Character Sketches

Your favorite Kiwi professor

He is a tiny, perfectly formed and groomed gay man that you love to pieces. He has a face like a naughty cat and does not partake in ‘discussion’ as much as he tells people that they’re wrong. He is the consumate professional, but fumbles for mechanical pencils in a faux fur pencil case and has been overheard dishing on the latest Harry Potter. You can appreciate the fact that he wears matching sweaters and scarves in colors often reserved for party dresses.

Your favorite American professor

He is easily 75 years old and has been allowed to single-mindedly pursue his two passions now that he is so deep into his tenure: basketball and Moby Dick. He carries a copy of the novel so dog earred and book marked that it requires a zippered bible case. You are one of five students who sign up for his Herman Mellville intensive and at the end of the class he asks each student what grade they think they deserve. You tell him that you should get an A because you were able to answer a Double Jepordy question with the knowledge you gleaned from Redburn. This is totally true. During your senior year, he announces to the class that when he gets too old to enjoy life he plans to stumble out in a prarie blizzard with a bottle of Jim Beam and lean against a fence post until the night claims him.


Sarah Von Bargen

Thanks so much, Carmen! I don’t usually get many comments on them so I always feel a bit “Hmmm, does anyone other than me enjoy these?” So yay! I will continue!


gotta say, im absolutely loving your blog…especially the slogan “because yes is more fun than no” – i completely agree!

your character sketches are phenomenal!


i like the compare/contrast of this particular character sketch duo. also, it leaves me desiring many sets of sweater-matching-scarves.

Sarah Von Bargen

Oh good! Thanks so much guys. Gem, you might run into the first fellow if your ever in Wellington, NZ. Keep a look out for an adorably smug man in a purple cashmere sweater. You will know him by his impressively firm bum and bantam cock posture.


Oh goodness, I've always had a soft spot for character sketches and these are just beautiful! I had a teacher this last summer, and perhaps I think like a writer, but like two days into his class I was like, "This guy is just perfect for a character sketch!" I think it's because he was such a unique and intresting character himself! 😀

And thanks for your comment and for sharing six moments you love! <3



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