothered with kisses. Or hearts and stars.

Step 2: Spread The Love
Now start paying it forward! Tuck those cards somewhere that someone will find them. Ideas?
* inside the bill folder at a restaurant
* inside a book
* in a bathroom stall at a bar
* under wiper blades
* in bike spokes
* on the window of a bus
* in a random mailbox slot
* in a napkin dispenser

Step 3: Document It And Send It To Me

Take photos of the places where you’ve hidden your cards and send them to me at sarah(at) yesandyes (dot) org. Will you leave one in the Eiffel tower? On a ship that’s headed for Antarcica? Some place so awesome I can’t even think of it right now?I hope you like them!



I love, them and I bought them, because I definitely can't be bothered to print them out, and because you are so awesome and never fail to brighten my day! I may feel like sending the cards right back your way!
Or make my own cards…:)


I'm a huge fan of operation beautiful and I love leaving inspiring little post it notes all over the place, but the one thing I always feel sad about is that they aren't pretty enough and then I find your post! Adorable! What a fabulous idea! I've ordered two sets from you. Can't wait to get started!


This is a fabulous idea! I can't wait to print my out and start spreading the good karma! Thanks for this and all of the other lovely, positive things you do! 🙂


Love it! I'll have to put an order in for next pay day 🙂

Are there extra postage costs for little ol' NZ?


Printing and sending to my friend in Ecuador to stash some where wonderful! The post secret exhibit just left my school too! I could have added it to the wall… Man.


I was the girl who had "you are beautiful" cards with double-sided tape on the backs ready in my purse at all times in highschool. I stuck them in bathrooms, on buses, even on a sewer grate once. These Karma Cards are a great idea! I cant wait to see where people put them 🙂

Rebecca ♥

These cards will bring me one step closer to my dream of being the "Free Hugs" guy (well, gal, in my case). Love this idea!! I'm hitting the libraries/bookstores/coffee shops tomorrow to hopefully brighten someone's day. Thank you so much!


Wow! That's amazing 🙂

Really strange timing as well, today I was fishing under my bed (trying to find national insurance card) when I came across a piece of paper that just said "Don't stop Dreaming, because there is no wrong in wanting something more." and it made my day. And now you have a way to make lots of people's days – Thank you! xxx


I love these, such a beautiful idea! I'll be ordering some after I move house (only here for another week and a half so I don't want to risk missing the delivery!)


i'm just smiling. 😀 these are gonna be so CUTE out there in the world and they are gonna make everybody so HAPPY!

Julie Buz.

What a FANTASTIC idea, Sarah!

Have you thought about putting your blog's address on the cards, though? I don't think it would be inappropriate – moreover, I know that if I found something like this in a book somewhere, I'd like to at least have an inkling of where the stuff came from or what inspired it… and thank whoever was behind it! It's just an idea, though, those cards are PERFECT as they are.



I love it! I'm going to print some out and hide them around the grocery story today! Thanks for the wonderful download!


what a great idea and so beautiful! It would be great if they had a message on the back telling the recipient to take inspiration and pass the card along!


I just found your blog and I really like the idea of Karma cards. They made my day just looking at them- I was having a really bad one. Thanks!


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What a fabulous Idea, I am in LOVE!!! I just want more and more of them, they are an absolutley fabulous idea


I just wanted to say that I printed a bunch of these off and left them in books around my library. I didn't document it because I'm the librarian and didn't want anyone to notice my acts of guerrilla kindess.

So fun! I wish I could be around to see the people finding the cards.


another brilliant idea. i knew i liked you for a good reason. please note, however, that your order thingy is wonky. i wanted to order multiple sets, but it would only allow me to order one set at a time.
thanks for the fun.

Kim Mailhot

Hi Sarah ! I love love love your Karma Cards! I have been doing something similar with hand painted rocks for about two years now – the Rock My World rocks get painted with words of inspiration or compassion or kindness and get left all over the place to spread a little more love in the world. I have given them out to a multitude of friends who help do the same and yes, one did make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower ! How cool and love spreading is that ! I think any of us that are working to make the world a kinder, more mindful place are really on the right track ! Congrats on your wonderful idea ! Off to by some cards…
Big Love !
The RockFairy
(http://queen-of-arts.blogspot.com/2008/10/rocking-my-world-some-more-plus-rocking.html – my first post about the Rock My World project)


Hey Sarah. Did you remove the link to the pdf to download to print your own? Just asking becuase I was linking to this on my blog and just noticed that the pdf for download did not seem to be here anymore…whatever the case, this is brilliant…and cannot wait to distributing these.



I'd like to distribute these here in England. I think the idea is beautiful – well done you – this has seriously cheered me up. You get out of life what you put in…have you had many people get bck to you with responses yet? Also – is there a link so that I can print them off here at home? US postage and waiting times etc…a drag, but, doable if need be….

mail me if you like: lynncaldwell at sky.com


Magically, my cheaper-than-penny-candy boss bought me breakfast this morning. Apparently this makes us square on the 11 new accounts I pulled out of a hat this month (not part of my job). Instead of dwelling on my meaningless employment I took the ~$6 I saved on my bacon & eggs and ordered myself some Karma Cards.

High-five, universe.


Going to buy right now! I LOVE them!! And I'm keeping one copy of each one to put in my own inspiration book (the book I write down my favourite quotes etc in).
Love these Sarah, you're magic!


Sarah- Is there a way to download the Karma cards anymore? I know you had a link so we could print them off ourselves, but I can't find it on your blog… is it gone?

Thanks for you help!


Hey Darling,

I love your site, it's very inspiring to me!!! Whenever l visit l wind up having to get off the internet and jot down some of the wonderful ideas popping into my head.

Is there any way to order two sets of Karma Cards at once? I want one for me and one for my mother, to show her l support her training for a marathon.

Love, Kahlia!!

Sarah Von Bargen


Yes! You can send $12.84 (the cost of two sets but sales tax) to my paypal account under the email bellegrrrl (at) yahoo (dot) com. 🙂


Sarah Von – these cards are incredible & so are you!
I don't comment here enough, but I just wanted to tell you that 🙂
Karma cards are on my "to-buy-when-work-pays-me" list x


Can you make karma bumper stickers to? I was driving behind a car with a sticker that read "What is your gut telling you to do?" I immediately thought of your karma cards. More people would be touched by them in bumper sticker form. Just a thought… Keep up the GREAT work!


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