An Idea Worth Stealing

I saw this on Post Secret last week and was overwhelmed with a desire to write hilarious, futuristic emails to all the strangers who leave their accounts open at the public library. What would you tell them?



What an awesome idea!

I can't wait to find someones email open at work! OOoh – or maybe my dear hubby's email!


Oh I saw this one too! It was one of my favourites from that week, though I don't know why whoever it is keeps it a secret – it's an awesome idea!


Sounds like a harmless idea, but if i had left my email open, and someone left a message I would feel taken aback and stupid… I guess I feel this way cuz awhile back I had my identity stolen….

That Kind of Girl

That's a really, really cute idea in a parallel romantic comedy universe, and I guess it serves as a good reminder to people not to leave their accounts open, but I know if I ever got an email like that I'd be extremely upset that someone found mya ccount open and took advantage of it. I'm like the foremost whimy queen of the northern hemisphere, but I can't help but think the good samaritan thing to do is just exit out of their account ASAP…


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