Moments of Win

Have you guys joined the fun over at the Moments of Win flickr pool? Really, it’s so lovely and so much fun to sift through all those photos of us doing awesome stuff. Also: y’all are damn attractive.Annnnyway. Here are a few particularly joy-inducing photos and the accompanying stories.

Poetry Groupie
Ahhh… the most perfect beach in the world… Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain. After conquering my fear of traveling in Peru, I took a weekend here with my best friend while we were both studying in the south of France. I had just broken up with my partner of seven years, and it felt wonderful to be alive again in such a beautiful place.

Erin E
Completing my previously-thought-unreachable goal of finishing a sprint tri in under 2 hours.

Brittany K
I had been wanting to go to Washington DC since I was a kid but no one in my family would ever take me. So finally this past summer I took a half-day at work and left and drove 6 hours, by myself, to Washington DC. I spent the evening exploring, going on trolley rides and just seeing the city. I drove back that night and got back at 6 in the morning and went to work.It was the best experience of my life and this is the only picture I got of me from it.
Neon Panda
Yes. That is a cheetah. Why yes! That IS me stroking the cheetah. I KNOW. DIE OF LOVE. win.
(editor’s note: Gawd! Stop living my dream life!)
Lorelei Strange
I was invited by my hair stylist to participate in the Fresche Fall Fashion show in 2008 (Decatur, GA). Once I saw the rather revealing dress I was assigned for the runway, I got an attack of shyness. I was so afraid I’d be older and much heavier than the other models. But check me out! I look great!!!
This is me, shortly after I decided to, on a whim, move across the country to try out a relationship with a guy I barely knew. And we’re still together. This decision has yielded much win. 😀 

So what are you waiting for?! Join the fun! If you can’t be bothered to upload photos or join flickr, just paste a link into the comments and tell us why that photo is a Moment of Win for you.



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